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The Flash “Flash Back” Overview (Season 2 Episode 17)

Men's Vader Cartoon Custom Long the walking dead shirts for sale vancouver Sleeve T ShirtsAfter the giddy heights of final night’s massive crossover episode – which you’ll read my ideas about right here – it would’ve taken a series-greatest episode of The Flash to be anywhere close to as entertaining. Whereas “Flash Back” didn’t quite hit these highs, it was a still a step up from final week’s disappointing outing.

In fact, as a time travel fan, I’m at all times excited when Barry punches his approach by the fourth dimension. Here, we had an added, Again to the long run II type twist as Barry visited Central City one yr earlier, arriving in the midst of season one. With a aim of getting Eobard Thawne to help him enhance his velocity, Barry’s mission was just about assured to hit complications from the start, which always means enjoyable instances for the viewers.

That stated, for somebody with a genius-level intellect, Barry is an absolute dolt on the subject of dealing with time journey and world-hopping. He made some questionable selections during his Earth-2 journey, but here, he takes countless unnecessary dangers, beginning with breaking from his preliminary plan when he arrives early. He then the walking dead shirts for sale vancouver plays issues manner too obvious with Thawne and changes the result of Hartley’s imprisonment. Now, things ultimately work out for the best – I particularly like how this gives Hartley an opportunity to become a reformed villain like in the comics – but it’s irritating to see Barry being such a dolt with how he handles his time-travelling escapades.

Nonetheless, the way issues played out was plenty entertaining, with welcome return appearances from Hartley and Eddie, and a bunch of nice doppelganger humor between the two Barrys. The highlight, although, was seeing Tom Cavanaugh slip into Eobard-Wells mode once more, a reminder of the walking dead shirts for sale vancouver the creepy menace that fueled a lot of the excitement all through the primary season. The scene Barry and Eobard shared in the latter’s hidden room was stellar, and confirmed that Barry, nonetheless much he bungles up a state of affairs, could make issues work in his favor.