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Real Steel Wiki

Crimson Carnage is a robot in each Actual Steel video games (iOS and WRB).
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Crimson Carnage is a combating veteran in Actual Steel iOS, and new fighter in WRB, out matching Fiend(by way of energy) within the latter. He is the third-most powerful bot within the iOS game, behind Nitro and Fiend, owning less armour than the 2. Crimson Carnage has a spiked maceball that spins on one in all his palms and a womens supergirl shirt with cape 50 fist with knuckle dusters on the other. Overall he is an effective robot himself.

Crimson Carnage’s Real Steel WRB Card

Health: 83/one hundred
Power: 92/a hundred

Intelligence: 68/100
Speed: 79/100

Particular Feature: Rivetted Plate Armor
Signature Move: Gut Wrencher

Tremendous Gut Wrencher (Fatboy)
Ultra Intestine Wrencher (Hollowjack)

Crimson Carnage’s nickname was originally going to be ‘The Loss of life Machine’ however the implication of death was not approved for use against robots, as robots don’t assume, subsequently cannot ‘die’ however solely be destroyed.
Strangely enough, Crimson Carnage’s combos and particular strikes contain his proper-hand’s maceball spinning towards the abdominal area of opposing robots, which should certainly destroy them, however does not.
Crimson Carnage’s design is based off a forge, having heatclocks on components of its physique, and the glowing parts of his body are designed to appear to be they’re being lit up by fire.
Crimson Carnage’s Ripoff is similar to the Temple Punch tech transfer from Actual Steel downloadable console recreation. The tech transfer can also be Twin Cities’ finishing move in that game.

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