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10 Thoughts: WWE Raw 8.26.Thirteen (Triple H, Randy O..

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Switching Triple H’s music again to the “King Of Kings” observe was a delicate however sensible transfer. The viewers is pre-conditioned to pop for Triple H’s “The Game” music so at least this provides the audience a different sound to relate to a special character. I’m additionally surprised that I actually have no drawback with The Shield being HHH’s stooges. Once they accomplished their speedy goals of profitable WWE championships, there wasn’t a transparent route for any of them. Now they’re involved in the main occasion storyline and even when they are booked to look weaker than Triple H or Randy Orton, they’re nonetheless sharing optimum display screen-time and have been positioned in a main position to turn babyface if the WWE felt to move in that route.

    I never thought I’d hear that massive of a pop for “Flight Of The Valkyries”. For Daniel Bryan, yes but for that music, hell no. Both manner, it was an awesome opening phase, even if loads of Bryan’s traces were just repeated from SmackDown. In the event you haven’t seen Bryan’s opening section with Randy Orton from SmackDown, I highly suggest wanting it up. Either way, it was a powerful method to open the show star trek sweatshirt off and a fantastic tease for the rest of the night time as most persons are going to be glued to the Tv to see Bryan face every member of The Shield.
    Curtis Axel still isn’t great on the mic however he is improving slightly than getting worse or exhibiting no enchancment at all judging from that backstage section. And for a match that shouldn’t have been too exciting, CM Punk’s entrance felt like a big second, like its a rare appearance. This could possibly be a testament to how properly this Paul Heyman/CM Punk is catching on. I don’t know the place they’re going with this feud or how its going to blow off however its making for nice Television proper now. Axel seems to be soaking up a number of experience from this feud as well. Even when he retains getting jobbed to Punk, it appears to be like like he’s studying and bettering each week.

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four. THAT was the “Pipe Bomb”-esque promo everyone has been speaking about since Monday Bizarro Certain it essentially turned AJ Lee babyface since she referred to as the WWE out on every little thing that is wrong with the Divas Division & mentioned issues that would relate to a whole lot of the females within the WWE system however I don’t assume it was as good as everybody appears to be saying it was. I actually didn’t hear a single “worked shoot” remark in any respect. Everything that came out of AJ’s mouth might have been mentioned by “AJ Lee”, the WWE Diva OR April Mendez, the lady who performs “AJ”. There was nothing groundbreaking, nothing obscenely private and nothing that blatantly crossed the line from fiction into actuality. Certain it was nice to star trek sweatshirt off see a Diva given this platform & actually make an influence on Uncooked but I’m sorry, it just wasn’t as fantastic as many imagine it was.
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    No air-brushed tuxedo for Richardo Rodriguez I’m disillusioned. The match itself was alright and I’m okay with Rob Van Dam towards Alberto Del Rio at Night Of Champions. I just hope they don’t put the belt on RVD. He’s getting good reactions from the live audiences and his matches are definitely higher than when he was in TNA however I can’t see him carrying the title and fending off challengers. His one and solely WWE title reigned ended quite abruptly (attributable to his personal stupidity) so we didn’t really get to see him as a defending champion but I can’t really picture him as a prime championship guy.
    The home video “Did You understand ” graphic was hysterical contemplating the DVD they showcased, “The Best Superstars Of The 90s”, I just picked up at Walmart from the $5 bin. No surprise it was #1.

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    Hey, it’s Christian versus Randy Orton! Is it 2011 I could change lots of unhealthy shit if we went back in time 2 years… Anyway, thank God Orton was in the ring with Christian cause I believe he would have chewed out anybody else who missed his signature clotheslines/powerslam spot. The complete match went on FAR too long although, especially since it appeared like they have been blown up near the end. As much as I like the refocus on in-ring expertise, this match ought to have been given half the time and it in all probability would have come off higher. Plus you may have added one other match on the show – perhaps focusing on somebody who hasn’t been with the corporate for over a decade. And damn does Randy Orton have terrible luck with vehicles. Come to consider it, has a motor vehicle ever featured on Raw lasted the evening in one piece
    I’m so glad they aired this video on Raw and not just on The “Sister Abigail” promo video, story and delivery by Bray Wyatt was just fantastic. Everything was just spot on and creepy as hell. Plus, what number of finishers are you able to name that actually has a again story behind their names !
    A handicap elimination match at Night Of Champions That’s completely different. I ponder if the idea is to debut a brand new “Paul Heyman Guy” to save lots of Heyman here.

10. There’s a lot to discuss in this fundamental event so I apologize if this thought rambles a bit. First, Seth Rollins was positively limping at one level through the match and it was the identical knee that he appeared to have injured final week. I wouldn’t be shocked if he star trek sweatshirt off is working through one thing because the Shield is in such a prominent place now. The whole match was stellar but there were two spots that really stood out: to start, that was the best selling of a suicide dive I’ve ever seen and I’m certain Michael Cole saw his life flash before his eyes. AND A Rattling Prime ROPE GERMAN SUPLEX! I’m shocked that was cleared by the agents (if they even tried to clear that). I’m really glad we didn’t get to see too much of Bryan versus each member of The Shield. There’s at the least three weeks price of essential event matches there that they could have blown in one week. Now hopefully we’ll get one-on-one matches between Bryan & Ambrose, Reigns and Rollins again. The addition of getting all the Superstars on the rampway was a great name, particularly as soon as Triple H entered. We now have the visual of Triple H as the sole leader of this new regime without a McMahon in the background.… And with Daniel Bryan bringing up Triple H’s past “rebel” perspective, it actually solidified this “new” Triple H as the new evil “Mr.