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The purpose of this information is to offer new gamers or players starting an alt account/rerolling a new account an optimum path to comply with for success in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes. Success, for the needs of this information, is outlined as positioning yourself for completion of GW each day, achieving the best enviornment ranking potential and having a strong and flexible roster available to complete new content material. This information will do little to organize you for future shifts in the meta (that are troublesome, if not unattainable, to foretell) and do little to allow early flexibility in workforce composition. Before anyone is offended, you might be thought of a profitable participant by enjoying this sport in any variety of alternative ways. From gathering as many character as potential to making an attempt out that Ewok workforce you’ve all the time needed, Whatever permits you to derive the most enjoyment from SWGOH should be thought-about a hit. It is a game in any case. However bear in mind, this guide will not be directed at you.

This guide can even assume that you’ve got a primary data of SWGOH recreation mechanics and structure. We do no intend to micromanage your enjoying periods. Google will help fill in any blanks as you go.

This guide is intended free of charge to play gamers or for gamers who are prepared to speculate only modest quantities of cash into the game. “Whalescan feel free to ignore this guide, as the additional characters and resources out there to you’ll render a lot of this recommendation second or third-charge at best.

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Account creation at Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes

The advice in this part pertains to those taking part in on iOS solely, we think about the mechanics are comparable for those taking part in on android but we’re too unfamiliar to say for positive.

Earlier than getting too excited, the optimal path to begin enjoying can take days to weeks for these dedicated. In the event you truly wish to compete at the highest ranges as a free to play/modestly spending player, you’ll possible create a number of accounts earlier than finding one value persevering with on. We are trying for two things with our new account. A very good “starting characterand a very good “initial area ranking Should you lack endurance, one or the opposite is acceptable but remember that you’re beginning even additional behind the curve than those that will outspend you.

An important be aware to contemplate, your “time zonewhen creating an account might be no matter time zone your phone is about to while you first log in. If 530-550pm native time is a nasty time for you to log in to make sure the very best arena ranking possible, consider adjusting your initial time zone accordingly. An added benefit of this trick is to have a less competitive time of day through which to compete to your enviornment payout. Japanese time and Pacific time are two of the more closely contested time zones.

Step 1: Head to and create a brand new sport heart account/appleid. Use a GMail account for this step until you’re comfy with creating only one account and risking starting behind. You want to make use of a GMail account, as a result of GMail e-mail addresses ignore periods and applied’s do not. For example, with one GMail deal with, such, you can create,,, and so forth. This may save the time and frustration of making multiple e mail addresses.

Step 2: Launch SWGOH and full the tutorial. Unfortunately, this step can’t be skipped or auto completed. This process will take you through light side battles 1-A and 1-B. Change your in sport title when offered if you choose. At the time of this writing, there is no approach to vary it later.

Step 3: Collect the 200 crystal out of your Inbox.

Step 4: Complete gentle side battle 1-C. Buy energy and sim tickets for 50 crystal and sim gentle side battle 1-C twice. Acquire your free Jawa and claim your daily actions.

Step 5: At the moment you have to be level 5. Press the gear in the highest left nook of your house display and connect your account to facebook. This can grant you 200 crystals.

Step 6: Buy a single chromium pack and cross your fingersAt the time of this writing, your first pack will seemingly contain a “non-Chromium onlyMild Aspect character. Because of the best way through which new characters are unlocked and upgraded, it’s important that this character be one price taking part in for no less than 2 weeks, ideally Ringer for longer. Otherwise, we may be caught with a less than competitive team and fall behind the whales.

From creating 38 accounts since early February (don’t judge me, we were attempting to make this information as useful as potential), the next beginning characters have been unlocked:

– Admiral Ackbar x1
– Ahoska Tano x5
– Barriss Offee x1
– Biggs Darklighter x3
– Clone sergeant – Phase I x4
– Ewok Elder x2
– Finn x1
– Ima-Gun Di x1
– Jedi Consular x4
– Lando Calrissian x1
– Luke Skywalker x1
– Luminara Unduli x1
– Plo Koon x1
– Poe Dameron x2
– Qui-Gon Jinn x3
– Resistance Trooper x2
– Rey x2
– Ugnaught x3

Pals who we belief have also reported to me that they have unlocked Fives and Teebo on this vogue, furthering the assumption that this character will probably be a “non-ChromiumGentle Facet character.

