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Is Toonami Nonetheless A Failed Experiment

Note that the Midnight Run & Rising Suns would run day-after-day, with one block having sooner or later & one having the opposite. The midnight run would air from 12am-12pm, & the rising solar would air from 2am-12pm

Midnight Run/Adult Swim (12am-12pm)

    The Boondocks
    Sailor Moon
    Dragon Ball Z (Ocean Dub & Funimation versions)
    Gundam Wing
    Batman T.A.S.
    Blue Submarine
    Big O
    Gundam 0080

10. Mobile Swimsuit Gundam

    G Gundam
    . SD Gundam
    . Gundam Seed
    . Dragon Ball GT (uncut model)
    . Inyusha
    . Full Steel Alchemist
    . Cowboy Bebop
    . Darkstalkers (OVA episodes)
    . Gargoyles

Rising Solar (2am-12pm)

    th MS Crew
    Tenchi Muyo/Tenchi Universe
    Fairly Sammy
    Tenchi in Tokyo
    Superman T.A.S.
    Outlaw Star
    Dragon Ball (Ocean Dub & Funimation variations)
    Ghost in a Shell
    Dragon Ball Z (uncut model)
    G I Joe

10. He Man & The Masters of the Universe
eleven. Cyborg 009

Monday (12pm Mon-2am Tue.)

    Superman T.A.S.
    House Ghost
    Birdman & Galaxy Trio
    Love Hina
    Duel Masters
    Astro Boy

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10. One Piece
eleven. Read or Die

Tuesday (12pm Tue. -12am Wed.)

    Real Adventures of Johnny Quest
    Thundercats (2011 model)
    Powerpuff Girls
    Dragon Ball
    Code Lyoko

10. DICE

    Wulin Warriors
    . Jackie Chan Adventures
    . The Batman
    . Fantastic Four (Present model)
    . Star Wars: Clone Wars

Wednesday (12pm-12am)

    Beast Wars
    Beast Machines
    Battle Planets
    Batman T.A.S.
    Superman T.A.S.
    The new Batman Adventures
    Ben 10: Alien Pressure

10. Megaman Starforce

    Hobo Boboboboobo
    . Yugioh
    . Naruto
    . Digimon
    . Monster Rancher

Cybertron/Robo Thursdays (12pm-12am)

    Beast Machines
    Transformers: Robots in Disguise
    Transformers: Armada
    Transformers: Energon
    Transformers: Cybertron
    Transformers: Animated
    Zoids: Chaotic Century

10. IGPX

    . Robotech
    . Megas XLR
    . Big O
    . Voltron
    . Gundam Wing
    . Voltron: The Third Dimension
    . Voltron Force

Friday (12pm-2am)

    Zatch Bell
    Monster Rancher
    Dragon Ball
    Dragon Ball Z
    Samurai Jack
    Transformers Armada

10. Ruonni Kenshin

    Transformers Energon
    . Dragon Ball Z (uncut version)
    . Transformers Cybertron
    . Afro Samurai (Closely EDITED)
    . Dragon Ball GT (uncut version)
    . Avenue Fighter 2V

Saturday (12pm-12am)

    Batman Beyond
    Battle Planets
    New Century Zero
    Gundam 0080
    Zeta Undertaking
    Mobile Swimsuit Gundam
    Huge O
    Megas XLR
    Sailor Moon R

10. Sailor Moon S

    Sailor Moon Supers
    . vintage wonder woman shirt 720 Yu Yu Hakusho
    . Static Shock
    . Rave Grasp
    . Teen Titans
    . Beast Wars
    . Yugioh
    . Naruto
    . Justice League

20. Dragon Ball Z (uncut model)

    Justice League Unlimited
    . Dragon Ball GT (uncut model)
    . Naruto: Shippuden
    . Beast Machines
    . Witchblade
    . Darkstalkers (OVA episodes)
    . Gargoyles

Sunday Motion pictures (12pm-12am)

    Hellboy: Sword vintage wonder woman shirt 720 of Storms
    Hellboy: Blood & Iron
    Invincible Ironman
    Hulk vs.
    Dr. Unusual
    Ultimate Avengers
    Ultimate Avengers 2
    Stan Lee presents Mosaic
    Stan Lee presents Condor

10. Teen Titans: Bother in Tokyo

    The Batman vs. Dracula
    . Batman Mask of the Phantasm
    . Batman: Subzero
    . Superman: Final son of Krypton
    . Batman/Superman: World’s Best (with Batman/Superman Adventures opening)
    . Batman: Mystery of the Batwoman
    . Justice League: Starcrossed
    . Justice League: New Frontier
    . Wonder Lady

