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What’s Your Comic E book Value

Merely, Motion star wars the force awakens poster t shirt for sale is the most precious comedian ebook in history.
Men's Bizarro Rebirth Print Long Sleeve T ShirtsMotion #1 introduced Superman. It’s the genesis of the Golden Age of comics. A duplicate of Action #1 in VF/NM situation bought for greater than $3,000,000!

Learn on to see what YOUR books are price.
Is There Treasure in YOUR Attic

We unearthed this by no means-earlier than-offered copy of Action Comics #7.
Solely the second time Superman appeared on a comedian guide cowl.

We paid $40,000 for this ebook!
What do You could have in your attic or basement

There simply aren’t any phrases for a way essential Action is. It put DC on the map, and defined, for higher or worse, the trendy superhero comic.

Motion Comics #1 (June 1938):
The Most precious Comedian on the earth!
Motion Comics #1
First Look of Superman

Document sale: $3,200,000
Minimal worth: $One hundred,000
When you’ve got a replica of Motion #1, even if it’s in bad shape, it is value a mint.

Siegel, Shuster, Superman. 1938. Three million bucks. That is actually all you might want to know.
A Zatara story, a few mysteries and adventures, a boxing story, and a story about Marco Polo. Is anybody eager about those Thought not.

Say it once more: Most useful Comedian on this planet!
Copies of Motion #1 can command six figures even in battered condition, since there are so few of them around.

Tips on how to Establish Reprints of Motion #1
There are several reprints of Motion Comics #1. Sadly, likelihood is the one YOU found is a reprint. Here is how one can tell.

Well-known First Edition 1974
This like-for-like reprint of Action #1 is oversized. It came enclosed in an outer wrapper, but once you remove that, the guide is difficult to tell aside from the unique…

…Besides that it is much too massive! It measures thirteen inches along the spine and 10 inches wide.
How to tell
Get out a measuring tape! Simply measure the guide alongside the spine. If it’s thirteen inches, it’s a Well-known First Edition with the wrapper eliminated.

What’s it Worth
$5 with the cowl eliminated, $10-20 full.
Safeguard Promotional Giveaway 1976
A promotional comedian guide given away to clients of Safeguard.

How to tell
A field on the entrance cowl clearly states REPRINT.
What’s it Worth
In prime situation in a CGC holder, around $350. Common copies about $20-30.

Nestle Nesquick Promotional Giveaway 1983
Prospects of the chocolate milkshake could send off for this freebie.

How to tell
It has the Nesquick rabbit on the back cover! Says 1983 in the indicia (tremendous print).
What’s it Value
Again, about $300 in high shape CGC graded and $20-30 in decent form not graded.

Nestle Nesquick Promotional Giveaway 1987
Customers star wars the force awakens poster t shirt for sale of the chocolate milkshake might ship off for this freebie.

How to tell
It has the worth of 50c on the cover in white on a black box.
What’s it Value
Wherever from $170-400 in high form CGC graded and $15-30 in first rate shape not graded.

DC Comics Reprint 1988
Two versions exist, one with bar code, one with the Superman emblem rather than the bar code with an anniversary message.

How to inform
The worth of 50c is clearly marked in black on a white field.
What’s it Value
Once more, about $a hundred-130 in prime form CGC graded and $5-10 in decent form not graded.

Any editions with some other prices on their covers ($1 etc.) are obviously not originals both. There are several later reprints from the nineteen nineties and on.

If in doubt, verify the positive print inside the book. Measure the e-book if you still cannot inform.
Motion Comics #2
2nd Appearance of Superman

Record sale: $Ninety five,000
Minimal worth: $1,500
Action Comics #3
third Look of Superman

Report sale: $55,000
Minimum value: $500
Motion #four

File sale: $25,000
Minimal value: $500
Motion #5

File sale: $7,500
Minimum worth: $1,000
Action Comics #6 (November 1938):
1st Look of Jimmy Olsen

Action #6
1st Appearance of Jimmy Olsen
File sale: $Forty,000
Minimal worth: $500

Action #6 would not even function Superman on the cowl, but is nonetheless value fairly a hefty sum to collectors.

It is the first appearance of Jimmy Olsen. Sure, Superman’s pal, cub reporter and common exclaimer of “Gosh, Mr. Kent!”

