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Blue Flower Wasp

I’ve found numerous bugs in your site however this one has got me so far. Lots of these fly around our tomatoes here in Australia. I’ve had tomatoes earlier than however never saw these earlier than. They walking dead t shirts uk appeared too large to be a black flower wasp (that and so they leave our common flowers alone). Should you have almost any concerns relating to in which along with how to use Comicfigur, you possibly can email us on our website. They have brilliant blue wings and eyes with black our bodies. They consistently transfer so this was a transparent a shot as I could get. Thanks

Hi Peter,
We suspect these are Blue Flower Wasps or Furry Flower Wasps, Discolia soror, primarily based on photos posted to the Geocities Web site. They are within the household SCOLIIDAE Scoliidae. Adult Blue walking dead t shirts uk Flower Wasps are nectar feeders and the larvae feed on Scarab Beetle Grubs. The female wasp locates the beetle grubs within the soil, digs down and lays an egg on the grub. The Csiro Website (which refers to this species as the Black Flower Wasp) signifies: “Black flower wasps are solitary and do not make communal nests. However, in mid to late summer, they often kind small swarms flying low over an space of turf, walking dead t shirts uk a compost heap or around a shrub.