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Heroes, Inc. Wiki

After his father was killed by a gangster’s bullet, younger Dan Garret joined the brand new York Police Department, but he quickly tired of the sluggish pace and crimson tape of police work. He established a costumed identity, preventing crime as the Blue Beetle. He had no powers, but he used a gun and a wrist-mounted mini-radio to get an edge on the criminals he was combating. His calling card was a small beetle-formed marker that he left in conspicuous places to alert criminals to his presence, using their concern of his crime-fighting status as a weapon against them.

Dr. Franz administered a strange remedy. Dan was given the key experimental vitamin 2X, a brilliant drug that endows its recipient with tremendous energy and healing skills, increased pace, heightened senses, and enhanced intellectual capability. Underneath the drug’s affect, Dan Garret quickly recovered from his injuries and returned to the street the next day.

Heroes inc Edit
The origin the walking dead mrs daryl dixon shirt dress of the Blue beetle is completely different from the golden age model as are all of the heroes. While there isn’t any point out of a police background in difficulty three he does appear in a model of his unique chain mail costume. He was experimented upon presumably along with merryweather by Dr. Kerchum and Dr. Hormone. During flash backs he is sown the walking dead mrs daryl dixon shirt dress as having purple hair. He still seems to be pals with this universe’s Sparky.

Fashionable age Edit
The struggle modified Danny Garret however then the warfare changed them all.

Golden Age Appearances Edit
Mystery Men Comics #1-31
Blue Beetle #1-60
Massive three #1-7
Actual Hit Comics (one-shot)
All Prime Comics #8-thirteen
Phantom Lady #thirteen
Tegra, Jungle Empress #1
Zago, Jungle Prince #1

Has a scarab tattoo on his proper arm
His Military ID number is E53 003 987

Notes Edit
Fox Features’ police officer Dan Garret (one ‘t’) is the one Blue Beetle in the general public Domain. Archaeologist Dan Garrett (two ‘t’s), who gained his powers from a magic scarab, just isn’t Public Domain. Dan Garrett (two ‘t’s), and all Blue Beetles thereafter are property of DC Comics.

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