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LEGO Green Lantern: The Video-Recreation

LEGO Green Lantern is ugly christmas sweater long sleeve t shirt a 3DS, XBox, PS3, Wii and Computer game primarily based off the newly launched sets.

Green Lantern and Kilowog should cease Sinestro from unleashing Parallax among the world!
World 1 – Star Sapphire’s SiegeEdit

Take FlightEdit
Green Lantern flies after Star Sapphire and Tattooed Man.

Level Kind: Automobile.
Playable: Green Lantern’s Air-Aircraft (Made with ring)

Boss: Tattooed Man’s Air Jet (eight Hearts)
Unlockable: Ferris Aircrafts Security Guard, Soldier

Tattoos and RingsEdit
Green Lantern arrives to the mall the place Star Sapphire and Tattooed Man landed. Star Sapphire sneaks away whereas Tattooed Man distracts The Green Lantern.

Boss: Tattooed Man (10 Hearts)
Unlockable: Mall Cop, Tattooed Man, Tattooed Man Henchman, John Stewart, Green Lantern (John Stewart), Abel Tarrant

Born On A MondayEdit
At the swamp, Solomon Grundy and Star Sapphire are about to flee from the police after robbing a scoence lab to make a machine. Grundy assaults the 2 Green Lanterns as Star Sapphire will get away as soon as extra.

Playable: Green Lantern (Hal Jordon) and Green Lantern (John Stewart)
Boss: Solomon Grundy (13 Hearts)

Unlockable: Cyrus Gold, Solomon Grundy, Grave Digger, Swamp Creature
Star Sapphire ChaseEdit

After defeating Grundy, Hal Jordan and John Stewart confront Star Sapphire simply outside town, and she will get off in a boat.

Degree Type: Automobile
Playable: Motor-Boat

Boss: Star Sapphire’s Get-A-Way Boat (14 Hearts)
Unlockable: Sailor

Closing Battle In The secret LairEdit
Hal and John meet Star Sapphire in her underground lair, where she introduces them to her machine she is constructing: one thing to mix all the Lantern Rings into one and make herself the last word ruler of the world. John’s ring gets sucked into it, leaving Hal on his personal.

Level Kind: Puzzle, Boss.
Playable: Green Lantern (Hal Jordon)

Boss: Star Sapphire (sixteen Hearts)
Unlockable: Star Sapphire, Carol Ferris, Star Sapphire Henchman

World 2 – Assault of the Black Lanterns!Edit
Primarily based off the Black Lantern story arch.

Evil RisingEdit
Hal Jordon is flying an airplane when he sees Black Lanterns coming to Earth. Hal jumps out of the aircraft and transforms into The Green Lantern earlier than falling to his demise. Green Lantern arrives at a brawl between The Black Lanterns and the army at the Grand Canyon.

Stage sort: Brawl.
Unlockable: Tourist, Soldier

The Black HandEdit
Green Lantern investigates extra concerning the Black Lanterns’ plans, however, while investigating, Green Lantern is ambushed by Black Lanterns, and sees Black Hand escaping the scene!

Playable: Green Lantern (Hal Jordon).
Boss: Black Hand (6 Hearts)

Unlockable: Black Hand, William Hand, Black Hand Henchmen, Black Lantern
Black Lantern BattleEdit

Hal Jordon disguises himself as a Black Lantern and enters their lair, the place he sees the plans to resurrect Parallax. Men’s BB-8 Black Custom Long Sleeve T Shirts He accidently gasps, and the Black Lanterns notice its him, so they assault him. Hal should escape the bilding and make it to the lair of Nekron, the Black Lanterns chief.

Stage type: Escape, Brawl.
Playable: Green Lantern (Hal Jordon) (Black Lantern Swimsuit)

Unlockable: Black Lantern Hal Jordon, Black Lantern Guard
Black Lantern Brawl At OaEdit

Hal Jordon switches back to his Green Lantern self and goes to avoid wasting Oa from the Black Lanterns. He teams up with Kilowog and goes to stop The Black Lanterns.

Stage sort: Brawl, Boss.
Playable: Green Lantern (Hal Jordon), Kilowog

Boss: Skar (eight Hearts)
Unlockable: Kilowog, Skar

Hunger of NekronEdit
Kilowog and Green Lantern see Nekron and observe him to his lair: and they see a bunch of Green Lantern and Earthling slaves, being fed to Nekron by the Black Lantern Corps. Kilowog and GL ugly christmas sweater long sleeve t shirt combat the Black Lanterns and go after Nekron, to avoid wasting all life in existence.