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Teletraan I: The Transformers Wiki

Sure, you learn that proper.
The One is an extradimensional entity from before time, in whom Order and Chaos exist in excellent harmony. It created Unicron, then cut him in half to make Primus. The Vok declare to be guardians of The One and followers of its will, possibly which means it exists in Nexus Zero. They also appear to assume that both it created the multiverse, or it is the multiverse. Particulars are fuzzy.

The Vok had been the star trek dad shirt 40 first identified source of information in regards to the One, whom they tended to explain in relation to themselves, or vice-versa. [Be aware: Capitalization of Vok quotes is at editor’s discretion; their traces have been printed in all caps.]

The enemy in question on the time appeared to be the resurrected Tarantulas, who in reality had captured the facility of two Vok and was making ready to wreak havoc upon prehistoric, put up-Beast Wars Earth. The Vok sought to guard “the sleepers,” by whom they meant the stasis-locked Autobots and Decepticons aboard the Ark. They believed this to be “the need of The One.” Primeval Dawn Part 1

– The Armada cartoon, which came out between the 3H comics and the last word Guide, offered an interesting parallel in its creation story. X-Men Narration within the sequence premiere declared, “Light years in the past, deep within the cosmos, a novel, digital entity got here into being. In search of different life kinds, it sent explorers out to the furthest reaches of the galaxy. These digital, mechanical beings became referred to as Transformers.” This was expanded upon within the novelization, which mentioned that the Transformers’ pre-battle goal was to discover the universe, downloading their discoveries into Cybertron so the planet might develop in data. Assuming the “digital entity” was Primus, he seems to be imitating his creator’s star trek dad shirt 40 personal methodology of vicarious exploration.

– The One’s method of making Primus from the substance of Unicron mirrors Primus’s creation of the Transformers, whose sparks are fragments of his personal being, as acknowledged in “Abduction”. This process was explored in barely extra element in Simon Furman’s star trek dad shirt 40 apocryphal text story “Alignment”.

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