This difficulty also features all the other characters that you definitely don’t care about, since it was still an anthology. DC hadn’t but figured out that they ought to put ol’ Supes on the cowl every month. Sheesh!

Action Comics #7 (December 1938):
Second Cowl Look of Superman
Action #7
2nd Cowl Appearance of Superman

Document sale: $188,000
Minimal worth: $15,000
Thought of to be “the poor man’s Action #1”, that is the second-most desirable comic book from the sequence.

Superman is seen holding a bad man in mid-air; however he nonetheless didn’t have the facility of flight in this difficulty.

Action Comics #eight
Record sale: $5,000
Minimal worth: $500

Action Comics #9
Record sale: $19,000
Minimal value: $200

Motion #10
3rd Cover Appearance of Superman
File sale: $258,000
Minimum value: $1,000

Action Comics #eleven
Motion Comics #12
Advert for Detective #27 in one panel

Record sale: $Four,800
Minimal worth: $200
Action Comics #13 (June 1939): Superman Takes Flight!

Action #13: 4th Superman cover;
1st Superman flying in story
File sale: $185,000
Minimal value: $3,000

In his earliest appearances, Superman would not fly. On this situation, he is first proven using his capacity to “leap over tall buildings in a single certain!”

As legend has it, Supes wouldn’t gain the ability of “flight” as such for one more couple of years, and then mostly at the urging of the Fleischer Bros. Studios.

They had been making a series of unbelievable Superman cartoons in full shade. If you have not seen the cartoons, do yourself a favor and watch all of them.

Arguments exist supporting Superman comedian guide #10 from 1941 as the first ‘unintentional’ artwork displaying Supes flying.

Action #14
Document sale: $13,000
Minimum worth: $200

Motion #15: Fifth Superman cover
Report sale: $Eleven,000
Minimal worth: $300

Action #16
Report sale: $5,000
Minimal value: $100

Action #17: Sixth Superman cover; basic battle image
Record sale: $9,000
Minimal worth: $300

Action Comics #18 (November 1939): First X-Ray Vision
Action #18
First use of X-Ray vision

Report sale: $6,900
Minimum value: $200
So, Superman has powers, sure

Nicely, in contrast to at the moment, while you get to know all of some new hero’s powers abruptly, with Superman, they got here in dribs and drabs, because the gang at DC considered them.

In Action #18, Superman uses his X-Ray Imaginative and prescient for noble functions, serving to Senator Hastings, who’d been arrange by some dastardly blackmailers.

The cover, which is the final problem of Action Comics that doesn’t function Superman, is pleasantly undistinguished work by Fred Guardineer.

Motion Comics #23 (April 1940):
First Appearance of Lex Luthor
Action #23
First Look of Lex Luthor

Record sale: $Sixty five,000
Minimum value: $1,000
Motion #23 introduces one of many Man of Steel’s most important nemeses, particularly Luthor.

The “Lex” would not come till later, but for now, what’s essential is that this: Luthor kidnaps Lois, then makes use of a mysterious inexperienced ray against Superman, which weakens him.

A precursor to Kryptonite, you say May very well be.
Kryptonite wasn’t introduced until 1943, and even then it was first talked about in the Superman radio program, and as a continuity machine to allow Bud Collyer, the voice of Superman, to have a break.

Motion #29: 1st Appearance of Lois Lane
Action #29
First Cowl Appearance of Lois Lane (Superman’s Girlfriend)

File sale: $26,000
Minimum value: $200
Motion #32
First Appearance of Krypto Ray Gun

Record sale: $Four,000
Minimal value: $100
Motion #forty seven
First Lex Luthor cowl

Report sale: $15,000
Minimal value: $A hundred
Action Comics #60 (Might 1943): Lois Lane, Superwoman

We’ve featured this comedian guide in our Supergirl comics values article
(click on to open in a new tab or window).

File sale: $15,800
Minimum worth: $One hundred
Motion #64
First Appearance of Toyman

Document sale: $10,000
Minimal worth: $50
Motion #158
Origin of Superman retold

Record sale: $1,000
Minimum value: $30
Action Comics #241 (June 1958):
First Appearance of the Fortress of Solitude

Action #241
1st Appearance of Fortress of Solitude
Report sale: $900
Minimal worth: $10

Nicely into the Silver Age, and a few things that we’ve got long considered staples of Superman’s world are still being introduced.

