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Lex Luthor (Justice League Motion)

Lex Luthor is an evil genius and Superman’s greatest enemy. He wears an indestructible battle suit of his personal design. Luthor engineered nanobots designed to feed on the photo voltaic radiation in a Kryptonian physique, particularly Superman’s, and called it Repulse. The Repulse would replicate into the hundreds of thousands and produce a geometrically growing repulsive electromagnetic charge. All the things round Superman can be repelled and he could be a continuing hazard. Luthor coated himself in Repulse and roamed the streets of Metropolis to lure Superman into battle. Superman, Marvel Lady, and Hawkman responded. Ultimately, Superman cut a hole in the street with heat vision and Luthor fell into the sewers. He returned to his underground lair but was followed by Superman. Superman grabbed Repulse and realized it was Luthor all along. Luthor was turned over to the police and incarcerated at Stryker’s Island Penitentiary. Superman was overcome by the Repulse and flew into area.

Men's Print hawkman costume Short Sleeve Tops TeesWonder Lady and Hawkman went to Stryker’s and demanded to know how to save lots Gladiador_Dourado of Superman. Luthor claimed he did not know what they were speaking about. Hawkman dispensed with formalities and pulled off a bit of the joker t shirt 60 the prison door. Wonder Girl stepped in and slammed Luthor towards the wall then tied him up in the Lasso of Fact. She asked once more. Luthor was compelled to tell the truth and defined what his Repulse was then theorized one thing more powerful than the Solar might drain off the ability of the nanobots. Surprise Woman and Hawkman took Luthor with them on Justice-1 and flew to Black Hole XT-357. While they watched Superman flew close to the black hole’s event horizon and drain the Repulse, Luthor rescaped his restraints and hijacked Justice-2. He opened fire on Superman in an effort to push him into the black gap. Nonetheless, a meteor collided with Justice-2 and despatched Luthor flying in the direction of the black gap. Superman went after Luthor. Luthor marveled at seeing the center however knew the Repulse’s safety wouldn’t last. Superman saw the Lasso of Fact and grabbed hold. Marvel Woman pulled them out. The final of the Repulse drained off. Luthor realized the Repulse was nonetheless operating within the collapsing black hole and advised a fast departure. Quickly after, a massive explosion was triggered. Luthor was returned to prison and Superman was medically cleared.

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