Rey is the highest-tier character which can be unlocked on this trend, and our advice is that you create accounts till unlocking her. She can be overpowered for your first 50-55 levels, even at four stars, and competitive at four stars until the mid-60’s. By this time, you need to be close to 5 staring her, the place she will stay competitive even at stage 70.

The second finest choice is Barriss Offee, who will ease the frustration of GW for the forseeable future and is an inexpensive, though not great, squad enviornment healer till later levels.

For those who aren’t extraordinarily patient or luck isn’t in your aspect, any 4 star character will suffice for the time being.

Arguments could be made that Luminara Unduli at three stars and Qui-Gon Jinn at 2 stars are cheap choices to avoid wasting time spent farming shipments early in your development, nonetheless, we don’t suggest this route as a free to play or modestly spending player as we want a fifth character by means of our leveling course of (until you might be comfortable operating Jedi Consular, Jawa, Talia, Royal Guard or Clone Wars Chewbacca as a fifth for some time).

If you are sad along with your starting character at this point, disconnect SWGOH from your Facebook and start over at Step 1. Observe that for your first account created inside several hours, it’s possible you’ll want to continue by means of step 7 to see where your new account would stand with preliminary arena rating. If the initial rating is poor, come back to SWGOH at a later level and try again. Nothing is extra frustrating than unlocking Rey solely to search out that your preliminary Arena Ranking is 19,764.

Step 7: Continue to stage your account to stage 8 by using sim tickets to complete gentle side battle 1-C a number of occasions and by claiming extra daily actions. Presently you’ll unlock squad arena and be capable to see your initial enviornment rating. SWGOH groups the 20,000 most recently created accounts into new enviornment ladders, sometimes known as “shards There may be an enormous benefit to beginning as near the top of a new ladder as doable. In our experience, ladders are crammed and new ladders are created approximately each 1.5-2 days. Starting as little as doable is ideal. Below 500 is nice, beneath 3,000 is acceptable and something above 5,000 might be not price your time except you have unlocked Rey or Barriss. Crystals and arena shards are distributed at 6pm in your local time zone starting immediately, so quickly reaching a rank 50 or higher is important for optimum play.

At the moment a choice should be made. In a perfect world, our new account could be ranked under one hundred and we might have unlocked Rey. However, this is incredibly unlikely regardless of what number of accounts we create. Finding a snug steadiness between initial enviornment ranking and starting character is important before persevering with further. We might argue that for a very free to play participant, preliminary arena rating is the most important factor. For a player who intends to spend a modest sum of money in the sport, a good beginning character is of more importance (gamers who are prepared to spend a modest amount of money can refresh area battles several times on day 1 to attain a decrease enviornment rating quickly, comletely free to play players don’t have this luxury). If you end up snug together with your scenario, you might proceed on.

Your initial purpose in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes

The crew we will farm initially consists of one character from every farmable location. Squad cantina shipments shall be devoted to Qui-Gon Jinn, squad cantina battles to Geonesian Soldier, squad enviornment shipments to Darth Sidious and Galactic Battle shipments to Luminara Unduli. Because of this attaining Rey, Barriss or an affordable 4 starred character from our first single Chromium pack was so vital. All of our resources are accounted for in creating 4/5’s of a squad arena team. With out an inexpensive beginning character, barring a lucky bronzium pull we are left with Clone Wars Chewbacca, Jawa, Jedi Consular or Talia as our fifth. None of which are higher than average in squad enviornment. A workforce of Qui-Gon Jinn (as chief), Geonesian Soldier, Darth Sidious, Luminara Unduli and our 5th can contend for a prime 5 enviornment spot from early ranges all the best way till 70. By max degree, we will have the resources obtainable to change Sidious (who loses some viability in endgame squad area, however will stay an asset in endgame GW) and to have meaningfully advanced our 5th (and to maintain her on the workforce if that 5th is Rey, or to substitute them if it a lesser character). Our aim is to achieve level 70 as rapidly as doable and having wasted as few resources as doable.

To perform this objective, on a daily basis we Should:

– Full all day by day activities.
– Complete all out there challenges (within motive, the tank problem and the healer/help problem will be difficult for newer accounts. Don’t stage any characters with the only real intention of serving to to complete challenges at this level).
– Declare all bonus energy at 12pm, 6pm and 9pm.
– Complete all 5 free squad enviornment matches.
– Advance as far as possible in GW.
– Buy all valid gear shipments upon each shipment refresh.
– Exhaust cantina and regular energy provides commonly so that natural refresh can occur.
– Spend energy and different sources wisely and in a streamlined way, as shall be outlined under.

