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Checklist Of Defenders Members

The Defenders are a loosely organized group of fictional characters mostly, however not solely, superheroes in the Marvel Universe. For a lot of their history, there was no official membership. Thus, the Defenders had a repute as being a non-workforce, a term which was coined in the pages of the comic.[volume & situation wanted] All might be thought of Defenders. The following checklist attempts to make sense of their membership but may not be full.

Men's Cotton Cowl IronMan Short Sleeve Tee Shirt1 Original “non-crew” 1.1 Founders
1.2 Recruits of the early 1970s
1.3 Recruits of the mid-1970s
1.4 Defenders for a day
1.5 Rival group
1.6 Early 1980s recruits

2.1 Founders
2.2 Later recruits
2.Three Dragon Circle
3.1 Founders
three.2 Early recruits
3.3 Questing villains
3.4 Final recruits
3.5 Observe

four.1 Founders
4.2 Recruits
4.Three Recruits towards The Order
5.1 Founders
5.2 Last Defenders recruits

Authentic “non-workforce”[edit]
These characters helped type the staff in Marvel Options #1 (December 1971).

Recruits of the early 1970s[edit]
Recruits of the mid-1970s[edit]

Defenders for a day[edit]
The workforce had managed to maintain its existence a secret from the general public till a tv documentary movie by supporting character Greenback Bill announced it to the world. Greenback made a special point out to the presently open membership for the workforce. Consequently, in Defenders #sixty two (August 1978), the at the moment lively members were joined by numerous former associates and new recruits. Nearly all of the latter served for a single mission earlier than quitting in Defenders #64 (October 1978).

Black Goliath
Captain Mar-Vel
Captain Extremely
Iron Fist
Jack of Hearts
Marvel Man
Tagak the Leopard Lord
White Tiger

Rival group[edit]
Taking advantage of the newfound notoriety of the workforce, a lot of supervillains formed their own rival group of so-called Defenders in Defenders #sixty three (September 1978). They quickly came to battle with their heroic counterparts and consequently disbanded in Defenders #sixty four (October 1978).

Early 1980s recruits[edit]
New Defenders[edit]

In Defenders #125 (November 1983) the team was reorganized right into a extra formal group, somewhat modeled after the Avengers. By this time, several former members had severed ties with the group.

Later recruits[edit]
Dragon Circle[edit]

By the time of Defenders #152 (February 1986), Moondragon had fallen beneath the management of the Dragon of the Moon. The Dragon led her to assault the Defenders. Through the battle, the bodily types of Andromeda, Gargoyle, Interloper, Manslaughter, Moondragon, and Valkyrie have been destroyed. Candace Southern retired. Angel, Beast, and wonder woman sweatshirt walmart jobs Iceman have been joined by Cyclops and Marvel Woman in forming X-Issue.

Gargoyle and Moondragon were later ready to gain new corporeal varieties. However the other four remained disembodied spirits until Physician Strange, Sorcerer Supreme vol 3 #3-four (March-April 1989). There they managed to realize non permanent however recurring spiritual possession over the bodies of 4 residents of Swansea, Wales, United Kingdom. These four unknowingly acted as their representatives in forming a successor group of the Defenders.[1]

– Sian Bowen: Host to the spirit of Valkyrie.
– Geneviene Cass: Host to the spirit of Andromeda.
– Will Fanshawe: Host to the spirit of Interloper.
– Roger Loomis: Host to the spirit of Manslaughter.
– Dafydd ap Iowerth: Alleged descendant of King Arthur and host to his spirit.[2]
Physician Strange: Affiliate member.

Secret Defenders[edit]
Debuting in Dr. Unusual (vol. 3) #50 (February 1993) the Secret Defenders were another successor group to the crew. They had been very loosely organized, consisting of a leader and the assorted associates recruited for a mission at hand. They’d disband once more after every mission. Several “members” were former Defenders. Others had no earlier connection to the staff. Some served for a single mission while others had been recurring members.

Early recruits[edit]
Questing villains[edit]

From Secret Defenders #12-14 (February and April), the title of characters was an organized group of tremendous-villains that was within the quest of finding and acquiring the Oracle of Historical Data. They apparently disbanded after the profitable mission.

Thanos: The leader and recruiter of this group.
Titanium Man

Last recruits[edit]
By Secret Defenders #15 (Could 1994), Physician Unusual’s duties and circumstances required him elsewhere. He retired after naming Physician Druid as his replacement. The latter would function leader till the group disbanded in wonder woman sweatshirt walmart jobs Secret Defenders #25 (March 1995). Neither John Blaze nor Maverick were ever part of a Secret Defenders staff in any published story.

Cursed members and The Order[edit]
In Defenders (vol. 2) #1 (March 2001), 4 former Defenders had been forced to regroup to assist Nighthawk and Hellcat in a battle towards Yandroth. He was defeated however cursed them to gather each time planet Earth faces a risk. This continued till Defenders (vol. 2) #12 (February 2002). Four members of the workforce formed The Order. This group tried to conquer the world in order to guard it. Its activities have been featured within the Order #1-6 (April-September 2002). The group disbanded once more after Gaia lifted Yandroth’s curse which was related with her.

Recruits against The Order[edit]

This incarnation of the Defenders was divided amongst two rival groups. The Order (Physician Strange, the Hulk, Namor the Sub-Mariner, and the Silver Surfer) and the Defenders (Hellcat, Nighthawk, and Valkyrie). The three decided to recruit the so-known as “female analogs” of their former teammates. They might serve till both groups disbanded.

Initiative Crew (Last Defenders)[edit]
Kyle Richmond requested an Initiative model of the Defenders from Tony Stark, intending to fill the ranks with earlier Defenders including Gargoyle, Hellcat, and Devil Slayer. Nonetheless, Stark assembled an entirely different crew in hopes of the Defenders maintaining a stable roster for once. The staff was formally disbanded after its first mission was deemed a failure.

Last Defenders recruits[edit]

After the Initiative group disbands, Richmond makes an attempt to continue by hiring registered mercenaries to replace the teammates that Stark had assigned to him. After he was pressured to retire from his superhero career, he privately assembles and helps a version of the Defenders based mostly on an encounter with a future version of that workforce. This staff is later forcibly disbanded by H.A.M.M.E.R.[3]

Worry Itself: The Deep’s Defenders[edit]
This incarnation of the Defenders was formed through the Worry Itself storyline with a view to liberate Atlantis from Attuma (within the form of Nerkodd: Breaker of Oceans).

Defenders Vol. Four[edit]
The Defenders got here collectively again when it comes to conserving the Concordance Engine from falling into the fallacious hands.

Defenders Vol. 5[edit]
A brand new, street-level group calling themselves the Defenders kind to cease crime. This staff is predicated on the Netflix model of the workforce.

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