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Whistleblowers And Insiders Reveal The Veracity Of Secret Area Applications

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Astronomy margin:0px !important;” /> William Tompkins
William Tompkins, the creator of Selected By Extraterrestrials, details many secret aircraft he designed whereas working for non-public firms from the 50s via the 70s within the United States. Given permission by Admiral Hugh Webster to publish this inform all guide about secret aircraft and Aliens he provides the reader a behind the scenes look at NASA and the Apollo Program.

Working for Douglas Aircraft Company in a ‘suppose tank’ through the 60s, he had insider data on many advanced aircraft designs and propulsion techniques, which he shares within the ebook. However, he never mentions on this so-known as tell all book any insider information on Secret Area Programs being operational or having any insider information on such groups as Solar Warden or the ICC (International Corporate Conglomerate).

But as soon as he’s introduced onto the Cosmic Disclosure present he does talk about these groups intimately. Why would he depart this info out of his e-book but be prepared to discuss them on the Cosmic Disclosure Present, has remained an unanswered thriller to this author.

Whistleblowers margin:0px !essential;” /> Stewart Swerdlow
Blue Blood, True Blood . . . A Ebook Evaluate
This text is a brief evaluate of the guide Blue Blood, True Blood by Stewart Swerdlow. He entertains the reader on his-story of the Universe, the planet Earth and the creation of the Human species. His main source of data is from his indoctrin
Blue Blood, The Royal Households
In accordance Stewart Swerdlow, the ruler of the illuminati is called the Pindar, which is an abbreviation for the phrase the Pinnacle of the Dragon, and stories to the purebred Reptilian leader of the Interior Earth. This Pindar is at all times male and at all times a member of one of many thirteen ruling families on Earth, it isn’t a coincidence that there were thirteen original colonies for America, as every ruling household was given one colony to use as their own personal corporation. In reality the entire planet is divided up into thirteen totally different areas managed by these families. Stewart also tells us that there actually thirteen totally different zodiac signs, not the twelve we are taught at school but one is kept a secret as a result of it is the sign of the Dragon.

His in depth knowledge of the Illuminati shows us that these Royal Households have been ruling the Earth for untold generations for their Reptilian masters. This Royal Family bloodline makes use of a Committee of 300 lesser known families to perform their objectives, such as the Bells, Bushes, Carnegie, Coolidge, Douglas, Ford, Hamilton, Heinz, Morgan, Rhodes, Roosevelt. Taft and Wilson to name a couple of, there are could others. These households create establishment to additional their agenda such as the Bilderburgers, Trilateral Fee, Club of Rome, Mafia, CIA, NSA, Mossad, Secret Service, IMF, Fedral Reserve, IRS and Interpol.

Stewart Swerdlow
Montauk: The Alien Connection Purchase Now Stewart Swerdlow
Another controversial individual inside the key Area Program is Stewart Swerdlow, known as by many and himself, one of many Montuak Boys. He tells us in an interview with N. Molloy, called Stewar Swerdlow Interviewed, that between 1970 and 1983, 300,000 younger boys have been bodily taken to Montuak for thoughts management experimentation and the physical abuse associated to creating Tremendous Soldiers and different Secret Space Program personnel and time travelers. Stewart, tells us that very few survived, solely round 1%, saying that lower than 2,500 are still dwelling, most of them with suppressed reminiscences and thoughts managed.

He stated these boys could be abducted with none time elapsing due to the expertise that exists to map two closing dates/space through technology commonly referred too as Stargates, which brings these two points in area/time along with anchors used for instantaneous journey. He goes on to say that this expertise is getting used everywhere in the planet and that the Illuminati has a pattern of blood from every single dwelling human being on the planet, as a means of controlling them through illness. These samples are all saved at Pine Gap in Australia however that this underground base is linked to all the opposite hundreds of bases situated all around the world.

He tells us that the ultimate aim of the Illuminati, is to create a Borg (Star Trek) type hybrid human, that can be managed by a one world AI intelligence. To do that they intend to awaken the Reptilian genetic markers in our DNA and manipulate them to create a race of people that may microchipped and mind controlled. He says they’re doing this by manipulating the ley lines of the Earth to create a hyperspace language that can filter by means of these natural vitality grids and radiate energy on a micro stage that may have an effect on each dwelling organism on Earth. He says this type of manipulation has been ongoing for 1000’s of years.

