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Men's Custom Raven Gallery Titan Short Sleeve T ShirtsEach leaf of poison-ivy consists of three leaflets so the leaf is claimed to be “compound”. (See bracket marked “b” in Determine 3A for one full compound leaf and bracket and arrows marked “c” for particular person leaflets.) The stalk (e) of the center leaflet is longer than the stalks (f) of the 2 aspect leaflets. All 3 leaflet stalks (e and f) are joined collectively on the tip of spiderman venom compression shirt one much longer stalk (d) which is named the petiole. The opposite end of the petiole is attached to the woody stem at a node or Men’s Desgin Amzing Spider-Man Short Sleeve T-Shirt “joint” (a). There is only one petiole at each node and, when there are several leaves they usually alternate from one facet of the stem to the other at successive nodes.

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