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Batman: Arkham Sequence (Video Recreation)

Women's Spider Woman Maguire Blue Supersonic Custom Long Sleeve T-ShirtBatman: Arkham Asylum: The Road to Arkham – A 2009 comic e-book prequel to the primary sport.

Batman: Arkham Metropolis – An 2011 interquel comedian bridging the hole between Asylum and City.
Batman: Arkham Unhinged – A comic e-book miniseries following varied villains before and during Arkham Metropolis, including Hugo Strange, TYGER safety, and varied Arkham inmates.
Arkham Metropolis: Lockdown – iOS and Android fighting game by Netherrealm Studios which pits Batman towards numerous enemies, together with Slade “Deathstroke” Wilson, in one-on-one battles.
Arkham Metropolis: End Recreation – six-challenge digital comic set immediately after the ending of City, as Batman comes to phrases with the Joker’s loss of life.
Batman: Arkham Origins – iOS/Android sport, again by Netherrealm studios, with similar gameplay to Lockdown.
Batman: Assault on Arkham – DC Universe Animated Authentic Movies film set within the Arkham universe.
Batman: Arkham Knight – 2015 interquel comedian bridging the gap between City and Knight.- Batman: Arkham Knight: Genesis – Another 2015 comedian centering on the Arkham Knight himself.

– Batman: Arkham Knight: The Riddler’s Gambit – Prequel Novel by Alex Irvine specializing in the Riddler.

Tropes on this collection
Adaptation Distillation: Really one in every of the greatest incarnations of the Darkish Knight and his rogues ever. It is actually a potluck of the most effective points of virtually all his earlier media incarnations: the grittiness of the Christopher Nolan films, the gothic architecture and film noir-ish mood of the Tim Burton movies, the canon of the comics, the voices and writing talent of the animated collection… It’s tough to think about an incarnation of the Dark Knight that could so simply please all of Batman’s followers from any medium.- Batman is primarily primarily based on his comedian model, but he has the voice of the animated model and his go well with truly seems like body armor with a glider cape. His Arkham Origins design is armor with exhausting plates alongside the strains of his The Darkish Knight costume and in Knight, he’s modeled on Ben Affleck and wears steel armor akin to his Injustice: Gods Amongst Us incarnation.
Joker _ once more, primarily primarily based on his comic model, but he has Heath Ledger’s swimsuit, a face that appears so much like Jack Nicholson (and his face and hair getting a youthful look in Origins), he transforms right into a muscle-bound hulk much like Kevin Michael Richardson’s Joker, they used Mark Hamill’s voice and we will rely Hamill’s voice as a Caesar Romero reference. There’s lots of similarity there, particularly in the chortle, thus finishing the complete spectrum of Batman Jokers. In Origins, he dresses equally to his The Dark Knight and Joker incarnation.
The Clayface on this recreation bears Basil Karlo’s identify (blink-and-you-miss-it when Bats takes Harley’s “social gathering checklist”) and now-in-continuity powers: in any other case he’s an amalgamated Batman: The Animated Series Clayface (Matt Hagen) and Preston Payne. That is canon. Karlo acquired the powers of Hagen and Payne within the early 90s. What’s new, nevertheless, is his want to impersonate folks. In the comics, Karlo turned to crime out of egomania. The acting skill was a trait of Hagen’s within the animated series.
Two-Face’s unscarred side is modelled on Tommy Lee Jones, and he speaks in plural right here as there, but his go well with is half-black and half-white like his Batman: The Animated Collection model, his scars and swimsuit resemble Aaron Eckhart’s and his Two-Face voice seems like Richard Moll.
Bane uses Venom as within the comics, but in Origins, his outfit (barring the mask) is similar to Tom Hardy’s.
While Penguin’s not disfigured (or at the least in the same approach) as he was in Batman Returns, his clothes are similar to those worn by the Penguin there and looks a bit like Danny DeVito, albeit how the actor normally seems to be. He has an identical backstory of his household having a grudge towards the Waynes ala The Batman. As with both, he’s also savage and animalistic, but attempting to go off as refined character instead of the particular refined personality of the comics model.

