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How Jason Momoa Will Make This DC Hero Cool Again

Men's CW Spider-Man Shield Promo Print Long Sleeve T ShirtsConsider it or not, once upon a time Aquaman was thought-about cool. There isn’t truly a supply for that or anything. I’m just assuming it’s true because he’s been round for so lengthy, so DC comics will need to have good purpose to maintain him round. At the very least, he was an original member of the Justice League and that has bought to rely for one thing. Regardless, DC has had an undeniably powerful time popularizing the man for a very long time now. But it surely seems to be like the decades-lengthy hunch for Aquaman is over.

Ever since the primary picture of Jason Momoa as Aquaman was released, the world knew that issues had been wanting up for the swim trunk superhero. Jason Momoa is poised to do the unattainable: Make Aquaman cool (once more), and the next are 5 potential ways he could do it.

1. Momoa’s screen history
Jason Momoa as Khal Drogo on Sport of Thrones | HBO

With Jason Momoa comes his unquestionably badass screen historical past. Roles akin to Khal Drogo from HBO’s Sport of Thrones and the title character within the latest Conan the Barbarian remake have made Jason Momoa synonymous with the heroic and admirable warrior archetype. And die onerous followers of Momoa will remember his time on Stargate: Atlantis, so it’s not exactly like he’ll be out of his component as Aquaman.

While comic readers and dedicated followers of Aquaman know that there are loads of ways the character is hardcore (stay tuned for No. Three on this list), most people have a tough time sharing this belief. Momoa’s typecast image of a stoic, battle-hardened character ought to benefit the portrayal of Aquaman in the brand new, grittier DC lineup that started with this year’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Aquaman will even get his personal standalone movie that is at present scheduled for launch in 2018, based on IMDb.

2. A darker characterization (possible antagonist )
Jason Momoa as Aquaman | Warner Bros.

Talking of the more gritty path DC (i.e. Zack Snyder) seems to be going with their superhero films, there’s real potential in making Aquaman the middle of that grittiness. Batman v. Superman: Daybreak of Justice already set the precedent of battle among superheroes so who’s to say this trend won’t continue Momoa’s screen historical past of anti-heroes even lends itself to a darker route for Aquaman. Not to mention that there’s actually a precedent for this.

In the “Flashpoint” comic ebook story arc, written by Geoff Johns, the Flash wakes up in an alternate, a lot grimmer, timeline. Many things are totally different in this timeline but the main level of conflict revolves around an Amazonian-Atlantean war. The timeline portrays a a lot fiercer and brutal Aquaman who is keen to take part in a conflict that would destroy the planet. This comic gave readers a glimpse at just how dangerous and harmful the king of an underwater civilization could possibly be to the remainder of the world. It’s unlikely that these precise events from “Flashpoint” will play out in a Momoa-led Aquaman movie, but there is definitely an opportunity for Aquaman to be seen as less of a hero for humankind and more of a monarch of Atlantis.

Three. Aquaman is strong, but conflicted
We received a couple of extra details about Aquaman’s story arc within the films, because of a DC Films particular that aired on The CW in January 2016. “His name is Arthur Curry,” defined DC Comics Chief Artistic Officer Geoff Johns. “He is the son of a lighthouse keeper and the queen of Atlantis, and he starts to develop these powers. He can breathe underwater. He can communicate with sea life. He’s very sturdy.”

And though he’s very strong, Momoa urged that Aquaman’s combined background is a supply of conflict for the character. “He’s the only one who is each a human and he’s a god,” noted Momoa. “I want to appear him struggle with the fact that he has these powers and doesn’t know the way to handle them. He hasn’t been trained.”

four. Jason Momoa has two fingers
Jason Momoa | Gustavo Caballero/Getty Photos for 2014 Sarasota Movie Festival

This one sounds really weird at first, however with a brief rationalization, you’ll see why this might be the coolest half about Momoa’s Aquaman. Regardless of all the jokes at the character’s expense over the years (or presumably due to), Aquaman made one in every of the best private sacrifices of any of the foremost heroes in DC’s lineup: He misplaced considered one of his hands.

There are multiple explanations for how this occurs, depending on which canon you take a look at. Within the comics, one in all his enemies forces Aquaman’s hand into a pool full of pirahannas whereas he’s temporarily unable to communicate with sea life. In the Justice League Limitless episode, “The Enemy Below,” Aquaman’s loss of his hand is somewhat extra dramatic. With his infant son in grave peril and his hand chained up with no approach to chop through the metal, robin schulz t shirt Aquaman is left with no different alternative however to saw it off.

It’s unknown if DC will go with either of those routes with reference to Aquaman’s hand (hopefully they do and hopefully it’s the latter). But the fact that Jason Momoa is depicted with two palms in the press picture seen beforehand, there’s no less than a chance we’ll see him make the sacrifice play so as to save lots of his family. Is there actually anything cooler than that

5. Hawaiian heritage
Jason Momoa | Jason Momoa’s Instagram

The original Aquaman was named Arthur Curry and white, blonde, and blue eyed. So it’s a very good change of tempo that DC has solid Momoa, who is Hawaiian by descent and from Honolulu. Traditionally, Hawaiians had strong ties to the ocean and sea life. They were expert navigators that explored the pacific island regions hundreds of years before Europeans.

What impact will all this have on the best way Momoa will portray Aquaman Completely none. Momoa was raised in Oklahoma and whereas he has a deep respect for his heritage (see his participation in the Mauna Kea protests), it can be extraordinarily unlucky if DC/ Warner Bros. tried to make the most of that and capitalize off that heritage. That being said, it is all the time appreciated when studios robin schulz t shirt are willing to make a casting name like this. Aquaman was created when comics have been predominately only read by robin schulz t shirt white males. Times have modified and comics are welcomed and supported by all kinds of demographics. Plus it actually helps to alter the notion that solely handsome white guys could be superheroes. Clearly handsome Hawaiian guys may be too.