In Action #241, author Jerry Coleman and artist Wayne Boring trot out one of the extra vital ones: the Fortress of Solitude.

So, this concern is not tremendous-excessive in worth, but it surely does have an enormous cake, baked by Batman. And that is got to be price one thing.

Action Comics #242: 1st Appearance of Brainiac
Motion #242
1st Appearance of Brainiac

Report sale: $18,000
Minimum value: $One hundred
Motion Comics #252 (May 1959):
First Look of Supergirl

Motion #252 is the first look of the “true” Supergirl.
Once more, see our full article for more particulars.

Document sale: $Forty five,000
Minimal value: $200
Motion #267: First Look of Supergirl as Superwoman

Action #267
1st Look of Supergirl as Superwoman
File sale: $Four,600
Minimal worth: $10

Motion #276
1st Appearance of Brainiac 5, Phantom Girl, Triplicate Woman,
Bouncing Boy, Solar Boy and Shrinking Violet

Record sale: $5,500
Minimal value: $10
Motion #340
1st Look of Parasite

File sale: $1,one hundred
Minimum worth: $10
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Extra Historical past of Motion Comics and Superman
Superman was introduced in Motion #1, a personality who goes method past the tradition notions of “comedian ebook character.” Along with Batman, ol’ Supes is the most recognizable fictional character on the earth.

Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster’s new concept for a “super-hero” was extremely modern, in each sense of the word. Coming from another planet, Krypton, which had been doomed to destruction, younger Kal-El (then “Kal-L”) was sent to earth.

There he found by Ma and Pa Kent out in Smallville, grew to manhood, and took his secret id as Clark Kent to the big metropolis, Metropolis, to be a reporter for the Daily Star (later the Each day Planet).

Have Your Action Points Valued!
If you have got some Gold or Silver Age problems with Action Comics (Especially #1, #6, #13, #18, #23, #241, #252, and many others.), then click here to have them valued FREE by Sell My Comedian Books!

Superman is not simply a new York superhero (indeed, it is onerous to say what city “Metropolis” is supposed to face in for–maybe Philadelphia ), and he isn’t simply an American superhero, or perhaps a superhero of the world. He is a superhero of the galaxy, of the cosmos, of the entirety of all who live within the recognized universe and beyond.

Sounds kinda godlike, huh That messiah vibe wasn’t misplaced on the makers of the latest Superman reboots, Superman Returns and Man of Steel. It is not an easy job being probably the most powerful fellow on this or any other planet, and makes for some dull stories (particularly as soon as you have been by the entire “Kryptonite” thing) except you really juice them up with troublesome ethical choices and make the godlike being as “human” as a Kryptonian will be.

Are you convinced now as to why the dude within the red and blue tights with the cape is essential So, back to Action. The collection debuted in June of 1938 as an anthology comic, and Siegel and Shuster’s thought for our favourite son of the ol’ Krypton someway ended up as the cowl story.

The story goes that then-DC publisher Harry Donenfeld thought that the Superman story in Motion #1 was “ridiculous,” and forbid the character from ever showing on the cover once more.

In fact, time and the actual sales knowledge confirmed that Supes was the explanation for all the gross sales of that difficulty, and so Donenfeld went the way of the money, as all publishers must finally go.

The remaining is, really, history. Superman would appear in each subject of Action Comics thereafter, though not all the time on the cover until #19.

Sure, some other characters had appeared in Motion together with Supes within the early days, including Zatara, the magician (who ), along with such incredibly memorable ones as Tex Thompson (later the Americommando), the Vigilante, and Hayfoot Henry, the comedic and poetic copper who solved each crimes and rhymes. Not joking.

The anthology format would hold for fairly a while, even after Superman was the acknowledged star of the sequence, all the way in which until the 1950s, when the title turned identified ceaselessly extra as a Superman title, simply as Detective Comics became referred to as a Batman title.

Volume 1 of Action ended in 2011, with Motion #904. Sure, #904. 9 hundred and 4 problems with the fellow with the blue lengthy johns and the purple blanket tied around his neck.

Suppose about that for some time. 73 years of Superman. The mind boggles.
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