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What Did That Last Scene Mean

His backstory: He was severely injured following an assault by Gorilla Grodd and left paralyzed. He needed then-Flash Wally West to journey back in time (The Flash can do this, especially utilizing the Cosmic Treadmill) to cease the harm from happening, but Wally refused, not desirous to mess with the timestream. When Zolomon tried to use the treadmill himself to do it, the resulting explosion is what gave him his powers. He decided that so as to be a better hero and perceive private loss, Wally had to expertise a few of his personal, and targeted Barry’s liked ones, even inflicting a miscarriage in his wife.

It wasn’t Zolomon who killed Barry’s mom, though; that was Thawne.
Men's Thor Marvel Desgin Long Sleeve T ShirtsWithin the Geoff Johns-penned Flash Rebirth, Thawne learned that Barry Allen had died, sacrificing himself to save lots of the universe in the course of the Disaster on Infinite Earths. Enraged that his enemy had died with dignity, Professor Zoom sent a subliminal message to Barry, who had briefly emerged from the Velocity Drive, he engineered Barry’s return throughout Closing Crisis.

Thawne then broke into the Central City crime lab, murdered two police scientists, and recreated the accident which initially had granted Barry his speed, creating the Destructive Pace Force. Zoom then traveled by way of time on a private vendetta against Barry Allen: He pushed a young Barry down the steps, burned down his childhood home, left the door open so his canine was hit by a car, murdered his mother and tried to cease his son’s marriage within the thirtieth Century (due to the DC Wiki for that cheerful refresher).

After all, Harrison Wells appears to be truly making an attempt to make sure that Barry dies in the Crisis, changing into very alarmed when time was briefly altered to make it so that he didn’t. He additionally did not stop to exist when time was altered, suggesting that he is probably not from the long run.

So…is he Zolomon
It’s exhausting to say. Not solely did the Reverse-Flash murder Barry’s mother, but the implication that another speedster was there at the time — Barry, or somebody carrying his colors or accessing his portion of the velocity area — means that parts of the Flashpoint storyline, in which Barry efficiently traveled again in time to forestall Thawne from murdering Nora, solely to find the damage accomplished to time could be so massive he had no alternative but to let her die, are in play.

Might the Reverse-Flash we saw tonight know that already he did inform Barry that it was his mom’s future to die that night. If Flashpoint already occurred, it can be a star trek olson red shirt zip intelligent manner of avoiding the need to do an alternate-actuality story (which might go hinky fast — simply ask Heroes) while nonetheless enjoying the fruits of the story by way of character improvement.

You’ll additionally notice that he by no means actually confesses to having killed Nora. He would not deny it, and he actually makes use of it towards Barry…but he by no means admits he did it.

“If you’d like to find that out, you will must catch me,” he tells Barry when confronted about why he killed Nora. When Joe West asks him, he ignores it completely after which the one different reference to Nora’s fate was the aforementioned “she was destined to die that evening.”

It isn’t inconceivable that each Reverse-Flashes are in play Men’s ant-man villains Cotton Long Sleeve T Shirts here. Could Zolomon, as an example, be actively aiding Thawne whereas pursuing his own agenda That might clarify how Wells might have been in more than one place directly with out time-journey, which is the apparent reply in the intervening time. After all, most individuals have been speculating that if it was Zolomon, it would be Wells while if it wasn’t, it can be Eddie Thawne (Eobard is a 25th Century bastardization of Edward). Since he, too, was within the room with Zoom, both everyone is fallacious or there’s some time-travel occurring there regardless.

…And let’s not get into the truth that the jagged black at the bottom of the Reverse-Flash costume is harking back to Daniel West, the brother of Iris and present Reverse-Flash in the brand new fifty two.

Meanwhile, what concerning the thing with the costume It seems doubtless he was infusing the costume itself with speed force (or adverse pace force) power; during the Wally West era, his costume ultimately was manufactured from pace force, that means that he could draw from it for an additional enhance and that he could more or less summon it at will with out needing to star trek olson red shirt zip alter.

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