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Meet The true-life Darth Vader Who Lives In Tennessee

ABC) – Darthvader Williamson is an actual particular person.
The 39-year-old of Eads, Tennessee, is alive and nicely, working as a surgical assistant at Saint Francis Hospital-Bartlett.

In honor of Star Wars Day – celebrated on May 4 so followers can say “May the Fourth Be With You” — he’s lastly eradicating his mask, so to talk, and revealing himself to the world.

“I like to fly underneath the radar,” Williamson told ABC News. “I’ve all the time kept a low profile. I’ve never been like, ‘Hey look, my name’s Darthvader.'”

It’s true, based on his mother. It wasn’t till Darthvader began getting attention from the ladies for his unusual title that he began to embrace it.

“He wanted to change his name when he was little, but after the ladies started telling him they preferred the name, he needed to maintain it,” Patricia Knowles, 64, mentioned with a laugh.

The title Darth Vader, which he spells as one phrase, all began with Knowles’ ex-husband, who was a huge “Star Wars” fan.

“His dad and that i had been stationed at Fort Hood,” Knowles stated. “His dad went into the shop and came again with somewhat baseball card of the Lord Darth Vader character and had it on the dashboard. He stated, ‘If I’m not here when he’s born — as a result of I’m on orders to go to Germany — I want you to call my son this.”

She went on, “I told him that’s a tough identify. When he gets in his teens they’ll say, ‘Yo, Lord, you need to hold out tonight ’ And he didn’t want to vary it. He wished to keep it actual. However I said, ‘I can’t do it. I can deal with the Darth Vader a part of the identify, however not the Lord.”

They compromised and decided Darth Vader was the winner, which she admitted she was high quality with because she “hadn’t seen the movie” and “didn’t know the character.”

Darthvader was born on Jan. 14, 1978, only some months after the premiere of the very team batman shirt uk first “Star Wars” movie in 1977. He stated the unusual name has undoubtedly stored his life interesting.

“There’s been state troopers which have stopped me and requested to take a picture with me,” Williamson said. “And when ‘Rogue One’ came out, folks have been asking if I might go together with them to see it so they may say they went to ‘Star Wars’ with the true Darth Vader. I’m like, ‘No thank you.’”

Knowles, who’s now rather more acquainted with the iconic movie character, mentioned the name Darthvader fits her son well.

“The character was simply in command of the people and he just took cost,” the proud mom explained. “But then again, he had that heat aspect of him no one had ever seen. Darthvader is like that.”

Ironically, Williamson stated he’s not a big “Star Wars” fan.
“The last ‘Star Wars’ I noticed was ‘Return of the Jedi’ in 1983,” he recalled. “I have not had the slightest inclination to see the brand new ones. To me, it’s just always been a reputation — nothing I went round glamorizing or having attention drawn to. My wife calls me an previous man in a younger man’s body. I’m form of a recluse.

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