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Men's Ant-Man Transparent Print Long Sleeve T-ShirtSuperboy is the name of several fictional characters which were revealed by DC Comics. These characters have been featured in five ongoing Superboy comic book sequence revealed by DC Comics. The first, and arguably greatest-known, Superboy was merely Superman as a boy, acting as a superhero in Smallville, where Kal-El (Superboy’s Kryptonian title) lives underneath his secret identification, Clark Kent. The character was featured in several collection from the 1940s until the 1980s, with long runs appearing in Adventure Comics and two eponymous sequence, Superboy and The New Adventures of Superboy. He developed a mythos and supporting solid of his personal, together with foster mother and father Ma and Pa Kent, love curiosity Lana Lang, and time traveling allies the Legion of Super-Heroes. When DC Comics rewrote much of its continuity in 1986, Superman’s historical past was changed so that he by no means took a costumed id till adulthood, erasing Superboy from the canonical historical past of Superman, although many elements of the backstory created in Superboy comics, corresponding to Clark’s friendship with Lana Lang, remained. In the previous couple of years, some additional features of Superboy’s historical past, equivalent to his tenure within the Legion, the vision t shirt quote have additionally been reintroduced into the story of Superman’s youth. The character was tailored into a Superboy tv series (1988-1992), which also spawned one other, quick-lived Superboy comic book collection; and a teenage Clark Kent, secretly utilizing his powers in heroic acts, appeared within the highly profitable Smallville Television sequence (2001-2011), drawing to a great extent on the comedian guide continuity in its depiction of young Clark’s life. In 1993, DC introduced a modernized Superboy, a teenage clone of each Superman and Lex Luthor, also recognized by his Kryptonian title Kon-El and his secret identity as Clark’s cousin Conner Kent. This Superboy was featured in his own sequence, Superboy (quantity 3), from 1994 till 2002, and in several collection devoted to teenage superhero teams. He was featured in DC’s relaunch of Adventure Comics and received his personal sequence once more in November 2010, which ran till August 2011. A revised version of Kon-El, complete with a brand new origin, debuted in a Superboy series as part of DC’s New fifty two launch in September 2011. This Superboy made his Smallville debut on Friday, March four, 2011 within the episode “Scion”. In this episode (as within the comics), Conner is a clone made up of both Lex Luthor and Clark Kent’s DNA, and has a number of of Superman’s powers. Superboy is also featured in the animated series Young Justice that ran from 2011 to 2013. On account of DC Comics’ advanced Multiverse, several other Superboys have appeared over time with essentially the most notable, being the mentally unstable Superboy-Prime, a parallel world model of Kal-El. In 2016, a the vision t shirt quote new Superboy, Jonathan Samuel Kent, was introduced by DC Comics. Not like previous variations, this Superboy is the son of Superman and Lois Lane.