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Batman Beyond Season 2 Episode 13

Howard Groote is one in all Terry’s classmates who isn’t terribly widespread. Spiderman Desperate for acceptance, he plans for a blowout party at his place while his mother and father are away, however the favored kids giggle at his obvious makes an attempt at coolness. Howard longs for a gorgeous girlfriend or cool automobile yoda 3d glasses t shirt white so that widespread youngsters will notice him, and so jumps on the chance to get an unlawful synthoid to pose as his girlfriend. Nevertheless, her programming makes her somewhat too protective, placing the celebration — not to mention the kids — in danger.


Batman Past / S02E13 : Terry’s Good friend Dates a Robotic
Season 2, Episode 13 | Aired on January 15, 2000 | Tv-Y7 | 25 min. | The WB

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