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Why Is The Green Lantern Corps “power Object” Manifested Primarily As A Ring

They aren’t all rings. Some Inexperienced Lanterns don’t even have fingers. Men’s Desgin R2D2 Cartoon Short Sleeve Tee Shirt The ring can take the shape essential to be near the physique of the wearer. Given the range of the alien races in the DC Universe, it superman sweatshirt black queensland would be hard to create superman sweatshirt black queensland a single form that may work for each creature form attainable. A ring is not common, it’s merely convenient for a lot of but not all species.

In Universe: Within the DC Universe, there are a preponderance of humanoid creatures with bilateral symmetry, perhaps it is simply a convenience or conceit on the part of the humanoid Malthusians/Guardians to design them as rings.

Out-of-Universe: The character of Alan Scott, the original Inexperienced Lantern was designed on the widespread genre trope of the “ring of power”. Because the replace to the Golden Age Green Lantern was the Silver Age, Hal Jordan, the design was changed superman sweatshirt black queensland but the essential form remained the same.