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Purple Hood And The Outlaws

The new Red Hood and The Outlaws eh I confess to by no means having read the brand new 52 model. To be honest, I didn’t hear nice things however my word this first Rebirth subject impressed me… Like the opposite premier Rebirth titles, this units up Purple Hood in the new, silver age styled establishment and from the very first breathtaking splash page I used to be hooked. This felt like Gotham and despite not being a Batman e book, the caped crusader was rendered beautifully by Dexter Soy. I really feel compelled to see extra of his work after this. Thank goodness this is the beginning of our new Red Hood then!

Scott Lobdell retells the story of Jason Todd, the destruction of Robin by the hands of The Joker, and the inevitable creation of Pink Hood. You would argue there was no want for this but there’s a deftness of touch to the storytelling that makes you not care that you’re reading it again. I just lately caught a fan-made video on YouTube about Crimson Hood, it was dark and gritty, the character so tortured and conflicted, and i absolutely liked it. That same feel was current here in excellent comic e book form.

There may be lots of leaping back and forth in time as this first story unfolds and it may well really feel a bit jerky at times. Nonetheless, it helps provide context to our anti-hero, his raison d’etre as he seemingly guns down the Mayor of Gotham in front of Batman. After all issues are not all the time as they seem…I won’t spoil it for you both, that is one it’s essential to see for yourself.

The action scenes are punchy and beautifully rendered, the Joker scene gave me chills as each carefully constructed panel came along with nicely-lettered, effectively-written dialogue. And the temper of some of the total web page panels is just eye-poppingly, draw-droppingly unbelievable that it makes me wish Dexter Soy sublimated team shirts was pencilling the core Batman series himself. Mr. Soy where have you ever been all my life sublimated team shirts I tip my cap to you Sir.

Let’s not overlook the sublime work of Veronica Gandini: the darkened skies of Gotham, the textured shadows that fall across Batman’s cowl, my phrase it’s all just visually gorgeous. The one downside, if you may even name it one is that perhaps Batman is rendered with extra vivid detail than our core protagonist but I’m just nitpicking now. This book is beautiful.

As for the plot, properly not quite a bit has been revealed by Scott Lobdell, yet. That is just the set-up, the stage upon which Jason Todd’s story shall be informed, and what a stage it is. That is actually one to check out, even when sublimated team shirts you’re not a fan of Pink Hood, or you’re however hated the brand new fifty two work, do yourself an enormous favour and pick this one up.

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