Full all every day actions in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes

Mild Aspect/Dark Side Missions in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes

The PVE content on this game is your major source of gear and coaching droids. It ought to be an space of limited time investment as you’ll seemingly only full every battle once and sim every battle thereafter. If you are going for one hundred% optimized play, some would argue that you need to by no means sim a battle in which you can earn ally factors. By using a sim ticket on a battle you’re slightly reducing the variety of bronzium cards purchaseable. This could have a negligible effect in the long run, and is barely worth contemplating for these with an abundance of time to play.

PVE content material must be cleared solely on a “need to clearbasis. All regular energy ought to be spent to advance the gear of your 5 individual arena squad plus Jedi Cosular. Solely once each of those 6 character is at max gear attainable to your current progress should you advance further in PVE content material. Development for the sake of development is a waste of resources. The only exception may come at higher levels, where it could also be value advancing to a degree where you’ll be able to unlock desired exhausting mode nodes to start farming shards of hard mode solely characters that you need.

Exhausting modes initially shouldn’t be used as a supply of gear. Consider them only a supply of shards for desired characters, predominately characters that may solely be superior through Chromium packs and hard modes. We advocate farming Royal Guard and Rey on your early arduous mode missions. However, if you already know that you haven’t any curiosity in Rey or Royal Guard later in the game you can full your 5 every day onerous modes as you see match. Limiting your self to solely the 5 hard mode battles wanted for completion of the day by day activity is an appropriate strategy, but finishing all 3 battles for each Rey and Royal Guard is our most well-liked technique.

Ultimately, extra nodes unlock for Rey and Royal Guard which can be farmed as nicely if they’re desired or if we have now excess vitality and no gear slots to fill. First Order Tie Pilot, Ewok Elder, Ima-Gun Di and Anakin Skywalker present affordable options to farm relying on desired group composition and personal goals.

Galactic Struggle

Completion of Galactic Warfare day by day is probably some of the frustrating aspects of SWGOH on the time of this writing. Matchmaking appears to be bugged, and those who have attained high squad arena rankings might find this mode to be more difficult than meant.

However, using the staff outlined above together with a geared and leveled (and finally starred) Jedi Consular, completion on a majority of days is possible. Our private strategy is to use Qui-Gon Jinn (as leader), Jedi Consular, Luminara Unduli, Geonesian Soldier and your next strongest DPS (Rey when you have unlocked her, likely Darth Sidious if not). Heal early and heal often, every time a personality dips below 2/three health. Use Jedi Consular’s heal first if doable as it is on a shorter cooldown. Lengthen battles as long as attainable by leaving a healer and tank alive at the end of most fights to limit harm taken and to grant additional turns to permit cooldowns to reset. Retreat and reset battles liberally. Every time you swap a character in your staff, the actions the enemy crew takes modifications. If you swap positions of characters, it can change who is attacked and it can also change who from your group comes in on an assist attack. Start most battles by experimenting and discovering the best outcomes after several turns.

From GW shipments, farm Luminara Unduli first. A second healer is critical to complete GW at this time and she is prime-tier viable in squad arena until advanced endgame. Reasonable secondary farms once Lumi is completed embody Poggle, Tusken Raider, Captain Phasma and IG-86.

Squad Arena in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes

Our purpose in squad enviornment is to achieve a sub-20 ranking as rapidly as possible. The 150 crystals (plus 50 from our every day activities), will permit us to purchase two common vitality refreshes and one squad cantina refresh day by day with out spending any cash on the game. Excess crystal gained by rating sub-10 could be saved for later in our development for added squad cantina refreshes, onerous node refreshes, buying hard mode only shards from shipments or to purchase extra squad enviornment matches.

Till degree 60, it shouldn’t be much of a challenge to beat any non-whale staff if following the outline of this information. All the time select the match that will permit the highest rating except personal experience dictates in any other case.

It’s generally price spending 50 crystals to refresh squad enviornment battles in case you are comparatively sure that you would be able to advance to a better prize tier with that buy.

From squad arena shipments, we advocate 7 starring Darth Sidious first. Nonetheless, 7 starring Asajj Ventress is an inexpensive alternative. She turns into extra viable than Sidious in endgame squad arena (not less than on offense till her AI is overhauled) and presents essentially the most affordable alternative to any of our beneficial beginning 5. Sidious is, nonetheless, stronger on protection than Asajj and higher prior to reaching endgame. The difference is small, and private style can dictate your decision on this case.

