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Rainbow Sprint Vs. Reverse Flash

Chrysalis carried the unconscious Eobard to another cave by his tail. He woke up earlier than they arrived.

“It’s a superb factor ponies’ tails haven’t got pain receptors, or else that may’ve harm!” he said as soon as she relinquished his tail from her sharp fangs. “Had been you planning on biting Starlight That can be a very good begin in your revenge.”

“I ought to just kill you right now,” said Discount Cotton Summer Insignia Iron Man Children’s T-shirt Chrysalis. “You led Rainbow Sprint to our lair and ruined my vengeance!”

“So why don’t you You need me. You know you cannot recapture Starlight without me!”
“There are different methods I could go about it. But this could be the easier method. I will offer you one final likelihood. But we will not have Rainbow Sprint getting in the way of our plans again. You’ve got already confirmed you are quicker than her. She must be dealt with.”

“The very last thing star wars kids shirt I want is another speedster in my kingdom. She won’t screw up your revenge plans again!” With a flash of red electricity, Eobard flew out the cave entrance.

“We in all probability have not heard the last of this Reverse Flash,” said Twilight again at the castle. “He’ll be again, and we must be ready for his…”

Instantly, there was a flash of pink electricity, and Eobard was in the room.
“Rainbow Sprint! I challenge you to a battle!”

“Convey it on!” said Rainbow Sprint.
“Are you certain you possibly can beat him ” said Twilight. “You stated he gained the race.”

“If I would carried out a Sonic Rainboom, I might have gained for… Yeargh!”
In another flash of crimson electricity, Eobard got behind Rainbow Dash, bit her tail, and flew away with her.

“Hey, a varmint like you do not need to bite her tail!” yelled Applejack angrily.
“Do I deserve to chunk her tail ” stated Fluttershy, who had finished so when trying to rescue Rarity from the Diamond Canines.

“In fact you do, sugarcube” stated Applejack. “Do not ever think you do not. You are ten occasions the pony he’ll ever be.”

Fluttershy blushed affectionately.
Rainbow Dash pulled her tail free of Eobard’s teeth and flew at him. He flew to the facet, and then aimed a kick at her. Rainbow dodged by flying upward.

Eobard hadn’t expected that. Normally speedsters ran horizontally, and in the event that they ran vertically it was up a wall.

Before he might work out the place Rainbow Dash was, lightning all of a sudden struck him. He almost fell out of the sky and appeared around, his mane and tail frazzled.

“Gotchya!” mentioned Rainbow Sprint, who had just kicked a thundercloud straight above him. “And that’s not all I can do!”

She flew circles round Eobard, creating a twister.
“Oh, so you’ve gotten weather powers like Clyde Mardon,” mentioned Eobard. “Properly, I do know find out how to deal with that!”

He flew circles contained in the twister in the reverse of the path the wind was blowing, and earlier than long the tornado dissipated.

“Wow, you might be fast,” said Rainbow Sprint. “I’ve by no means seen a pony try this earlier than.”
“I am not your common pony,” stated Eobard.

“Catch me if you can!” Rainbow Dash flew upward once more.
Eobard flew after her.

Rainbow put each hooves in front of her, and Eobard did the same. They gained momentum as they flew increased and higher.

After which, there have been two sonic booms. One was rainbow-colored, and one was grey. Rainbow and Eobard had been flying sooner than the speed of sound, Rainbow leaving a rainbow trail behind her.

Ah, so That is a Sonic Rainboom, thought Eobard. However I am catching up!
As they modified their flight sample to fly downward towards the Badlands, Rainbow might really feel Eobard on her tail. In any case, he might go fast sufficient star wars kids shirt to control time.

Eobard got nearer and closer. Soon her tail was in attain. He opened his mouth to chew it and throw her to the ground.

…After which Rainbow whipped Eobard within the face along with her tail. He misplaced a bit of steadiness, allowing Rainbow to slow down barely and get behind him. She bit his tail, swung him around in circles, and threw him to the bottom, sending him crashing into Chrysalis, who was watching on the cave entrance.

Both villains lay dazed inside a crater.
“I can’t consider you bungled it once more,” said Chrysalis. “This ends now.” Her horn glowed inexperienced menacingly.

They looked up and noticed Rainbow Dash approaching them at lightning fast pace.
There was a rainbow mushroom cloud explosion. When the smoke cleared, Eobard and Chrysalis were gone.

Rainbow returned to Twilight’s castle.
“They won’t be bothering us anytime quickly,” said Rainbow Sprint. “I Rain Nuked them!”

The ponies cheered.
“I knew you might beat them,” stated Twilight.

“Are they actually gone ” stated Fluttershy.
“I did not see anything left of them,” said Rainbow Sprint. “However, we thought Chrysalis was gone when Princess Cadance and Shining Armor blasted her over the sting of Canterlot, so I would not rely her out just but. But Reverse Flash is unquestionably toast, so she lost her only ally.”

Chrysalis woke up and regarded round. She have to be on the south facet of the Badlands. There was a Chrysalis-shaped dent within the rocks; Obviously, the Rain Nuke had sent her flying into it. Wanting one thing like the Crystal Heart or the weather of Harmony, there was nothing the immortal ex-queen couldn’t withstand.

“I will get her soon sufficient!” stated Chrysalis. “However first, I have to resume coming up with a plan for revenge on Starlight!”

Eobard acquired to his ft and rubbed his head.
His toes. He was standing on two feet.

He looked at his hands. They were human palms, and he was sporting the Reverse Flash suit. He had no wings, and he had no tail.

He had been returned to metahuman kind. It looked as though he might by no means truly die. His “death” had sent him again to Earth 1.

Nicely, perhaps not Earth 1. He was really on Earth-X.

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