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DC Legends Wiki

Configures his armor to adapt to shielded enemies and do extra injury in opposition to them. Blue Beetle: Jaime Reyes is a Hero with Mystical affinity.

1 Stats
2 Tremendous Powers 2.1 Scarab Slash
2.2 Scarab’s Might
2.3 Beetle Blast
2.Four Shield Breaker
2.5 Carapace

– Price: 10
– Hero

Power 346 5.7 352
Agility 303 5.8 309
Stamina 326 5.2 331
Intelligence 324 5.2 329
Hit Factors 10 3312
Velocity eighty zero 80
Critical Chance 5 zero 5
Crucial Value 150 zero 150
Energy n/a

Blue Beetle: Jaime Reyes Base Stats Icon Title Base Worth Growth Modifier Complete
Power 346 10.Three 356
Agility 303 10.6 314
Stamina 326 9.5 336
Intelligence 324 9.5 334
Hit Points 10 3355
Pace 80 0 80
Essential Probability 5 0 5
Important Worth a hundred and fifty 0 one hundred fifty
Power n/a

edit stats
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Blue Beetle: Jaime Reyes Gear Stats Gear Set Name Stage 11 Value Full Identify Description

– Kind: Hybrid
STR 610 Energy Affects Physical Damage
AGI 735 Agility Affects Physical Protection
STA 675 Stamina Affects Hit Factors
INT 435 Intelligence Affects Particular Harm, Special Damage Protection, and Heal Power
HP 6350 Hit Points The amount of injury a Hero can take earlier than they’re defeated
SPD forty Velocity The frequency a Hero takes turns in fight
CRT CH 17% Crucial Chance The +% likelihood a Hero has to perform a “Essential Hit”
CRT VAL 166% Crucial Quantity The +% improve in damage or healing a Hero gets when dealing a “Vital Hit”
P DMG 0.Eighty four Physical Injury Increases Bodily Injury dealt
S DMG 0.Ninety four Special Damage Increases Special Harm and Healing dealt
AP 0.34 Affinity Energy Will increase further Affinity injury dealt
AR zero.34 Affinity Resist Reduces extra Affinity injury received
DEF 1.52 Protection Reduces Physical Injury received
RES 1.17 Resistance Reduces Special Harm acquired

edit stats
To match all allies gear stats verify Gear Bonus.
Blue Beetle: Jaime Reyes Level 70 Stats with Gear eleven Icon Name Base Value Development Modifier Progress Modifier x70 Gear bonus Total

– Price: Ninety
– Hero
Strength 346 10.3 721 610 1677
Agility 303 10.6 742 735 1780
Stamina 326 9.5 665 675 1666
Intelligence 324 9.5 665 435 1424
Hit Points 10 6350 23010
Speed 80 zero 0 forty one hundred twenty
Important Likelihood 5% zero 0 17% 22%
Essential Worth one hundred fifty% zero 0 166% 316%
P DMG 0.Eighty four 0.Eighty four
S DMG zero.94 zero.94
AP zero.34 zero.34
AR 0.34 zero.34
DEF 1.Fifty two 1.Fifty two
RES 1.17 1.17
Energy n/a

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Tremendous Powers[edit]

Scarab Slash
Template:Remove Shield

Scarab’s retro batman tshirt Might
Energy Up
Crit Chance Up

Beetle Blast
Shield Breaker

Flip Meter Up


– Blue Beetle: Jaime Reyes’s Gear
Blue Beetle Jaime Reyes G1 Ted Kords BB Gun.png
Ted Kord’s BB Gun

Blue Beetle Jaime Reyes retro batman tshirt G2 Daniel Garrets Notebook.png
Daniel Garret’s Notebook
Blue Beetle Jaime Reyes G3 Reyes Family Picture.png
Reyes Family Photograph

Blue Beetle Jaime Reyes G4 Reach Tech.png
Reach Tech
Blue Beetle Jaime Reyes G5 Transbiotic Antitrauma Unit.png
Transbiotic Anti-trauma Unit

Blue Beetle Jaime Reyes G6 El Paso High school Yearbook.png
El Paso Highschool Yearbook

After bonding to the mysterious scarab entity, Jaime Reyes is granted extraordinary powers that retro batman tshirt make him a dwelling weapon.

Jaime was a typical teenager until he came upon the mysterious Blue Beetle scarab. Initially possessed by Dan Garrett and then Ted Kord, the parasitic scarab connected itself to Jaimes spine. Bonding completely with the entity, Jaime was capable of faucet into new powers that his predecessors never dreamed of. Although its origins are obscure, Jaime has formed an unusualpartnership with the alien creature and is now the latest hero to name himself the Blue Beetle.

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