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Thank God The Movie’s Out Tomorrow

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Look, we know Deadpool’s cute promoting marketing campaign has gotten absurdly out of control . But you’ve obtained to make exceptions for Betty White. You simply need to. Black_Panther It’s an unwritten legislation we should wonder woman tshirts all abide by.

The Deadpool Movie wonder woman tshirts Advertising Is Out of Management
I don’t know if any of you guys have heard about it, but there’s a Deadpool film coming to…

Betty—star of The Golden Girls, a show that Deadpool has lengthy had a fondness for within the comics (though that was primarily because of Bea Arthur)—has posted a quick clip of her profanity-laden“review” of Deadpool to her Facebook page, which you can see in full under.

Okay, I said profanity laden, but truthfully, it’s funnier to hear Betty White get faux-bleeped than it’s to listen to her go on a foulmouthed tirade wonder woman tshirts about how awesome Deadpool is and how enticing its lead actor is.

But this is it, Deadpool. You’ve had your fun. You’ve had your Betty White. Thank god the movie’s out tomorrow, because we can’t take any extra advertisements after this.

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