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Marvel: Ultimate Alliance Wiki

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Wolverine is a mutant and member of the X-Men. Famed for his regenerative healing and adamantium skeleton, Wolverine is gruff and aggressive.

Wolverine’ s HistoryEdit
Born at the turn of the 19th century, James Howlett, the man who would sooner or later change into known and feared as Wolverine, was a sickly little one. However he was also born a mutant, gifted with the exceptional means to heal virtually instantenously from nearly any wound he additionally had razor-sharp claws fabricated from bone, a truth he first change into conscious of when, throughout a home dispute, he by chance unshheated his claws fot the primary time, killing his assailant. Weapon X mission laced his skeleton with a almost-unbrekable steel alloy known as robin logo t shirt sale adamantium.

Marvel: Final Alliance Edit
Strike Hero (stats at stage 30)

Powers Edit
– Claw Slash (Melee)

– Claw Frenzy (Melee) – Replaces above throughout berserk rage.
– Lethal Lunge (Cost)

– Certain Dying (Melee) – Replaces above throughout berserk rage.
– Eviscerate (Melee)

– Spin Assault (Melee) – Replaces above throughout berserk rage.
– Fury (Enhance)

– Taunt (Debuff)
– Feral Rage (Xtreme)

Unique Traits:
Healing Factor
Rage Meter: Substitute common normal particular powers with Berserk Rage Mode only particular powers

Costumes Edit

– Traditional
– Astonishing

– Final
Teams Edit

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
Dangerous to the Bone
New Avengers
New Implausible Four

Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 Edit

Lunging Rage
Leaps ahead with a deadly strike. (wounding damage)

Whirling Slash
Leaps into the air, slashing in all directions. (wounding injury)

Dashing Flurry
Dashes forward, viciously putting any in 100% Cotton robin superhero comic Short Sleeve Customized Casual Children’s T-shirt his manner. (wounding damage)

Claw Kebab
Enraged, impales foe and slams them into the bottom. (wounding damage)

Healing robin logo t shirt sale Issue

Hurries up hit level regeneration.
Wounding Strikes

Adds wounding harm to melee attacks.
Feral Mastery

Raises injury for all wounding attacks. Requires Professional-Reg.

Allows extra frequent use of powers. Requires Pro-Reg.
Savage Combating

Raises melee attack damage. Requires Anti-Reg.
Exact Strikes

Raises likelihood of inflicting critical hits. Requires Anti-Reg.