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The Joker (new fifty two) VS. Light Yagami

Men's Custom Fantastic Four Short Sleeve T-ShirtJoker’s principal vulnerability here is that his face is effectively-identified. And Kira’s main energy is that he’d keep away from confrontation.

I’m assuming that identical to Gentle would not know Joker’s real name, Joker doesn’t know this Kira particular person really is – simply that he would be trying to kill him in week’s time. Prepwork could be in Joker’s favor, ofcourse, but 1 week isn’t sufficient time to determine Kira’s identification.

Mild, on the other hand, does not want a lot prep-work. He just needs the information and a patsy.
Mild tears out a web page from the Demise Note and makes certain the note is found by his chosen patsy – probably Harvey Bullock. On the torn web page, he writes Harvey’s title and time of dying with the next particulars.

“Goes for a stroll outdoors the police station is a no-digicam zone. Bends retro teenage mutant ninja turtles shirt 2017 to tie his shoe-lace and occurs to seek out the Dying Be aware taped to the bottom of the bench. Retains the find a secret and immediately goes to a private location. Assumes ownership of the Note and makes the attention-deal with the shinigami. Instantly goes back to the station and pulls up all the files relating to the Joker and other criminals. Sees their real name and writes them all down in the again of the pictures. Slips those pictures into the Death Observe and places the Demise Note again where he found it. Instantly gives up the possession, conducts no additional investigation and goes dwelling to die of a heart-attack.”

Then all Gentle needs to do is keep the paper shut, tape the notice below a bench near the police station and quit retro teenage mutant ninja turtles shirt 2017 ownership. Then he can simply come again and pick it up once more. He sees the Joker’s name and writes it down.

Two attainable kinks in the plan.
With every week to prep, Joker might realize that he has to erase every image of his from each database. Robust, but doable.

Secondly, Joker’s “face” won’t be regarded as his real face by the Demise Note. So the Word might not work.