Arguably Batman himself! Arkham Batman is probably the strongest Batman incarnation of all time. In the primary recreation, Batman: Arkham Asylum, he was injected with Scarecrow’s toxin multiple occasions and fought through it with no relaxation or antidote. Within the second sport, Batman: Arkham Metropolis, he can punch Mr. Freeze’s swimsuit with his naked hands….and harm Mr. Freeze. In the prequel, Batman: Arkham Origins, he defeated Lady Shiva twice, once when he was nonetheless in training; defeated Deathstroke without problems in his 2nd 12 months; beat up Killer Croc; and Bane did the backbreaker on him….and Couldn’t break his back, in contrast to within the comics and Nolanverse. Actually nothing extra to be stated.
In comics and most adaptations, Hugo Strange is a criminal mastermind or conman whereas in Arkham City he is a Manipulative Bastard who gets the highest on all of Batman’s rogues besides Joker. Likewise within the comics, Hugo Strange was the primary villain to study of Batman’s id however in the original story, Strange Apparitions, it came about because he trapped Batman and unmasked him and in Prey he managed to trick Batman into revealing it, whereas right here he is competent sufficient as a shrink to create an accurate psychological profile of Batman from a distance.
Calendar Man goes from a Harmless gimmick villain to being a vicious serial killer who is genuinely menacing, the Riddler’s Super OCD leads him to build many a Demise Trap, serving as a Wild Card who creates a network of informants in numerous factions and as an unofficial Information Broker for Gotham’s underworld. Mr. Freeze and Clayface likewise have a bigger profile in these video games, with Mr. Freeze providing Batman probably the most intricate Boss Combat of the complete sequence and Clayface being the final Boss of Arkham City, offering the largest character mannequin in addition to being one of the few villains Batman makes use of lethal pressure against.
Scarecrow, a minor villain in most comic events and in Batman Begins, gets a scarier costume, serves as a Degree in Boss Clothes in Asylum before changing into the big Unhealthy of Arkham Knight the place he unleashes a stage of destruction that exceeds Hugo Unusual and Joker and finally outs Batman’s Secret Identification before the world, which no villain in any adaptation has ever completed.
While most incarnations of Jason Todd are badasses in their own right, none of them are at the extent of Arkham Knight’s incarnation, who (as the titular Arkham Knight) leads an army of skilled killers whom he’s particularly educated to kill Batman, and manages to take over Gotham in mere hours.
While Tim Drake within the comics is not at all un-badass, his Batman: Arkham City look definitely seems to be aiming for a grittier approach to the character, with a much more chiseled and muscled look, a buzz minimize, and the concept that he takes part in cage-preventing in his spare time.

– The rationale this works for this trope is that the XP doesn’t tally (and thereby the healing does not start) until you end the entire encounter, whether or not it’s a gang of ten mooks trying to beat you down or a room full of gun-toting mooks you need to stealth-kill.

Arkham City has a pair of Downloadable Content problem maps which might be Augmented Reality simulations of theoretical attacks on the Batcave and Wayne Manor by TYGER troopers.
In Arkham Origins, the Batcave is attacked by Bane after he deduces that Bruce Wayne is Batman, while Wayne Manor is attacked throughout the Motion Prologue of the Cold, Chilly Heart DLC.
In Arkham the walking dead comic t shirts Knight, Scarecrow’s forces attack Batman’s clock tower and kidnap Barbara Gordon off-display screen. The trope is downplayed in a later sequence the place the Arkham Knight’s drones assault Wayne Tower; as the Arkham Knight is Jason Todd, he knows full properly that Bruce Wayne is Batman, but neither Batman nor the player are conscious of this at this level in the story, and it is easy to assume that the Arkham Knight is simply attempting to seize management of one of the tallest buildings in Gotham City.

Asylum has the Joker
City has Catwoman, Robin, and Nightwing
Origins has Deathstroke and Initiation Bruce Wayne
Knight has Harley Quinn, Crimson Hood and Batgirl. Azrael is playable in a sequence of sidequests. Commissioner Gordon, GCPD Officer Owens and The Joker are also playable in scripted story sequences.

