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Thanks Everyone For The Nice Feedback

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Poem and tips on how to read it, evaluation and some which means of ‘The Silken Tent’ by Robert Frost
Updated on November 23, 2011 alternate poet moreContact Creator A studying of this poem by Sukie who is Chinese language with a Ba in English as a second language. Sukie is at present a joint organiser of studying CHINA holidays which provides probably the most amazingly economical holiday in China staying at a excessive stage Chinese State University. These holidays embrace a variety of actions and journeys in a improbable expertise that helps to study the true China along with as a lot (or as little) language as you need.


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A poem by

Robert Frost
• Robert Frost was born in San Francisco on March 26, 1874. His first poem, “My Butterfly,” was published in 1894.

• He was a poet of conventional verse varieties and metrics and adhered to language as truly spoken.

• The psychological complexity of his phrase portraits are infused with layers of ambiguity and irony.

• He died in Boston on January 29, 1963 a nationwide superstar, a favourite of President Kennedy who quoted him continuously.

The poet had one love that inspired his love poetry (this was his spouse).
However, in a poem especially, “She is” indicates typically ‘SHE’ – any and each woman or feminine.

In some readings this poem can discuss with a particular ‘she’ however in this studying it refers to the place of lady in society – in general.

She is as in a field a silken tent
At midday when the sunny summer breeze
Has dried the dew and all its ropes relent,
So that in guys it gently sways at ease,
And its supporting central cedar pole,
That is its pinnacle to heavenward
And signifies the sureness of the soul,
Seems to owe naught to any single cord,
But strictly held by none, is loosely bound
By countless silken ties of love and thought
To each thing on earth the compass round,
And solely by one’s going barely taut
In the capriciousness of summer time air
Is of the slightest bondage made conscious.

Again to the studying which is laid out in a Chinese language ‘essay’ type. For this text I’ve removed a number of sub-headings that a Chinese essay consists of, these paragraphs list the point the essay is making, where it is coming from and why, it may also listing keywords, related examples and a bit thanking the important thing folks involved in the making of the piece – much like the best way quotations or ideas are credited, as the people who impressed it or helped in it are seen as equally relevant.

‘She is as’

This signifies that this poem goes to be a metaphor; ‘she is like’ the tent, or ‘she is identical as’ the tent – indirectly.

The word picture of the tent is the metaphor for ‘woman’ generally.
The environment of the poem displays widespread traits of ‘woman’.

‘sunny summer season breeze’.
The woman’s ‘job’ is to be sunny, warm, comfortable and nice.

‘capriciousness of summer air’.
Whilst capricious is the naughty, extra frivolous or emotional, facet of woman.

Summer air is the passionate facet of her nature.
Although the poem sounds relaxed and peaceful, like ‘the sunny summer breeze’ , the ‘underlying’ message is in regards to the BONDAGE of girl in ‘silken ties’ to the household and society generally.

‘She is as in a subject a silken tent’
The tent is a metaphor for woman, set out for us in the sector that represents society

‘At midday when the sunny summer breeze
Has dried the dew and all its ropes relent,
In order that in guys it gently sways at ease,’

This offers us a relaxed, comfortable image of a fantastic woman at ease with the world.
The central cedar pole

Helps the tent

And its supporting central cedar pole,
That’s its pinnacle to heavenward
And signifies the sureness of the soul,

The pole is the masculine energy and support for the feminine aspect which is pictured as the ‘tent’.

Signifying the sure soul is the signal for being the ‘correct’ or ‘good’ girl.
Appears to owe naught to any single cord,
But strictly held by none, is loosely sure
By countless silken ties of love and thought
To every thing on earth the compass spherical

This may very well be seen as the purpose of the poem. HOW lady is tied in place by her love, loyalty, belief and care to everything around her, possibly to her husband, children, mother and father, residence, family.

And solely by one’s going barely taut
In the capriciousness of summer air
Is of the slightest bondage made conscious.

The motion of the tent within the capriciousness of summer air. Because the lady does one thing playful or naughty (that is ‘capricious’) when heat and emotional (this is ‘summer air’) she is sharply reminded of her responsibility as that duty calls her to return to her place.

Is of the slightest bondage made conscious
This poet is famous for his irony. Bondage is slavery and means you might be completely owned by anyone else; right here the lady is shown as owned by the man.

It is not potential to be slightly in BONDAGE ,in the same means that it not potential to be barely lifeless.

Added by me: Studying the poem
the words are written to present off the feeling that the words convey in lots of locations

‘sunny summer time breeze ‘ is typical of this and if we read them with a slight pause between the words it ‘lilts’.

‘in order that in guys it gently sways at ease ‘ might be read with the words almost gently swaying
in order that – in guys – it gen – tly sways – at ease.

The whole thing is written in a wonderfully balanced structure, like a tent, and could be learn in this fashion; it is considered to be an ideal sonnet example by many, including myself.