Stewart inform us in his e-book edited by Peter Moon, Montauk: The Alien Connection, that he never had a childhood he was born as an adult. He says he was never all womens pink batgirl t shirt size in favour of youngsters’s video games and toys. He was born clairvoyant and as a child can remember horrifying visions of the long run that usually came true, nightly abductions by what he thought on the time was Aliens and routinely seeing the spirits of dead folks. He also had many physical abnormalities comparable to a constant ringing in his ears, vivid flashes of light in his eyes and fixed nightmares that prevented him from sleeping.

Though criticized by many, both inside the brand new Age Motion, the Mainstream Media and even the American Authorities, his intensive information of the Illuminati and the SSP exhibits that his knowledge and experience may be very real. The U.S. Authorities felt so threatened by his revelations of his recovered memories of the Montauk Undertaking, that during that time of his life, he was incarcerated for 3 years to keep him silent. He has written many books with regards to UFOs, Aliens, the SSP and Montauk and even gives a workshop together with his wife to help people who undergo comparable occasions, to assist them retrieve reminiscences and transfer past the frightening experiences, they’ve handled.

One among the reasons Stewart Swerdlow has endured a lot criticism from many various factions, is his extensive expert knowledge on mind control methods and implementation on not simply SSP personnel and Super Troopers but the general public at giant, as effectively. In his groundbreaking book thirteen Cubed, he explains how the ritual abuse of thoughts control topics is designed to fracture their consciousness into as many as 2,197 completely different compartmentalized alter egos or 13X13X13, which is 13 Cubed. This prevents subjects from ever absolutely regaining their authentic consciousness and regaining their complete full reminiscences.

His webpage Illuminati News describes intimately how thoughts management is used on an unsuspecting public in the form of Tv entertainment, the music industry, sporting events, motion pictures, books, videos and the promotion of sexual promiscuity by means of subliminal advertising, the usage of symbols and trigger words. He details the varied strategies used to disperse this data and the know-how that it employs, For extra data on this topic you’ll be able to visit my article Hypnotizing The Masses Via Electronic Mind Control, right here on Hub Pages.

Montauk Article
Montauk, America’s Greatest Unknown Conspiracy
A glance into the strange occasions surrounding Montauk Pont, Long Island New York, time travel, Nazi influences, mind control and black magic, while leaving no stone unturned.
Aaron McCollum
Aaron McCullum
A few years in the past I remember watching a very convincing Venture Camelot interview with some guy claiming to be a Dolphin/Human Hybrid and discovering the story fascinating. Not too long ago I wrote an article concerning the Anunnaki, by which my research lead me to find out the position, dolphins and whales play within the morph genic construction of many planets and that in reality that the majority life begins in the seas and then evolve from there into bi-pedal sentient beings. I even have been reading the books of Timothy Wyllie while writing this text and his reference to Angelic Beings (the midwayers) began along with his telepathic connection to dolphins.

So whereas researching this text, I came across this interview again and thought it would be essential to include Aaron McCullum’s story as it is very harking back to the opposite SSP Insiders and Super Soldiers already described in this text. Of course, like a lot of the other folks’s stories in this article Aaron has incidents of missing time, obscure reminiscences of events and missions and unique bodily and mental skills. He remembers flying in TR-3B’s or flying triangles, which is likely one of the more widespread secret aircraft used on Earth.

He shares with us in an interview with Kerry Cassidy, Aaron McCollum – Project Seagate II – Dolphin-Human Hybrids his memories of choosing up renegade SSP agents for reprogramming after which replacing them of their properties using TR-3B’s aircraft and ELF transmitters expertise to maintain all other humans asleep throughout the missions. He says he labored alongside small greys, that he known as robotic entities, during these missions.

He tells us that he labored for the US Coast Guard as a cover and went on these recovery missions, at evening and on weekends. He known as these missions MILABS, short for Military Abductions and that many instances these missions had been what he referred too as terminations, in which the agent was to far gone for reprogramming and was simply killed, rather than making an attempt to erase or reprogram recollections.

He says at one level he is stationed within the Caribbean, the place he has memories of time travel by way of portals, telepathic communication with dolphins and undersea bases. As many have attested, initially as these recollections began to floor, he was convinced he was insane or going mad, it was solely when he learned to just accept these memories as real did he begin to make strides in restoration and discover the courage to unlock the thriller of his life.