Not less than 113 personnel during the Joker’s takeover in Arkham Asylum (together with Dr. Penelope Younger & Officer Frank Boles).
Arkham Metropolis had Hugo Strange, Talia, The Joker, and fairly presumably Solomon Grundy & Clayface all lifeless (or implied) earlier than the tip.
Arkham Knight killed off former Mayor/Warden Quincy Sharp (in his back-story, no less), in addition to Poison Ivy, whereas the accompanying DLC, The Season of Infamy, killed off Killer Moth, Black Mask, Mr Freeze & Nora Fries, and both Ra’s al Ghul, or Nyssa Raatko (relying on what alternative you made).
Assault On Arkham implied that Amanda Waller was killed by Deadshot, of all folks.

From Asylum: The advertising and marketing (as evidenced in the tie-in Arkham Care web site and a few of the in-sport PA bulletins) desperately tries to make it appear like a pleasing, fashionable psychiatric institution. To totally hilarious degrees; it is really something to face in a dank, creepy and falling-apart Arkham corridor listening to a pleasant voice on a commercial witter on about how Arkham is ‘the state’s premier psychiatric therapeutic facility’, how the well-known supervillains who get locked up there ‘are solely half the story’ and different such nonsense.
City : Proudly features a good worse answer: Arkham Metropolis, a walled off slum section of Gotham where former Arkham patients and Blackgate convicts alike are thrown in and left to their own devices. Then employed mercs kill everybody in the place. How therapeutic.

In Arkham City, it’s Hugo Unusual who’s responsible for the construction of the mega prison that Batman is thrown into with Ra’s Al Ghul as his financer.
Arkham Origins has Bane, the deadliest and most proactive of the 8 assassins.
Arkham Knight offers us Scarecrow, who’s making an attempt to detonate chemical bomb that may cowl Gotham and Your complete East Coast in worry fuel and The Arkham Knight, who oversees the navy occupation of Gotham that ensures chaos guidelines the streets and Scarecrow’s plans go accordingly. And while The Joker is long dead at this level, he nonetheless exists as a hallucination in Batman’s mind, impeding him at each turn with Thoughts Rape and is finally the greatest risk to him, planning a Break up-Character Takeover and wreaking havoc on the world afterwards.

Arkham Origins: Batman has defeated Black Mask and his assassins, ingratiated himself with the police, and managed to make Gotham less of a hellhole, but Black Mask’s fall results in a energy vacuum in Gotham’s underworld that a sure clown steps in to fill, and all of us understand how that goes.
Arkham Asylum: Batman stops Joker and prevents Gotham from destruction by TITAN. But Arkham Asylum is closely broken, almost everyone of its staff is lifeless. And there’s Quincy Sharp’s plans about Arkham City…
Arkham City: Batman saves the day. Sadly, Talia is dead (no less than for now), Catwoman’s apartment received bombed by Two-Face, it’s left unclear whether or not any of the individuals Joker poisoned may be savednote although it’s later revealed in Harley Quinn’s Revenge that every one of them did get cured in time, and Batman truly supposed to save lots of the Joker, despite the latter’s evil nature, and failed. It is usually talked about that near a quarter of the Arkham City population had been killed within the Protocol 10 assault. A few of these casualties had been doubtless innocent political prisoners.- The Harley Quinn’s Revenge DLC ends with Harley’s plan a resounding failure, but Bruce is still even more emotionally closed-off than usual. Not even the brief prospect of shedding Tim gets him to open up – he just grapples away, leaving a really concerned Gordon in his wake.

– For the entire franchise usually, the finale of Arkham Knight takes place in the same location the sequence started: in Arkham Asylum.

A number of instances in Metropolis and Knight, you are seemingly given a choice which really has only one “appropriate” possibility, with the opposite resulting in a Non Commonplace Game Over. Knight performs with this a bit in one in every of this decisions, where it actually forces you to take the “wrong” option as soon as before giving you the choice again, revealing the previous to be a Daydream Shock.
Averted in certainly one of Knight’s sidequests, which instead makes use of a last-Second Ending Choice which determines Azrael’s fate.
Also utilized in Origins throughout Anarky’s facet quest. He tells Batman that he has a selection: let Anarky’s bombs stationed round Gotham detonate or defuse them and Bats’ choice will decide what Anarky does with him. Naturally, you being Batman, you’re compelled to defuse the bombs to progress the quest. Letting them detonate will at all times result in a Sport Over.