Affordable secondary/tertiary farms embrace IG-88, HK-47, Stormtrooper Han, Admiral Ackbar and Savage Oppress.

Excess Crystals

If you are a average spender or achieve a high sufficient arena rating to accumulate excess crystals after a every day squad cantina refresh and two each day regular energy refreshes, crystals are finest spent on one additional squad cantina refresh, two additional regular vitality refreshes, arduous mode node refreshes of desired characters, purchasing exhausting mode only character shards from regular shipments and purchasing of credits. Do not waste these excess crystal by buying Chromium packs. You’ll solely find yourself with a number of underpowered, unplayable characters or shards for characters which are free to farm regardless. Chromium packs are solely value the acquisition if you happen to intend to spend $1,000 or extra on this recreation.

Squad Cantina in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes

The Squad cantina could be very straight forward for an optimized approach to play. Geonesian Soldier is the primary node obtainable and should be the only node performed till he reaches 7 stars. He’s at the moment a core character and vastly superior to another option (exterior of very particular group compositions).

Legitimate secondary choices open up Solely AFTER 7 starring Geonesian Soldier. Our beneficial second squad cantina battle farm is Jedi Consular, who is a vital a part of completing GW each day because of his 3 flip cooldown heal, which is further reduceable by way of RNG. You probably have Barriss or another healer unlocked as your starting character or from a Bronzium pack AND are having no trouble clearing GW every day, Jedi Consular might be lowered on your priority record or eliminated if desired. Nonetheless, for the vast majority of us Jedi Consular will probably be one of the best option. If you have accomplished Jedi Consular or have determined that you simply don’t want him: Kylo Ren, Barriss Offee, Count Dooku and Finn are viable options depending on future team composition targets. Mace Windu is acceptable in case you are in a rush to unlock Yoda but isn’t at the moment aggressive in endgame squad arena.

In squad cantina shipments, Qui-Gon Jinn needs to be 7 starred as quickly as attainable. In the present meta he is almost essential for achievement in squad arena. Farming another character from squad cantina shipments earlier than farming him is a mistake. After finishing Qui-Gon: Fives, Outdated Daka, Poe Dameron, Hoth Rebel Scout and First Order Officer are all valid depending upon future crew composition targets. Bear in thoughts that Squad Cantina Shipments will be a much slower farm than Squad Arena shards or Galactic Battle shards, so any lack of self-discipline with these purchases might be exaggerated.

Bundles in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes

If you plan to spend a modest amount of money on this sport, the dark facet starter bundle was lately nerfed and not offers a chance at Dooku or Savage Oppress. Greedo shouldn’t be aggressive in squad area at the moment. The pack is inexpensive nonetheless, and gives a nice amount of training droids and crystals just to give you a slight head begin. At only $4.99 USD, this pack remains to be a reasonable worth.

The droids/assassin bundle at $24.99 USD is an efficient value if you select to run a droid crew rather than the group outlined above. Droids are competitive till endgame, capable of maintain prime 20 in lots of shards and ready to succeed in high 5 in shards which have only reached level 70 inside the past month. In case you select to run droids, farm Poggle from GW shipments until 4 stars OR farm IG-86 first followed by Poggle. Farm Geonesian Solder to 7 stars in Squad Cantina battles. Farm Poe Dameron from Squad Cantina shipments until a minimum of 4 stars (alternatively it can save you Squad Cantina shipments or spend elsewhere if you happen to choose to run Royal Guard instead of Poe, this shall be a for much longer grind however). Farm IG-88 to 7 stars from Squad Enviornment shipments. Use a mixture of Galactic War shipments and Squad Cantina battles as you see fit to 7 star IG-86. Finally, you’ll run Poggle (chief), Geonesian Soldier, IG-88, IG-86 and Poe Dameron/Royal Guard. HK-47 is a reasonable substitute for Poggle as chief till Poggle is unlocked.

When you want Barriss Offee or have determined to farm Asajj in place of Sidious, the heroine pack may be thought-about and is the third finest worth among the current bundles though essentially the most costly of those worth buying at $forty nine.99 USD.

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Due to consumer OriolesTragic for creating this information and serving to out. We hope you enjoyed this ultimate information for Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes and when you have any question or need to offer us feedback, be at liberty to go away a remark under. Thank you and have enjoyable taking part in!

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