Zeus X14 Class
Honorable Mentions
I’d like to say three other Super Troopers that have not too long ago come forward to share their stories, by video interviews, Lindsey E. Hooper, James Rink and Tony Rodriguez. Each Lindsey and James are members of my secret FB group TERCES (The Enlightened Research Creed Everybody Seeks) and because of this I have requested them to share a brief biography for this article. Neither one was prepared to take the time to do this and as a result of length of time I have spent researching and writing this text Whistleblowers And Insiders Reveal The Veracity of Secret House Applications, I felt that my time would be higher served in researching and writing concerning the whistleblowers that had been womens pink batgirl t shirt size already nicely established and their data was extra readily accessible to me.

Maybe when more info turns into out there I can be able so as to add their stories to this text or a observe up article however for now I didn’t wish to spend an inordinate period of time transcribing interviews merely to create short bios about whistleblowers that don’t wish to promote their very own stories. I am certain all three are extraordinarily busy with their own tasks and don’t want to disparage their trigger or downplay the importance of their contributions to the new Age Group. Nevertheless in researching all three all I might find was the above talked about interviews and little or no else to go by.

I do know that James Rink has spent a number of his time and power interviewing many different SSP Insiders and Whistleblowers and thank him for doing that. I know that Lindsey Hooper has been featured in many interviews, some by James himself and that she has been a speaker at some New Age Occasions and interviewer as properly. Both of them share comparable stories to these mentioned above and i applaud their courage to come back ahead with their stories.

I requested Tony Rodriguez, months in the past if he was willing to do a brief interview to get his story out there and was informed that he was not doing interviews because some of his data was being twisted and misinterpreted. He informed me he would get again to me when and if he felt keen to share more of his story. I have been advised by different insiders in the neighborhood that Corey Goode may have tried to stop him from sharing his story by creating the impression that he was a faux.

Since Corey, does have history of doing this kind of thing, I don’t have any hassle accepting this information as valid. Evidently Corey appears to think solely his narrative is the proper one and all others are fakes and are just looking for publicity by his own reputation, even if many of these whistleblower have been sharing their stories for many years earlier than he got here on the scene, in October of 2014.

I wish to make clear that it takes a whole lot of courage and fortitude to return forward with info that mainstream society would consider delusional conspiracy rhetoric and most definitely not consider the truth. Being a whistleblower will not be a popular position to entertain not to mention share with a society that essentially has their collective heads in the sand. So consider these implications when attempting to accept the information outlined in this article as a result of placing your status on the road in a public discussion board shouldn’t be a straightforward factor to do.

Cosmic Disclosure – Will The true David Wilcock Please Stand Up!
This text addresses the inconsistencies of David Wilcock’s testimony on his GaiaTV present Cosmic Disclosure with guest Corey Goode and the confusion it’s causing amongst his fans and followers.

Secret House Programs, Full Disclosure width:520px;height:250px” information-ad-consumer=”ca-pub-4507635515008759″ data-advert-host=”pub-6958755572607374″> Associated
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Historical past of AstronomyHow Was Cygnus X-1 and Black Holes Discovered
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sendingAuthorsomethgblue 5 months ago from Shelbyville, Tennessee
Christopher, I do know because I have talked to at least a half dozen respectable whistleblowers and SSP Insiders that have supplied to share their tales with Corey and David and have been referred to as fakes, liars and attention seekers.

These individuals have been at the forefront of the SSP research and whistleblowing, many years before Corey Goode came on the scene, they’ve printed books, articles and movies sharing their tales with the world.

The contention is from most of these people is that any data that could potential threaten or remove Corey from the highlight is rebuked. Nevertheless any testimony that can improve or again up his narrative is accepted.

Corey is now publishing a comedian e book, film script, e book and video games based on his narrative. According to sources inside his personal camp he obtained over $600,000 dollars in donations over the last two years. This can be a business for him, make no mistake but sharing the highlight isn’t a part of his business plan.

Christopher of. miller 7 months ago
good article, but I believe you have misunderstood something. I’ve read every transcript at sphere being alliance / cosmic disclosure and i did not get that corey goode is out for self-grandisement, is especially properly remuneration, or is denying anybody ‘s story/testimony. and how do you know that wilcock or Giam have or haven’t wished some other whistleblowers, hmmmmm

