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Dwayne Johnson Confirmed For Black Adam In Shazam Movie

After months of dropping not-so-delicate hints about his possible involvement in an upcoming DC superhero film, we are able to finally confirm that Dwayne Johnson will indeed be starring in a Shazam film for Warner Brothers. Many expected an announcement at Comic-Con this previous summer season, but it surely by no means came… presumably because Johnson couldn’t decide which character he needed to play. As it turns out, he won’t be enjoying the titular hero of the movie, but quite the villain: Black Adam. It had lengthy been speculated that a Shazam movie would occupy one in all the many launch dates that Warner Brothers just lately staked out, but it’s still unclear which superman logo t shirt walmart one that’s. Regardless, it appears possible to come quickly and doubtless earlier than the Justice League movie hits theatres.

Dwayne Johnson was the primary to reveal the news through Twitter earlier right now:
It has since been confirmed by varied other sources together with Variety, who are also reporting that the challenge has a writer hooked up as nicely. The screenplay will probably be written by Darren Lemke, who previously penned Jack the giant Slayer and Turbo in addition to the upcoming Goosebumps movie.

Shazam is the alter ego of Billy Batson, a superhero who’s ready to achieve superhuman powers by uttering the magic phrase “Shazam!”. He has beforehand gone below the title Captain Marvel, but Warner Brothers can now not use that identify for obvious X-Men legal reasons. Black Adam, on the other hand, is the unique Shazam, a corrupted, historic Egyptian model of the character who grew to become his nemesis, although lately he has been re-envisioned as extra of an anti-hero than a villain.

It seems doubtless that both characters will appear in the Shazam film, but that Black Adam would be the one that continues on to join the Justice League (maybe reluctantly). In fact, that is all speculation, but it’s onerous superman logo t shirt walmart to think superman logo t shirt walmart about them casting an even larger star to play Shazam. Are you trying forward to a Shazam film and is Dwayne Johnson the perfect selection to play Black Adam

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