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1970’s Television Stay-Motion Superheroes

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Tv The Six Million Dollar Man (March 1973), The Six Million Dollar Man: Wine, Girls and Struggle (October 1973) and The Six Million Greenback Man; The Solid Gold Kidnapping (November 1973). Lee Majors starred as Colonel Steve Austin, an astronaut severely injured within the crash of an experimental aircraft who received bionic limb replacements which gave him tremendous velocity, energy and vision in his left eye.

Austin labored for the OSI (Office of Scientific Intelligence) as a secret agent occurring dangerous missions that have been finest fitted to a bionic man.

The sequence officially began on ABC in January of 1974 and lasted until 1978 with a complete of ninety nine episodes.

The movies and sequence was based mostly on the traditional sci fi novel Cyborg by Martin Caidin.
Released onto DVD in 2012.

Spun off the successful collection The Bionic Lady starring Lindsay Wagner.
The Wonderful Spider-Man
Spider-Man came to the small display screen on CBS in 1977 with Nicholas Hammond in the title position. It started its life as a Tv movie in 1977 and then in 1978, 5 episodes have been proven as a summer time alternative series. It performed nicely in the rankings but CBS did not take it too critically and only confirmed episodes sporadically. The collection was officially canceled in 1979 after simply thirteen episodes filmed.

Has yet to be launched onto DVD.
As a bit of trivia: A live action version of Spider-Man debuted as a phase (seventy four-77) on The Electric Firm in Spidey Super Stories, Danny Seagren wore the spidey swimsuit.

Wonderbug From The Krofft Supershow
Schlepcar was an outdated beat up rusted out dune buggy that had been pieced together by three friends, Barry (David Levy), Susan (Carol Anne Seflinger) and C.C (John Anthony Bailey). Imagine their surprise once they added an outdated horn that gave Schlepcar the power to show into Wonderbug, a souped up dune buggy who had the power to fly, drive himself and discuss (although it was really just a bunch of nonsensical mumblings). Frank Welker provided the voice.

Wonderbug, a Ruby-Spears creation, was a 15 minute live motion section on Sid and Marty Krofft’s The Krofft Supershow. It appeared on the first season’s lineup (1976-77).

Cathy Lee Crosby as Marvel Woman
On March 12, 1974, on ABC, a tv film intended as the pilot for a new series aired.

It starred Cathy Lee Crosby as Surprise Girl
This Wonder Lady wasn’t really all that wondrous, as gone were most of her superhero skills (which did happen in the comic e book sequence for a few years.)

ABC rejected this version of Wonder Lady and along with Warner Brothers, came up with the model that might later star Lynda Carter in the title function.

This pilot film has been released onto DVD in 2012.
Lynda Carter as Wonder Lady!

The brand new Original Marvel Girl, set during World Warfare II starred star wars doctor who shirt price lovely Lynda Carter in the title role aired in November 1975.

ABC appreciated how it carried out within the scores and ordered two more one hour episodes for April 1976.
It then turned a collection with 11 more episodes proven in 1977.

Since it was a period piece in its setting (World Struggle II) the storyline was limited and the every episode was expensive to produce. ABC misplaced curiosity within the collection.

Warner Brothers then took it to CBS with the idea of bringing the present into present day (why ABC did not consider this, is beyond me) and the sequence ran for 2 more seasons on CBS earlier than being pulled from the schedule in 1979.

Debra Winger as Marvel Lady
Drusilla, aka Surprise Woman, the younger sister to Surprise Woman appeared in three episodes of the collection, all during the first season; the two part episode The Feminum Mystique and in the ultimate episode of the first season titled, Wonder Lady in Hollywood .

Though, we were advised that Marvel Lady herself was an solely child, it was a little bit of a shock to be taught she has a younger sister.

It was rumored that Winger was unhappy with the position and broke her contract.
At the time, it was additionally hinted that there was to be a Surprise Woman spin off starring Winger, however after she left, the plan was scrapped.

The Challenge of the Superheroes Television Special
Whereas not a weekly series, this special has some very fashionable superheroes in stay motion form. Hanna-Barbara had the popular Tremendous Pals cartoon sequence that aired on ABC on Saturday mornings and they also produced The Challenge of the Superheroes, a two half live motion particular airing on NBC that utilized some of those same characters from the sequence. The plot of this part of the particular was that the heroes gathered to rejoice the Scarlet Cyclone’s (William Schallert) birthday when it is interrupted by members of the Legion of Doom (Riddler, Weather Wizard, Sinestro, Mordru, Doctor Sivana, Giganta and Solomon Grundy) who announce they’ve hidden a bomb and it is up to the Tremendous Pals to seek out it and prevent it from exploding.

The primary a part of the particular aired on January 19, 1979 and the ultimate part on January 25, 1979.
The Challenge, the primary phase of the special, introduced collectively Adam West and Burt Ward as Batman and Robin, Garret Craig as Captain Marvel, Howard Murphy as Inexperienced Lantern, Danuta Rylko Soderman as Black Canary, Bill Nuckols as Hawkman, Rod Haase because the Flash and Barbara Joyce as Huntress.

The Roast, the second installment, was hosted by Ed McMahon. All of those from part one return with a few new characters; Ghetto Man (Brad Sanders) a superhero, who does stand up comedy, Atom (Alfie Wise), and Aunt Minerva, (Ruth Buzzi) considered one of Captain Marvel’s arch enemies.

Superman and Marvel Girl are missing from this as they were having fun with a revival in recognition. Superman with Christopher Reeve within the title position was a success at the box workplace and Surprise Girl starring Lynda Carter was a preferred Television collection.

Released onto DVD in 2010 beneath the title Legends of the Superheroes. Comments are moderated and have to be accepted earlier Thor:_Ragnarok than showing.
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