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What if there’s a battle between Darkseid and Trigon, letting each b last bosses primarily based on what path that you determine in story mode. Then if u take the correct hidden path to face Brainiac.

How would that look
E.G.: While playing as Batman, Harley tells you that Raven’s attacking her forces the flash sport shirt quality at the Joker Gang’s hideout whereas Blue Beetle warns of a assault on Wayne Manor by the Furies. When you select the primary route, you quash Trigon’s invasion’s possibilities of succeeding, but you allow Darkseid’s forces to maneuver the flash sport shirt quality onto your turf. In the meantime, should you do some random selections in your game or find some assortment of Easter Eggs, Brainiac turns into the massive Unhealthy and each pretenders’s makes an attempt at world domination are postponed indefinitely.

Sounds kinda Telltale-y if that instance is what you are Men’s Cotton Wolverine Insignia Short Sleeve T Shirts going for. Attention-grabbing, however I’m undecided if that is the direction they’ll choose.