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sendingarshad javid 7 weeks in the past
Plz …give me line by line explinations…plz

Johne851 three years in the past
Hi Pricey, are you in actual fact visiting this webpage each day, if so then you will definitely take fastidious data. dkfdggekdefk

wildcat 4 years ago
itsgreat… am v thankful to ya…. luv ya:*

POlak 5 years in the past
I believe this poem is a few woman that is sure by nothing but Mom Nature herself.

maria jabeen 5 years in the past
its beautiful poem.

attia rasool 6 years ago
good…give brief rationalization of every half and stanza of poem…that assist us pupil

Thanks everyone for the nice comments.
CP – I feel you can effectively be proper – Also. Evaluation shows up many different aspects of a very good poem like this one, and its good balance lends itself to many alternative interpretations that come from what is speaks to the reader. On steadiness I may be inclined to agree extra with you than with Sukie, but then one other day . . . Thanks for taking the time to think about this and for contributing your insightful remark.

Christopher Price 7 years in the past from Vermont, USA
Frost spent the summers and falls of 42 years instructing at Middlebury School in Vermont and is buried in Bennington, Vermont. His poems are as much part of Vermont as stone partitions, snowy nights and maple syrup.

Although Sukie’s interpretation is as valid as any, I would beg to differ in one facet…the cedar pole, the spine and assist for the tent want not discuss with a masculine energy. Frost, I think, was saying that beneath the diaphanous layers of silken finery, which appeared prone to float away within the slightest breeze, was a strong and capable girl firmly anchored in reality.

Like an iron fist in a velvet glove, a woman residing in the period of billowing silken skirts wanted to portray the frilly-frocked lady whereas serving as the dependable middle round which the family gathered.

When Frost was a boy his father died, and his mother took the family again East to his Grandfather’s house. I am certain that Robert Frost discovered early a lady’s power.

This was a wonderful hub. And Sukie is to be commended.

Bozhidar Pangelov 7 years in the past from Bulgaria Sofia
This analysis could be very attention-grabbing, however as soon as again proves that poetry is troublesome to direct logical evaluation. Phrase used by the poet

capriciousness, unpredictability
the standard of being guided by sudden unpredictable impulses, except in the usual sense, in combination with different words to recommend the volatility of passion in ladies. In my view, the evaluation of those poems must be made with good experience and gained the same sensitivity.

sligobay 7 years ago from east of the equator
Thank you for this useful article which has taught me much that I didn’t know. There may be so rather more content and which means in this 14 line Sonnet than I may ever have realized with out your focus. I now need to reread all of Shakespeare’s Sonnets. Cheers.

Tustitala Tom 7 years in the past
Thanks for your form feedback Alternate Poet. At all times grateful for feedback. Your means forward of me on poety, methinks; I’ve never been into the analytical aspect.

Thanks once more.

Kim Harris 7 years ago
I have never been capable of “respect” the symbolism, archetypes and deeper meanings in poetry and literature. I would by no means have guessed that this poem had anything to do with women and oppression, and would not have even noticed the pole and tent imagery. I probably would have stopped reading, as a result of I had no concept what it was about. Thanks for the interpretation. It helps me perceive this poem, however I’m unsure I’d do any higher at deciphering others as a result of understanding this. I do at better at deciphering foreign languages than English lit! Thanks a lot for the informative hub AP.

Ben Evans 7 years ago
This is useful for me. I started writing earlier than I used to be ready to study totally different styles. Once i read what others write, I really feel I’m star trek red shirt t-shirt malaysia in a position to enhance my writing.

Thanks for the interpretation.
gulnazahmad 7 years in the past from Pakistan

Really loved studying Silken Tent this way. I m an important fan of Robert Frost, my love for poetry began after I read his poems during school and faculty days and indeed his poetry has so many ranges and deeper meanings, when folks can not get those which means they say that his poems are childish which certainly his poems should not.

valeriebelew 7 years ago from Metro Atlanta, GA, USA
I always beloved “Stopping in the woods on a snowy night.” I really like his easy fashion. I like to come back away from a studying experience being relatively positive I do know what the poet meant to say. Some modern writing seems like a lot phrase salad to me. If I am unable to inform what’s being stated, I grow bored rapidly.

loveofnight 7 years in the past from Baltimore, Maryland
superior, absolutely you could have finished mr.frost justice. your dissection was great……a very good share

SummerSteward 7 years ago from Duluth MN
I must confess, Frost typically goes above my head…. so this was an excellent learn.. this half in particular..

“The movement of the tent within the capriciousness of summer season air. Because the girl does one thing playful or naughty (this is ‘capricious’) when warm and emotional (that is ‘summer air’) she is sharply reminded of her duty as that duty calls her to go back to her place.”