Origins: It begins and ends with a riot at Blackgate Penitentiary. In Origins Blackgate Batman enters the prison to quell one other riot.
Asylum: A fire at Blackgate has resulted in much of the Joker’s gang being moved to the asylum. Joker levels another riot as soon as he is introduced back
City: The prison was made due to the injury finished to the existing prisons within the last sport. Black Mask managed to escape briefly; Unusual added turrets to the partitions in response, Strange tried to fake a breakout to justify Protocol 10, and Catwoman has the choice to escape during her story arc. Doing so leads to a Non Commonplace Game Over the place Joker’s gang breaks out and lays siege to Gotham.
Knight: Not in the main plot, but the DLC and an Easter Egg. Said Easter Egg Setting the clock to 10/31/2015 sees Kirk Langstrom transform back into Man-Bat and escape from the GCPD. Whereas the Season of Infamy DLC’s Kiler Croc mission has a brief one at Iron Heights Penitentiary, and two of the Arkham Episodes have Penguin and Riddler making failed attempts, and a third one sees Two-Face having a profitable, albeit brief, one.

In Asylum; No less than half of the asylum’s workers is murdered by the Joker’s gang, and Joker intends to do the same to the rest of Gotham. Across the game, Batman at greatest saves the lives of some 20-odd Arkham personnel and salvages a worse catastrophe had Joker’s Titan plan succeeded, but ultimately, Joker killed one hundred people in a single night time, and each physique you come across only will increase the sense that Batman fails more usually than he succeededs.
In Metropolis: 121 individuals die during Protocol 10. Gotham apparently has a population within the hundreds of thousands, and given the large crime price and the way many people Unusual and Sharp had been apparently throwing in, it’s doubtless that Arkham had a population that is nearly a thousand, and when Strange states that no less than 22 % of the inmates have been killed, it’s clear that lots of have been murdered, with 121 being one number cited by a TYGER command, including many who probably did nothing to deserve it, and this isn’t counting the political prisoners and medical doctors killed by the Joker, or that Batman in the end fails to save lots of Talia, the love of his life within the Arkhamverse, from Joker. Ultimately, the Joker does die, but there isn’t any sense of triumph or catharsis.
In Origins: Gordon is the only sincere cop we see; past him, the police are all thugs with uniforms who harm individuals for no motive beyond eager to amuse themselves. And that is all before the assassins showed up together with the Joker, who apparently killed most of the employees on the Gotham Royal Resort, not less than 1/4 of Black Mask’s men, and sure an excessive amount of the employees at Blackgate when he broke out and began the riot.
In Knight, Scarecrow extorts the town into evacuating town inhabitants, but it’s undoubtedly likely that a number of remained behind in the city because the evacuation befell in 24 hours. Furthermore, Scarecrow efficiently unleashes a chemical weapon on a city population, and whereas that was countered by Poison Ivy’s World-Healing Wave, it’s probably that it would have aftereffects for years. Moreover, Batman finally ends up having his identity exposed by Scarecrow, a defeat much worse than anything he has skilled in any other comic, animated, and film adaptation. The ending leaves it ambiguous if Bruce survives, but his classic profession as Batman is finished, and whereas most of his villains seem incapacitated at the end of the marketing campaign, others like Two-Face and Black Mask proceed to torment Gotham afterwards, as evidenced by the DLC episodes.

As mentioned in Adaptation Distillation, a number of characters resemble actors who’ve performed them before, including Joker looking like Jack Nicholson, Two-Face’s unscarred facet looking like Tommy Lee Jones (although he has The Dark Knight level scarring), Penguin wanting like Danny DeVito (albeit because the actor normaly looks), and even Batman in Knight resembles Ben Affleck. This additionally extends to voice acting, as Wally Wingert admitted to attempting to emulate Frank Gorshin’s giggle as the Riddler and Troy Baker likewise admitted to emulating Richard Moll’s Two-Face voice. Likewise, many found Baker’s Harvey Dent voice to sound just like Aaron Eckhart and Roger Craig Smith’s voice because the younger Batman to sound like Christian Bale’s Batman voice at times.
Unrelated to previous actors, Riddler in Metropolis and Knight resembles (respectively) Stephen Merchant and Charlie Sheen, and Robin in the latter recreation resembles Eminem. Copperhead in Origins resembles Miley Cyrus.

