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Person Weblog:RaptorHunter/DC Vs. Marvel Spherical 1: Aquatic Battle. Aquaman Vs. Prince Namor

Aquaman: Arthur Curry was the son of the human lighthouse keeper, Tom Curry, and his mom Atlanna, a outcast from the legendary land of Atlantis. From his mom’s genetics, Arthur discovered his spectacular powers, similar to his superb swimming talents, being ready to outlive underwater, and communicate with the ocean life. Riddler He started to use his skills for good, and turned the defender of the sea, taking the identify of “Aquaman”. As Arthur grew up, he modified his identify to “Aquaman”. Early on, he grew to become a member of the Justice League of America. Around then, he additionally became familiar with his widespread allies, corresponding to Aqualad, an outcast Atlantian orphan, who Aquaman takes in. Nonetheless, he also became acquainted with new enemies, comparable to Black Manta, and he now protects the seven seas from the dangers of these enemies.

Prince Namor: In 1915, Winston Churchill despatched out Ernest Shackleton, sought out vibranium in the Arctic. Unfortunatly, his ship, the Endurance, was destroyed at sea, ans lost. Later, Leonard McKenzie went seeking the vibranium. Along the way in which, he got here throughout the Atlantian princess, and he impregnated her. The son was named Namor. Later on, Common Krang of Atlantis ordered his soldiers to attack McKenzies crew. McKenzie was not killed, but he did not recognize his son, when Namor set rampage to New York sooner or later. He grew up taunting his cousin Dorma, and enjoying with his different cousins, Namora and Byyrah, as well as his good friend Merrano. As time went on, Namor became the rightful heir to the throne of Atlantis, and now guidelines over the oceans, and could be very distrusting robin workout shirt lyrics of the “surface-dwellers”.

-The Waterbearer Hand
-Time Gem

-Super Human Power, Endurance, Durability, Velocity, Steadiness, Reflexes
– Marine Telepathy

-Water Sense

-Vitality and Heat Resistant
-Knowledgeable Swimmer, Tactician, Combatant, and Diplomat

Powers and skills:

-Enhanced Senses
-Super Human Energy, Pace, Stamina, Agility, Reflexes, Durability, Longevity

– Aquatic Healing
-Radiation Absorption

-Flight by wings on toes
-Marine Life

-Skilled Swimmer, Tactician, Combatant, Diplomat, Linguist, Engineer, and Businessman

-When not in water, his powers are weaker
-Should keep Oxygen balanced

-Dehydration and Pollution
== The Battle== Prince Namor lounges in the Throne of Atlantis, with two lovely mermaids by his facet, stroking him, much to Men’s DEADPOOL Sweet Cartoon Print Long Sleeve T Shirts Namor’s pleasure. He grins warmly, and relaxes in the warm waters of Atlantis, till a booming voice yells “Hault, evil being, you shall leave my rightful throne!” It’s the voice of Aquman, and he doesn’t look glad.

“By no means!” Namor replies. The mermaids flee and swim to safety, and Namor raises his hand up rapidly and shoots a fast bolt of electricity in the direction of Aquman, however he swiftly swings up his Trident of Poseidon, and the electricity bounces right off. Aquaman sends out a name for assist using “The Clear” and earlier than Namor knows it, three nearby tiger sharks have surrounded him. In protection, Namor picks up Neptune’s Trident, and thrashes and stabs the sharks together with his weapon, but at the same time as he fights off the beasts, extra carry on swarming upon him. he uses his only hope: The Time Gem. He lifts the small jewel up into the air, whilst he is being bitten apart by the sharks, and the scene bursts right into a flash of mild. We’re taken again in time, several minutes in the past.

We return to the daybreak of the struggle. “By no means!” Namor replies. However as an alternative of attempting to shock Aquaman along with his electric powers, he decides to swim toward him at high pace, and as he nears, Aquaman takes out his Trident as soon as agiain, and attempts to hit Namor, however is deflected by Namor’s Wrist Gauntlets. Namor then swings a punch and nails Aquaman sq. within the face. Aquaman does not take this lightly, and pulls out his Cutlass, and robin workout shirt lyrics swings at Namor. A big swipe hits Namor within the forearm, but his naturally hardened pores and skin makes this wound solely a gash, not a limb loss. Seeing as he is at a shortage of weapons, Namor takes the Horn of Proteus from his belt and blows a loud, hearty noise.

The ft beneath the 2 begins to rumble, however Namor is aware of to swim away and watch from a distance. Then all of a sudden Aquaman is thrown off his feet as robin workout shirt lyrics Giganto, The behemoth, 1,000 foot-tall anthropoid whale, rises from the ocean floor. The monster roars out in awakening, and notices Aquaman, lumbering in the direction of them. Nevertheless, Aquaman, doesn’t intend to harm the whale. Fairly, he shoots his harpoon at Namor, who has decided to observe at a safe distance. Namor watches because the barb flies straight into his chest. His eyes shut for the last time, and Namor drops toward the seabed. Aquaman uses “The Clear” to speak with Giganto, telling him Namor is his dinner for the day. Once the skewered Namor is reeled in by Aquaman, Aquaman makes for sure Namor is useless. He places his proper hand as much as Namor’s forehead, and dehydarates him with the powers of the Waterbearer Hand. Namor, now formally lifeless, shrivels like a raisin, and Aquaman tosses Namor in direction of Giganto, who swallows his as soon as-was grasp in one gulp, and nestles down for some relaxation. Aquaman too, decides he wants some relaxation, and swims towards the Atlantean Throne, now the rightful King.

Winner: Aquaman. The 2 opponents had very similar fighting skills, however Aquaman’s simply had the more effective weapons, and received over Namor.

That concludes Round 1 of RaptorHunter’s DC vs. Marvel Tournament! Up to now DC kicks off with the rating 1-zero. But can Marvel even things out next spherical It is Doom Patrol vs. Unbelievable 4, so be able to vote vote vote, and remark!!! -RaptorHunter Out!