I admire his notion and admiration for ladies. To group emotions and playfulness with “naughtiness” and it’s being uncalled for by folks of those times was an incredible injustice in the direction of women. One in all the greatest attributes and my most thankful quality is my passion, emotion and skill to act in nurturing playfulness. Nice hub and a smart scholar!

MFB III 7 years ago from United States
Glorious evaluation of Frost, Poetry is as a painting, one should canvas it, and hunt down all of the tiniest particulars to search out some of the hidden magnificence. Like unto brush strokes of pigment, so to are the pen strokes of a poet, coloring our world with the pigments of his/her imagination. There ought to always be a robust end to seal the work as worthy

of time’s erosion. It ought to include a topic that folks get pleasure from taking a look at, or some form of the bizzare to seize their darkish facet. ~~~MFB III

Micky Dee 7 years in the past
Very good hub again. Thank you Sir!

thanks for dropping by kathylittlewolf, it was for me too 😀
Little Wolf 7 years in the past from Dusty Trails, Arkansas

educational read for me…
in reality, suppose I’ll learn it once more…

Astra Nomik: Some poets never go out of trend do they.
Kishorilal: When i first learn this critique from certainly one of my college students I was impressed by the simple good sense of it, simple to learn and perceive. Laborious to discover a Frost poem that isn’t likeble.

Habee: I’ll get spherical to Mending the Wall soonest!
Holle Abee 7 years ago from Georgia

I really like Frost! I think “Mending Wall” is my fave, but this one is also nice!
Kishorilal 7 years ago

Woods are lovely, darkish and deep;
But I have promises to maintain:

Miles to go earlier than I sleep,
Miles to go earlier than I sleep.

These lines by Frost begin resounding in my ears everytime I take his identify or hear about him. The detailed rationalization of the poetry above has absolutely made me re-learn him once more. Thoroughly loved that. Thanks loads alternate poet.

– Kishorilal
Cathy Nerujen 7 years in the past from Edge of Actuality and Identified House

I loved this because it is a great critique of an amazing poet. He is so ceaselessly quoted by the famous and trendy, as a result of he seemed to talk for the conscience of all generations. He sometimes stated what all of us really feel like saying. He seems to contextualize issues in his quotes and star trek red shirt t-shirt malaysia poems. His poetry will never exit of fashion. He is a poet who made poetry fashionable. I just lately wrote my first poem on Hub Pages. Poetry lets us say issues that we may ordinarily by no means normally say. We might have to find other methods of saying it. Than you for an amazing hub.

some strains just stick there perpetually don’t they ! nice to satisfy you.
Blake Ford Hall 7 years in the past from Now Rising Out of Phoenix Arizona Earthlings

Good AP, Robert Frost and Carl Sandburg have been both very influencial from my earliest years as a poet.

I used to have TWO WTICHES memorized
“…Don’t that make you suspcious

That the lifeless are conserving something again…”
Carry on Hubbing

Hello again poetlorraine, you make me blush !

Thanks seasoning, lessons from me huh, ‘she’ tells me I’m remedial kindergarten!
seasoning 7 years in the past

lessons of love…. from a poet…. how wonderful
poetlorraine 7 years ago

i’m so having fun with your work, it sort of grips my coronary heart…. keep going…
thanx once more 🙂

myownworld 7 years in the past from uk
Enormous Frost fan, so actually enjoyed reading this… great essential anlaysis with this one… 🙂

Thanks for your form feedback Mythbuster – the credit score really goes to the student who wrote it, I believed it was nice, easy and proper in my opinion.

mythbuster 7 years ago from Utopia, Oz, You Resolve
alternate poet, I’ve actually loved this hub and each your instructions and detailed therapy/interpretation of this poetry. I had to scroll up a few instances and re-learn and am appreciative of your solutions as a guide in learn how to read this poem.

Really must thank the student here, most of it’s just as she wrote it – I believed it was really cool and she agreed to me utilizing it 🙂

Laurel Rogers 7 years in the past from Bishop, Ca
I’ve solely written one poem in my life, yet at all times been fascinated with the varied forms and types.

Thanks for this ‘the best way to’; very effectively completed.
Authoralternate poet 7 years in the past

Thanks for comment chasingcars. Yes, I have seen many alternative readings and the spider would work, I’ve also seen one which sees a sailing ship as the metaphor. I can have to go back and re-acquaint with the Lady of Shalott now.

chasingcars 7 years ago
Good reading of a beloved yet typically misunderstood poet. Because he used demotic language, people see him as a kids’s poet, and that is wonderful, but he has many layers which dip into our archetypes. You possibly can additionally read the poem as a metaphor of feminine being: spider, lying in her silk net, in her societal world of reproduction and captivity. The poem reminds me of Tennyson’s “The Lady of Shalott” for some reason. Anyhow, Frost had deep and sensual ranges that are productive to explore. Good hub.

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