In “Metropolis”: The Joker’s boss combat occurs simply earlier than Batman should take on the large Bad- Hugo Unusual. But after Batman defeats Strange, it is quickly revealed he was the puppet of Ra’s Al Ghul, who then commits suicide minutes later. Batman then has to save Talia from The Joker, who seems to be the sport’s real Big Dangerous. But after rescuing Talia, who kills The Joker, the true last boss is revealed in a significant plot twist: Clayface was employed by The Joker to impersonate him at varied points in the game, and the Joker Talia stabbed was merely a decoy Joker, who transforms again into Clayface.
In “Origins”: Black Mask is advertised and set up as the massive Bad, only for a plot twist a couple of quarter way by means of the sport to reveal that The Joker is the true villain, having kidnapped Black Mask days earlier and taken over his operation.
Subverted somewhat in Knight. Despite being billed as the principle villain, Batman tracks down and assaults Scarecrow first, attempting to do away with him as the most harmful risk. This backfires, and after being exposed to concern gasoline, Hallucination!Joker plagues Batman for the rest of the game as an Enemy Inside. Arkham Knight additionally seems to be a villain, possibly in an enormous Bad Duumvirate with Scarecrow. While the Knight does have significant plot presence, Scarecrow and Hallucination!Joker fill in the roles as Large Bad, with the Knight filling in a kind of Dragon-in-Chief position.

Batman: Arkham Asylum offers with the top of the Asylum which almost will get completely destroyed within the course of the sport’s occasions. Likewise Blackgate Penitentiary was burned down before the sport began. This destruction leads to an enormous problem for town on containing the criminal menace calling for a radical answer that was already in the works in the secret room of Quincy sharp.
Batman: Arkham City ends with the death of the Joker, bringing his deadly rivalry with Batman to a detailed, finally doing away with his Joker Immunity. Likewise Arkham Metropolis, which was previously the dilapidated space of Old Gotham _ Monarch Theatre, Crime Alley, Harvey Dent’s old workplace, Penguin’s ancestral museum _ gets converted into a prison and becomes a ghost town by the top of the game.
Batman: Arkham Knight ends with Batman unmasked before the world by Scarecrow. While the Golden Ending leaves it ambiguous if Batman died or not, his traditional career as a superhero is finished. His allies move on and Gordon becomes the brand new Mayor.

– In Knight, the Arkham Knight’s militia are additionally stricken with this. They are personally skilled by the Knight himself to counter anything Batman may throw at them. They nonetheless exhibit the identical reckless and unobservant behavior that the other enemies do (they don’t even bother to search for throughout encounters, even when the Knight tells them that the Bat likes to attack from above, don’t examine your hiding places terribly properly and constantly boast about how “one man couldn’t attainable defeat our military!”), solely changing into aware of what’s taking place when the Knight will get on the intercom saying “he is picking you off from the rafters!” or “break up up and journey in pairs!”. Some militia members also mention that they have black belts in Krav Maga, however they aren’t any higher fighters than the remainder of the militia. The only thing that provides the militia an edge over other factions is that they employ medics, brutes, and have access to varied technology like Detective Mode-camouflaged uniforms and flying drones. Granted, they couldn’t have anticipated the upgraded Batmobile to deal with as effectively, but an elite army designed to combat Batman ought to actually have the skills and mindsets to again it up.

– In an amazing Brick Joke, Calendar Man will be glimpsed in the gang standing exterior Wayne Manor because it blows the walking dead comic t shirts up within the Golden Ending of Arkham Knight.

