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Blue Beetle (Volume)

Starring: Ted Kord as Blue Beetle (II).
Formerly owned by Charlton Comics, the Blue Beetle swung into his own DC sequence with the assistance of author Len Wein and artist Paris Cullins. The second man to go by this moniker, inventor and millionaire Ted Kord continued the heroic legacy of his predecessor Dan Garrett, regardless of not having any tremendous powers of his own.

Armed with his flying beetle – shaped aircraft and a gun designed to emit bursts of blinding light, Kord set out because the new Blue Beetle. With no scarcity of tremendous – villains plaguing his hometown of Chicago, Beetle’s first problem detailed his clash with super-arsonist Firefist, the Incendiary Man. Different villains on this 24 difficulty run included Chronos and Prometheus, while Blue Beetle shared adventures with the brand new Teen Titans and Mr. Miracle.

Collected Editions
Showcase Presents: Blue Beetle (#1-24)

24 issues in this volume Add Situation Reverse type

Subject #24

If, At First You do not Succeed…!
Could 1988

Issue #23
Don’t get Mad, Get Even!

April 1988

Issue #22

A Query Of Time!
March 1988

Issue #21
If This Works, It will Be a Miracle!

February 1988

Challenge #20

Iran Rip-off!
January 1988

Issue #19
A Matter Of Animus!

December 1987

Challenge #18

…And Loss of life Shall Don’t have any Dominion!
November 1987

Situation #17
The way tee shirt the walking dead issue in which The Brawl Bounces!

October 1987

Subject #16

Anywhere I Dangle My Hat Is Dwelling!
September 1, 1987

tee shirt the walking dead issue Subject #15
In Combat with Carapax!

August 1, 1987

Issue #14

The Phantom of Pago Island
July 1, 1987

Issue #thirteen
Prometheus Unbound!

June 1, 1987

Subject #12

Man In the Middle
Might 1, 1987

Issue #eleven
Havoc Is… The Hybrid!