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You’d assume one evil speedster in Barry Allen’s life could be sufficient. Apparently not, because the battle against Zoom took a again seat this week so Group Flash may deal with the resurgent menace of Reverse-Flash. 100% Cotton Spider-Man Marvel Short Sleeve Custom Printed On Children’s T-shirt If “The Reverse-Flash Returns” wasn’t fairly the game-changer I hoped for by way of the larger Season 2 conflict, it was still a very memorable episode crammed full of dramatic character moments. Naturally, the return of reverse-Flash was going to walking dead t shirts walmart online stir up a number of feelings in numerous characters. It is a villain who ruined many lives (together with Barry, Cisco, Eddie and Earth-1’s Dr. Wells) throughout his 15-yr stay in the 21st Century. This episode supplied a fantastic probability to discover the lingering psychological harm Reverse-Flash left in his wake and permit his surviving victims to confront the Man in Yellow. Learn More…

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