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Galactic Imperium
Whole Nations: 185
Whole Nation Strength: 2,186,468
Average Nation Energy: 12,540
Complete Nukes: 159
Total Rating: 9.Fifty two

The Fantastic Four was a MDoAP bloc between Novus Ordo Virtus Artis, The Shadow Confederacy, The United Entrance and the Galactic Imperium created with the signing of the Marvel-ous Concord which that was introduced on June 17, 2009. After Novus Ordo Virtus Artis and the Shadow Confederacy grew to become defunct it was canceled by one of its remaining signatories.

The Marvel-ous Concord Edit

The signed members of this bloc hereby declare their definitive friendship, respect and assist of all undersigned signatories. The signatories superhero shirts cheap will uphold commitments of defense, support and help in direction of one another. Signatories may also collaborate relations and external decisions so as to take care of the bloc’s combined ideas, agency unity and safety.

Article I: Non-AggressionEdit
No cosignatory shall undertake destructive actions upon one another, any such action will end in rapid council assembly to debate action and potential ejection from this concord.

Article II: Protection and SupportEdit
Any aggression in opposition to a signatory of this settlement shall be thought-about aggression towards all signatories of this bloc and will be acted upon as such, all signatories of this settlement are obligated to supply full financial, ethical and army help towards one another. Beneath all circumstances, help and aid needs to be supplied to any signatory below assault except a council assembly is requested by any cosignatory.

Article III: Aggression and AttackEdit
Any assault needs superhero shirts cheap to be discussed through non-public channels beforehand in order to discuss and debate financial and navy help. If in any case it might occur that a signatory doesn’t agree with the plans of assault, a council meeting should held to think about such. Assaults that are not mentioned beforehand and which might be thought of reckless and tactless can be mentioned upon council assembly and can lead to ejection from the pact.

Article IV: Financial SupportEdit
All undersigned alliances shall, during times of peace and warfare, provide monetary assist to signatories offering no council assemblies are being held to debate it or objections are made.Any signatory might make a formal request for monetary assist for themselves or one other and all other member states are anticipated to respectfully consider such.

Article V: IntelligenceEdit
All undersigned alliances shall, throughout occasions of peace and battle, present intelligence to the bloc as an entire of any that’s deemed important and will in any manner impact the sovereignty or basic operation of the signatories and the bloc itself. All info shared within the bloc is given in confidence and, when necessary, needs to be reacted upon collaboratively.

Article VI: SovereigntyEdit
Each alliances opinion and judgments shall be respected and supported by other signatories of this pact. Within the case of inner authorities collapse, the council could hold the best to suspend the alliances voting rights throughout the pact until deemed mandatory.

Article VII: Inside GoverningEdit
The governing of this pact shall be carried out by the council, whereby the council is made up of 1 voting consultant of each alliance (to be generally known as counselors) and one advisory to vote within the absence of the counselors and to participate in confidential discussion. Each alliance might elect these counselors and advisories however they really feel, it’s suggested that alliance leaders take this place as the selections of the council have to be of diplomats able to declaring battle or equal. All selections of the council should be made by way of common majority unless otherwise said on this doc.

Article VIII: Exterior ObligationsEdit
Any treaties of MDP status or above should be approved by the council earlier than formation or upon becoming a member of this bloc. If the council objects to the treaty then it must be accepted that the judgment is for good cause and revered as such.

Article IX: MembershipEdit
Any alliance may apply develop into a signatory of this pact via non-public channels and current member states shall deal with foreign diplomats as they might their very own. Entry into this pact shall be allowed by two thirds full agreement of signatories and the bloc holds the fitting to reject purposes without prior notice.

Article X: AmendmentsEdit
The signatories hold the fitting to adjust this charter as per a two third majority settlement of the council.

Article XI: Resignation and CancellationEdit
Any signatory may hold the suitable to resign from this pact given 42 hours, after which they are launched from the bindings of this pact. The identical circumstances apply to ejected alliances. Ejection of an alliance can solely be made by a two third majority agreement of all signatories.

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