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Who is The Sexiest Comedian E book Female Character In Motion pictures

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Motion pictures return false;” />See results Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn
Hell, let’s add a 3rd to this poll why do not we Margot Robbie is Hollywood’s new “it lady”, and Harley Quinn is DC Comics “it woman”. So, with the recognition of the character, it isn’t any marvel that Harley Quinn would make her on-display screen debut someday, and the crazy girlfriend of the Joker lastly did last yr in David Ayer’s Suicide Squad flick.

The character of Harley Quinn first appeared in the Batman: The Animated Series in September 1992 and was created by Bruce Tim and Paul Dini. She immediately grew to become a fan-favorite in the animated series.

Her first comedian book debut was in Batman Adventures #12, a comic ebook collection based on the animated cartoon series. This series was not a part of DC Comic’s mainstream continuity or canon. Her 1st appearance in DC’s mainstream comic ebook continuity was in Batman: Harley Quinn #1.

Just like the cartoon, comics and the Suicide Squad movie, Harleen Frances Quinzel, M.D. was a psychiatrist at Arkham Asylum who falls in love with the Joker and becomes his sidekick and accomplice.

So how does Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn stack up against Scarlett’s Black Widow and Anne Hathaway’s superman t shirt online 2017 Catwoman Is the the sexist female character based on comics Do not be shy put in your vote below, puddin’.

Who’s THE SEXIEST Feminine SUPERHERO Within the Motion pictures Thus far
Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn

Scarlett Johansonn as Black Widow
Anne Hathaway as Catwoman
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sendingAuthorrabbit75 three years in the past

Thanks for voting. Catwoman is catching as much as the Black Widow. We shall see if she takes the lead.
James Horsham 3 years in the past from Manchester, UK

Catwoman gets my vote! Frisky feline.
Authorrabbit75 3 years ago

Anne simply actually would not do it for me all that much. No curves.
trusouldj three years in the past

Scarlett positively. However I believe i could admire Anne better and not using a mask.
Nice concept! I would love to see these two comedian characters have their very own movies, however I might nonetheless must go with Scarlett Johansson and the Black Widow on the subject of this poll, however thanks for commenting. All the time appreciated!

This is a tricky poll however I think each once should do their own starring movie and we will see…cheers

Authorrabbit75 four years ago
It’s a tricky decision, isn’t it Thanks for the vote and we shall see if the end result modifications in favor of Hathaway as Catwoman!

mts1098 4 years in the past from InsideTheManCave
the toughest poll yet…my vote goes to the Catwoman…cheers

Black Widow takes the lead, but not by a lot!
Heya Cogerson, I do know what you mean. Anne Hathaway shocked me also, and she was the very best part of the Darkish Knight Rises. I did not much care for Bane in any respect.

I feel my earlier reaction to Anne Hathaway has a lot to do with how impressed I was in seeing her at midnight Knight Rises as nicely, which is why I voted for Scarlett. I will have to look at the Dark Knight Rises once more when it comes out on DVD to verify if that was a fluke or not…at least for me. I do not suppose TDKR is absolutely adequate to look at twice within the theaters.

Heya gmaoli, very good factors about Anne Hathaway and her function as Catwoman…I extremely suggest watching The Avengers…it’s an awesome film for any superhero fan and accented with just the correct amount of humor…Oh yes, and the Hulk is excellent this time around.

Authorrabbit75 5 years in the past
Heya SxECreaor, I agree…Anne Hathaway really was nice as Catwoman at midnight Knight Rises, and Catwoman is my favorite female comedian character of the DCU. Thanks for stopping by and voting!

Cogerson 5 years ago from Virginia
I cannot consider my reply…..but I voted for Anne Hathaway over Scarlett….I believe Scarlett is without doubt one of the prettiest actresses round…but Anne Hathaway blew me away at midnight Knight Rises. I remember when i heard about her being solid as Catwoman…..I was like…”No! she is going to be horrible”….however then I noticed the film and thought she was the perfect part of the film and ended up wishing her half was larger. And I believe her being so sexy within the position had rather a lot to do with my response….voted up and awesome.

Gianandrea Maoli 5 years in the past from South Carolina
Effectively performed article! I do have to see the Avengers, so take my remark with a grain of salt. That being said, I really have to battle to find a female comedian character as sexy on the silverscreen as Anne Hathway’s Catwoman. Her determine looked great and her costume was slick. Nonetheless, my primary reason for this is that Anne’s portrayal of Catwoman was being ready to modify from a coy damsel (when the case referred to as for it) to an enigma who’s motives were laborious to discern unless she allow you to get close to her…and even then she was all the time in management even with Bruce Wayne. The thriller about her was always simply so engaging to me!

SxECreator 5 years in the past
Anne Hathaway did incredible as Catwoman. Catwoman is certainly one of my fav characters within the DC Universe.

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