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Marvel’s Agents Of SHIELD: “World’s End” Overview

Full spoilers for Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD continue below. For more on SHIELD, check out our interview with Jed Whedon and Jeff Bell speaking Season star wars men’s old rebel t-shirt 5 plans and THAT cliffhanger.

Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD completed out a implausible season with a great closing episode, efficiently managing to tie together the many threads of Season four with a satisfying ending. And, in true SHIELD type, it ended with one heck of a cliffhanger.

Robbie Reyes’ return shifted the tone of Season four again toward where it was in the first pod of the season, but his return additionally showcased just how a lot has modified throughout Men’s Custom teen titans robin Short Sleeve T-Shirt his absence. To me, the Framework remains Season 4’s highpoint, at the same time as nicely-executed as this finale Iron_Man was. Mixing both the supernatural and technological collectively one last time this season in the finale allowed for motion sequences as great as Robbie and Daisy’s showdown against Aida and her goons, but additionally left room for some emotionally impactful sequences.