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Match 8361 Darkseid And Anti-Monitor Vs. Thanos And Galactus

Women's batman and poison ivy Desgin Long Sleeve T ShirtsMatter of truth DS LETS Supes win type time to time. Supes’ wins arent even in a physical method half the time, six pack abs t shirt they’re extra moral wins then something. Now on to the Omega Beams/Effect, Anti-Monitor six pack abs t shirt was a multi-verse menace, he had thousands of heroes preventing him and was profitable, and guess what Darkseids Omega Beams managed to harm him. Anti-Monitor>>>>>>Thanos. Additionally the Doomsday fight you’re referring to, that was Hunter Prey Doomsday, the one that can adapt immediately, and sure the Omega Beams KILLED him, however Doomsday being himself came back to life and attacked Darkseid when he had his again turn, also this was an avatar of DS which is way weaker then the true deal. Thanos Could be ready to make use of his shields to stop the OB, however he has no protection in opposition to the OE, which Darkseid can use to put him in anyplace in time, or any place. For the Thanos vs Galactus feat tell the entire story, Thanos KNEW he wasnt going to harm Galactus, he solely needed his attention, you fail to inform that the subsequent page Galactus blasts Thanos, and Thanos then begs for his life. I dont care what anyone says Darkseid will beat Thanos, as I mentioned the Omega Effect will take care Men’s Avengers Silver Surfer Custom Long Sleeve T-Shirt of him. Also Darkseid has pimp slapped Superman a number of times, and Superman is superior to Hulk.

As for Anti-Monitor vs Galactus, I’m undecided who would win, I’m leaning towards the big G, I’ll look forward to others to remark.

Poopoopman, not dangerous for your first match, Darkseid for his one line was out of character though, perhaps your next match put some extra details. Like I said it is your first match and it is better then a lot of others’ first match, simply ask the cape lol.