Mark McCandlish eight months ago
Together with Bob Lazar, I used to be among the first to blow the whistle on the secret Area Program, starting around 1989. I used to be interviewed a while ago for the programming on Gaia Television, although I haven’t seen the place (or how) my story and illustrations were used. It may surprise you to be taught that while I am sure that such an area program exists, I am not satisfied that Corey Goode or some of these other folks were part of it. Let me explain. When you’re given the responsibility of becoming a pilot of a multi-million dollar piece of hardware, there comes with that duty the expectation that you’ve the brains and coordination skills to not only understand what such a machine is doing (and “why”), however the flexibility to gauge a growing situation around your aircraft/spacecraft and act accordingly– whether it is a simple matter of touchdown your vehicle or positioning it in three-house to mount a defense against an opposing drive. A very good ninety nine% of military pilots have a number of degrees in things like electrical engineering or materials science and are technically very competent people. They endure tons of of hours of training and testing earlier than they are ever allowed to fly the kind of hardware described by that joke of a pilot “Captain K” or any of the others, with the one exception being Mark Richards. None of those people have described their chain of command structure, their living accommodations, the sorts of provisions made for combating interplanetary wars and a bunch of different incidental data that could be second nature for somebody who supposedly was involved in this sort of activity and the description of which would roll off the tongue as easy as “good morning.” There is no “there” there. I’ve seen some of this hardware first hand, on many events, and that i wasn’t involved in the SSP. However I can let you know extra about what this stuff can do and “why” than Goode or any of those different characters. My guess is that they’re just a front for gradually elevating public consciousness- so it won’t be such a terrific shock when the real story comes out. 9 months in the past
Thanks for this major article! We need to look in any respect sides of this story and stay open to every chance. I was also very skeptical of Corey Goode and nonetheless query if he’s being mind managed and supporting an alternative agenda, but I have to say since I have seen videos and images of those big spheres positioned throughout our solar system and siphoning plasma immediately from our solar, I feel we need to listen to the Photo voltaic Flash/Ascension Occasion data for many reasons.

I would love to see you research these Solar Ships, Sun Divers, Sphere Beings and provides us your ideas on what they’re and how their presence will have an effect on us and the planet. I find it very interesting that NASA has began to dam out the pictures of these spheres and different ‘craft’ that are commonly seen positioned in our Solar’s corona. If you have not seen them yourself, simply visit our Fb web page or webpage for hyperlinks to these videos and images. They are throughout YouTube, simply seek for Sun Divers and Sun Ships. I found many from 2010 on as much as the present day. NASA began protecting them up in late 2016.

Good job right here! These details are glorious and the embedded videos very helpful. Let’s keep pushing for Full Disclosure! =D

Hello blue… your reply has been read and duly noted. ~Ben
Not a problem. Be happy to share any of your articles (or others, or movies, etc) on there as you please.

Thanks Sparkster, I really did not know what to do with that web page, sorry if I dropped the ball, glad to see you back in the fold!

Sparkster Publishing 9 months in the past from United Kingdom
Ben, do not feel disheartened. Holding pushing at it, your time will come. Really, I form of really feel the same. I’ve had many experiences and have a guide able to go however I have been advised the time simply isn’t right but and to wait it out. I was hoping to publish it a couple of years in the past however regardless of all my efforts I have been prevented from doing so. If you are a TI then I suggest being very cautious about what consideration you entice.

Nice article as always Daniel, very good data, effectively written and attractive. Shared on the Fb web page – you have entry so be happy to share something you like on there too.

Thank you Nadine for sharing this text and your kind words, it helps to know that you find the fabric intriguing and worth sharing.

Fpherj48, I don’t have any trouble accepting this information as legitimate, principally as a result of I’ve researched it for years but I do suppose you and different peoples feedback on numerous websites this has been posted on, show that maybe extra schooling should be provided by way of the historical past of the SSP. I’ll work on that and hopefully publish one thing soon.

Ben, thanks for replying and retaining me posted on your story, I have put your e-book in my shopping cart and can purchase it soon, I will even discover you on FB and send you a PM, so search for it. I had no concept the subject would obtain the attention it has, so I might be adding another comply with up piece quickly and hope to incorporate your story in it.

Thanks all for reading, it’s quite a bit of information.
In case you could know, my book tells all of it, till after I printed it initially June 5, 2016.

My Facebook profile web page timeline has posts of me being on the Kevin Smith Present, who’s now deceased. It was is in connection to another whistleblower, John T Vasquez (additionally now deceased) and author of his disclosing guide titled, “Incident at Fort Benning”, together with CSM James Norton (witness who’s deceased) along with John’s ex-wife (deceased) who had no indicators of a wrestle when her physique was discovered.

My book; It’s About Time: Incident at Fort Polk could be found on-line at Amazon and Barnes to expose the truth.

Some of this info will probably be disturbing for some of my Face e book friends, but for me, I’m all for being informed whereas staying in a better love vibration always. The video by Elena Kapulnik included right here about what is going on in Antarctica is also very thought frightening.