20. Superman: Doomsday

    Batman: Darkish Knight
    . Inexperienced Lantern: First Flight
    . Superman/Batman: Public Enemies
    . Dragon Ball: Curse of the Blood Rubies
    . Dragon Ball: Sleeping Princess in Devil’s Castle
    . Dragonball: Path to Energy
    . DBZ: Goku vs. Vegeta Featurette
    . DBZ: Historical past of Trunks
    . DBZ: Bardock Father of Goku

30. DBZ Deadzone

    DBZ: World’s Strongest
    . DBZ: Tree of May
    . DBZ: Lord Slug
    . DBZ: Cooler’s Revenge
    . DBZ: Return of Cooler
    . DBZ: Tremendous Android thirteen
    . DBZ: Broly, Legendary Super Saiyan
    . DBZ: Bojack Unbound
    . DBZ Broly, Second Coming

40. DBZ Bio-Broly

    DBZ: Fusion Reborn
    . DBZ: Wrath of the Dragon
    . Dragon Ball GT: A Hero’s Legacy
    . Gundam Wing: Countless Waltz
    . Sailor Moon R
    . Sailor Moon S
    . Sailor Moon Supers
    . Transformers The Film
    . Patlabor: The Film

50. Patlabor: The Movie 2

    WXIII: Patlabor: The Film 3
    . Cell Police Patlabor Minimal: Minipato
    . The Powerpuff Ladies Film
    . Ghost in a Shell Film
    . Ghost in a Shell 2
    . Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles
    . Afro Samurai: Ressurrection (Heavily EDITED)
    . Naruto: Protect Water Village
    . Reboot: Daemon Rising

60. Reboot: My two Bobs

    Ben 10: Race in opposition to Time
    . Bionicle 1
    . Bionicle 2
    . GI Joe: Spy Troops
    . GI Joe: Valor vs. Venom
    . Animatrix
    . Naruto: Ninja Clash in Land of Snow
    . Naruto 2: Legend of the Stone of Gelei
    . Yugioh: Pyramid of Mild

70. Learn or Die OVA

    Road Fighter 2: Animated
    . Street Fighter Alpha
    . Street Fighter Alpha: Generations
    . Love Hina: Kanako
    . Love Hina: Keitarou
    . Love Hina: Naru
    . Full Metal Alchemist: The Movie
    . Gen13: Animated Movie
    . Gundam Seed Future Movie

eighty. One Piece: The Film

    Cowboy Bebop: The Movie
    . Comic Ebook: The Movie
    . Comedian Guide The Movie: 4 Shade Frenzy
    . Comedian Ebook The Movie: Behind The Voices
    . Dragon Ball: Mystic Adventures (Ocean Dub & FUNimation)
    . Adventures in Voice Appearing
    . Justice League – Voices of Justice
    . Tenchi Muyo in Love
    . Tenchi Muyo 2: The Daughter of Darkness

90. Tenchi Muyo Ceaselessly
91. Yu-Gi-Oh!: Bonds Past Time
Candidates for greatest villian

    Lex Luthor
    The Joker
    The Jokerz

10. Mr. Freeze

    . Mala & Jaxar
    . Harley Quinn
    . Poison Ivy
    . Brainiac
    . King Piccolo
    . Metallo
    . Blight
    . Inque

20. Majin Buu

    DB/DBZ/GT Androids
    . Broly
    . Skeletor
    . Slade
    . Majin Vegeta
    . Syn/Omega Shenron
    . Baby
    . Ebon
    . Vandal Savage

30. Doomsday

    . Moo
    . Roxy Rocket
    . David Xanitos
    . Demona
    . Macbeth
    . The Pack
    . Persephone & Aries
    . Eis Shenron

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    DVD episode/show units launch/re-launch/giveaway
    Toonami magazine launch
    Anime/Animation contest giveaways
    New 12 months’s Evil
    St. Villiantine’s Night time
    Best of Goku
    Best of Vegeta
    Best of Piccolo/Nameks
    Best of Saiyans

10. Better of Freeza

    Better of Cell
    . Better of Androids
    . Better of Buu
    . Better of People
    . Best of Batman
    . Better of Superman
    . Best of Vandal Savage
    . DB/DBZ/GT movie marathon
    . DC/Marvel film marathon

20. Best of swordsmen (Trunks, Afro Samurai, Samurai Jack, & vintage wonder woman shirt 720 Ruonni Kenshin)

    Best of The Joker
    . Best of Luthor
    . Best of Darkseid
    . Ladies Night (better of heroines & villainesses)
    . Heroic Tuesday (on each September 11th)
    . Villiantines Day (finest “romantic” episodes)
    . Combat Night time
    . Justice League/JLU “1 hour” episodes
    . Morrigan vs. Witchblade

30. Network Show crossover(s)/draft(s)