Asylum has the famous Scarecrow sequences.
In City, Batman will get poisoned by Joker and suffers just a few hallucinations because of this. The same factor occurs when Batman drinks some from a Lazarus Pit. Finally, a aspect quest has the Mad Hatter try to take over Batman’s thoughts, taking him to a bizarre dreamscape.
In Origins, Copperhead makes use of a hallucinatory poison and the Mad Hatter returns for a repeat efficiency. In addition, we get to see a few scenes from Joker’s insane perspective.
In Origins: Blackgate, Catwoman briefly blinds Batman with a flashbang throughout the ultimate boss battle, resulting in a semi-hallucinogenic sequence where he tries to predict incoming attacks utilizing only sound.
Manner too many to rely in Knight.

From the DCAU: As noted above, the first two video games see Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill reprise their respective Batman: The Animated Sequence roles of Batman and the Joker. Asylum additionally sees Arleen Sorkin reprise the position of Harley Quinn. While none of the three return for Arkham Origins, it does see two extra reprisals from the the DCAU: Robert Costanzo as Harvey Bullock and within the Stinger, CCH Pounder as Amanda Waller. Blackgate additionally sees Adam Baldwin reprise his function from Justice League as Rick Flag, along with Pounder as Waller. Conroy does return as Batman in Arkham Knight and Assault on Arkham, the latter also seeing Jennifer Hale as Killer Frost and Pounder as Waller but once more, and the former has Hamill back because the Joker. Underworld not only sees the return of Conroy and Pounder, but also sees Professor Achilles Milo reprised by his second DCAU voice actor, Armin Shimerman.
From Batman: Year One: Grey DeLisle reprises the function of Vicki Vale from Year One in Metropolis and Origins (the previous being released the same day as Yr One). Origins additionally sees the return of Jon Polito as Gillian Loeb.
From Batman: The Brave and the Daring: Blackgate sees Gary Anthony Sturgis return as Bronze Tiger. Along with Frost, Jennifer Hale also reprises her function from the episode “Chill of the Night time!” as Poison Ivy in Assault on Arkham.
From The Batman: Hynden Walch reprises the position of Harley Quinn in Assault on Arkham, changing Sorkin and Harley’s voice actress in City, Origins, and Knight, Tara Strong.

In Batman: Arkham Asylum, Arkham Island constitutes the playable space and Batman has to both recapture all of the escaped inmates and stop the Joker from unleashing an military of TITAN soldiers on the city.
In Batman: Arkham Metropolis, the walled tremendous-prison of Arkham City makes up the playable space and Batman has to both cease the Joker from poisoning town together with his contaminated blood and stop Hugo Unusual from enacting Protocol 10.
In Batman: Arkham Origins, Previous Gotham and some more bits constitute the playable space, and this time Batman is up towards eight of the world’s deadliest assassins, in addition to a whole bunch of escaped criminals and mercenaries free on the streets, all wanting to gather the huge bounty on Batman’s head and not afraid to kill innocents and destroy property to attract him out.
In Batman: Arkham Knight, the three the walking dead comic t shirts islands of downtown Gotham make up the playable space and Batman is up in opposition to the best odds but, with Scarecrow developed a brand new concern toxin which he plans to disperse over your complete Eastern Seaboard, the Arkham Knight having conquered the town together with his enormous militia army, and the Joker threatening to take over Batman’s mind from past the grave.

Arkham City’s titular city is a rotting, sequestered a part of Gotham that has been fractured by flooding, earthquakes and bombings from the assorted gangs imprisoned in town. Your entire place is littered with starving criminals preventing over limited food drops. This is particularly distinguished after Protocol 10 removes a fifth of the population and units some of the town’s landmarks aflame.
Arkham Knight sees the entirety of Gotham City evacuated after a terrorist risk from the Scarecrow, leaving Batman’s Rogues Gallery to burn the fire stations, prey on remaining civilians and tear apart Gotham’s banks. Not to mention the army of tanks and drones the Arkham Knight units loose. This is very distinguished after the Scarecrow releases the Cloudburst, blanketing the town streets in Concern fuel.

– Went As much as Eleven when Knight gave players photo mode, and three playable effectively-formed female characters. Default Selina and Harley have cleveage, and alternate outfits are tighter, especially from the again. For whatever motive, even Batgirl’s armor tightens up behind her cape.