I have been conscious of a few of this article’s information from the eighties but solely now has the time arrived to re-edit all my novels, so my readers can assimilate some of this info in a storytelling format.

Every video in this article by Venture Camelot is value listening to, but again for some it may not be for them, which is okay. Each particular person has their own journey to experience for the great of all.

Daniel has included Stewart Swerdlow – which has visited us in Cape Town – in his article, and i should get his e book: (The Alien connection) onto my Kindle.

Thank Daniel for writing this article.
The reasons I write these articles is because I usually run into folks which have never heard of a Secret Area Program, regardless that it was begun in the late 30s in Nazi Germany. When you knew what I know, you’ll have no trouble in accepting Elena’s words at face value.

You are not the only one, the massive majority of humanity merely have never heard of the many topics, bordering on science fiction, that these folks go through. with out providing you a historical past lesson on these secret tasks it would be very tough for me to explain this too you . . . maybe a historical past of the secret Area Program is so as.

Suffice to say our actuality is way stranger than fiction and this breakaway civilization relies on a disbelieving public to keep up their secrecy and clandestine operations. Over the course of the final 75 years they’ve kidnapped tons of of hundreds of kids and girls for their nefarious practices, the time period is known as MILABS, which is an abbreviation for Navy Abductions.

Paula 9 months ago from Beautiful Upstate New York
blue….I read so far as Elena…..then I stepped away to go to her site as well as Youtube videos of her appearances and interviews.

I need a while. I’m positive I am not the primary person who has had this response and mentioned this to you. Answer me with womens pink batgirl t shirt size complete honesty~~do folks principally assume she needs to be strait-jacketed I imply, I do not. Not but anyway. However please don’t inform me it is not stated….

I do not often have problem with words. I am experiencing this now. If I did not love you and trust you, I know I would be feeling a lot different and would have fairly a bit to say. Confession: I’d read you way more typically, if I might merely walk to your own home and sit down with you…..and hear. I might ask you one million questions and annoy the hell out of you. So, I guess it is good I can not try this. I’m not snug feeling helpless and what appears to be totally out of the loop.

So….once i say I’ll be again, that you must believe me. Like I said, I need time.
I mean no disrespect but I have never heard of you and if I had I might have included you, I’ll put your guide on my listing and get and read it.

I’ll doing a comply with up article and will embody you, now that am aware you, you may be hearing from me soon, that I promise.

What did you think of the article, good, unhealthy, needs some work
Ben Davis Jr 9 months ago

Sort of odd that I have been a whistleblower since November 30, 2011, on The Kevin Smith Present. And I’ve generated Youtube movies alongside Lindsey Hooper as nicely… However no person cares to recognize me and even share and purchase my e book..…

Authorsomethgblue 9 months ago from Shelbyville, Tennessee
Ayelet H. Zimmerman, I have personally asked Corey over 50 completely different questions on his webpage, on GaiaTV, on his facebook page, he has never answered one of them, not one!

In the beginning, I felt sorry for him and even despatched him money to help his trigger, not only did he not thank me, he didn’t even acknowledge my present.

I have requested Corey, David on his website and GaiaTv why they don’t interview different whistleblower guest, no response. I will now be interviewing as many because the whistleblowers as I can, so search for transcripts and movies of those . . . within the close to future.

The article was not designed and written to persuade anyone, sorry mate! Your conviction is not necessary, nor required, I recognize you sharing this with everybody however I did not write the article to persuade anybody . . . merely to plant the seed.

A dozen people have sent feedback to me saying they came to the identical conclusions, so you perhaps in the minority, regardless, thank you for reading.

Ayelet H. Zimmerman 9 months ago
Hi Daniel,

I am glad that you just posted this text. Nevertheless, I feel that your allegations towards Corey will not be convincing. Sorry mate.

It would have been far better for the widespread good, in the event you try to contact Gaya Television and recommend to them – to include among the ‘tremendous soldiers’ for the good thing about the viewers.

Corey is accessible for direct contact.
Have you ever ever asked him – or suggested to him – to include these people within the Tv show “Cosmic Disclosure”

Any approach, I personally look at the outcomes achieved by this program – in terms of exposure to the public at giant, in order that it reaches wider width:300px;top:250px” knowledge-ad-client=”ca-pub-7547369567510288″ information-web page-url=”//” data-advert-slot=”1186173963″>

If you have any concerns concerning where and {just how to|ways to|the best ways to|how you can} utilize Justice_League_of_America, you could call us at the web site.