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Supergirl Comedian Field Commentary

Motion Comics #987 got here out this week finally answering the question of ‘Who’s Mr. Oz ‘. The story is titled ‘The Oz Effect’ which is suitable given how Oz manipulates events on Earth to bring a few face-to-face between Superman and him. And the reply is … well … attention-grabbing if not already hinted at.

The thought has been percolating by means of the e book since the Johns/Romita Jr run. Who is that this character sitting behind a wall of Tv screens, speaking about how he taught classes to Superman, and capturing Doomsday, Mr. Mxyzptlk, and Tim Drake And why is he doing all of that.

Between the title Oz and the Nostalgia symbols in every single place the preliminary guess was star wars empire logo t-shirt 2017 Adrian Veidt, Ozymandias. Then I assumed it could be Vyndktvyx again to show Superman extra arduous classes from life. After which Bleeding Cool came out with the guess of Jor-El or even Zor-El. For me, I can’t assist however imagine that the identity of Oz has really changed over time. I want I might give Geoff Johns fact serum and ask who he deliberate Oz to be. I doubt it is who Oz finally ends up being at the tip of the difficulty.

And even now I am undecided if there is not one more reveal to come. Perhaps this reveal is a feint for an ultimate reveal. “Pay no consideration to the man behind that curtain!”

The art on the problem is by Viktor Bogdanovic and he really shines here. Batman Between large panels, wavy panels, and super slender panels, the tempo of the story accelerates with the art. And there are great photographs of Superman throughout. If Bogdanovic is being added to the stable of oldsters who work on this e-book, I will be completely satisfied.

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