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LEGO Phineas And Ferb: The Video Game

LEGO Phineas and Ferb: The Video Recreation is the primary video recreation of LEGO Phineas and Ferb.

The game is filled with sevaral ranges to play on, all primarily based on totally different episodes. You can play in co-op mode, with two individuals.

Cell phone Towers: Many charaters have the cell phone means. Walk as much as to a tower to use.
Inators: Some charaters can activate inators. Walk up to an inator to make use of.

Secret Agent Vaults: All O.C.W.A. agents can use these vaults along with a pair different charaters.
Metal Containers: Some characters can bust open these containers. Walk up to a field to bust.

Black Partitions: Some characters can bust through these partitions. Stroll as much as a wall to bust.
Fireside Girls Club Houses: All Fireside Women can enter these homes for hints from some other Fireside Ladies

Degree Base
The extent Base is Perry’s Hideout, where you may go to totally different sections. The main part is the place the Television is, where you should buy objects (characters, gold bricks, crimson bricks, automobiles, Perry Spy gadgets) from Main Monogram. The second part within the vehicle hub, where you may replay Season 1 levels. The third room is the Gadget Room, the place you’ll be able to replay Season 2 and 3 levels. Plus, there’s a secret room, the HQ of the agency, where you do secret ranges, and the level builders. There can be the Flynn-Fletcher backyard, where the gold bricks find yourself, revealing secret levels. Plus, accessable by the Flynn-Fletcher backyard & after finishing the primary degree, you may go into town of Danville and use the automobiles you’ve got unlocked. The town of Danville is 1/2 occasions bigger than the Lego City Undercover & Lego Marvel Superheroes maps mixed. As you explore the city of Danville, the degrees primarily based off the Season 1-3 episodes are marked as locations. There are additionally several golden bricks hidden round town, every requiring a particular character to obtain it. Throughout the hideout, sevaral charcters you unlocked are strolling round, and you can change to play as them. You may also create your personal playable characters to play around in the levels & the hubworld. In the base & in town, there are sevaral unlockable character chips hidden.

Character Chips in Base:
Phineas (Sweater): Within the HQ, use magnet shoes (considered one of Perry’s unlockable spy gadgets) to stroll up the wall and get the chip.

Candace (Swimsuit): In Phineas and Ferb’s yard, use an inator (with Doofenshmirtz or Poofenplotz) to destroy the door. Go inside the Flynn-Fletcher family, and you will note the unlockable chip.

Jenny: Proper next to the Candace (swimsuit).
Alternate Dimension Trailer

The trailer for Lego Phineas and Ferb 2: Throughout the Second Dimension is unlocked after the sport is totally finished along with four alternate dimension characters and 1 alternate dimension degree.

Ranges (First Sport)
Building a Rollercoaster

Characters: Phineas, Ferb, Isabella, Candace (Bonus)
Places: Backyard, Downtown Danville, Rollercoaster

The Queen of the Beach
Characters: Candace (Queen Wahiti), Jeremy (swimsuit), Ferb, Isabella (Bonus)

Boss: Gnome Volcano
Locations: Yard Seaside, Customary Yard (Bonus)

Music: Yard Seaside (Instrumental)
Mount Rushmore, RUSH!

Characters: Phineas, Ferb, Isabella, Gretchen, Candace (Bonus)
Places: Mount Rushmore

Music: Candace (Instrumental)
Haunted Taunted

Characters: Phineas (Mad Scientest), Isabella, Ferb’n’stien, Candace, Agent P (Bonus)
Boss: Werewolf-Vampire-Creature Thingamajig

Locations: Haunted Home, Googolpelx Mall (Bonus)
Music: One Good Scare (Instrumental)

The Monster Of Phinistien and Ferbgor
Characters: Phineastien, Ferbgor, Platypus Monster, Isabella’s Ancestor, Giant Baby Head, Candace’s Ancestor (Bonus)

Boss: Jerkle Doofenshmirtz
Places: Monsters Ball, Woods, Castle, Pond (Bonus)

Music: He is Eviler (Instrumental)
Jump N’ Duck

Characters: Phineas, Ferb, Candace (Towel), Bajeet (Bonus)
Boss: Large Buford

Locations: Overworld, Castle, Backyard
Music: Bounce N’ Duck Theme

Phineas and Ferb-Busters
Characters: Candace, Stacy, Jenny, Buford (Bonus)

Boss: 5 Spinning Tops
Locations: Backyard, Storage, Flynn-Fletcher family, Entrance-Yard, Doofsmirtz Evil Incorprated

Music: You Gotta Bust Your Brothers (Instrumental)
LEGO Agent P

Characters: Agent Perry, Agent Pinky, Main Monogram, Carl (Bonus)
Boss: Dr. Doofenshmirtz, Prof. Poofenplotz

Places: Agent P’s Lair, Doofenshmirtz Evil Inc.Poofenplotz Evil. Inc, Phineas’s Room (Secret)
Music: Agent P Theme Instrumental

Vanessassary Roughness
Characters: Vanessa, Ferb, Agent Perry, Dr. Doofenshmirtz, Candace, Stacy, Buford, Baljeet, Phineas (Bonus)

Places: Googolplex Mall

I am Me (Instrumental)
Racing Chariots

Characters: Phineas and Ferb (Workforce nerd block deadpool shirt malaysia 1), Isabella and the Fireside Ladies (Staff 2), Buford and Baljeet (Group three), Django, Candace(Team 4), Agent P and Major Monogram (Bonus Crew)

Boss: Norm the Minotaur
Places: Backyard, Avenue, Paul Bunyon’s, Mueseum

Music: My Chariot (Instrumental)
Dream Land

Characters: Phineas, Ferb, Candace, Baljeet, Jeremy, Linda (Bonus)
Boss: Normal

Places: Flying Automotive of the future Right now Launching Pad, Smile Away Day Camp, Grassland, Cliff, Forest (Secret)

Music: Little Brothers, Chains on Me, Funky Bathroom Music (All Instrumental)
Time Journey with Candace

Characters: Phineas, Ferb, Candace, Isabella (Bonus)
Boss: Dinosaur

Locations: Mueseum, Dinosaur Occasions, Time Portal, Phineas and Ferb’s Room (Secret)
Music: Candace Theme

Queen of Mars
Characters: Phineas, Ferb, Baljeet, Candace

Locations: Baljeet’s House, Mars, Science Fair, The Moon (Secret)
Music: Queen of Mars (Instrumental)

PFT Palooza
Characters: Phineas, Ferb, Isabella, Fireside Girls, Candace (Bonus)

Boss: Marty the Rabbit Boy
Locations: Yard, Stage, Downtown Danville

Music: Gitchee Gitchee Goo (Instrumental)
Anti Gravity Enjoyable

Characters: Phineas, Ferb, Isabella, Baljeet, Carl, Agent Perry, Buford (Bonus)
Places: Yard, Agent P’s Lair, Locations the place Perry searches for Agent G, House (Secret)

Music: While you Levitate (Instrumental)
The Fantastic Wizard of Odd

Characters: Candace, Agent Perry,Jeremy (Bonus)
Boss: Dr. Doofenwitch

Locations: Phineas and Ferb’s House, Mind Messed Up Portal, Doofenshmirtz Wicked Witch Castle, Bustopolis

Music: The Yellow Sidewalk, Tree-Related Wish, I Wanna Be Cool, I need Nothing, The Guard’s Needs, My Big Purple Rubber Boots (All Instrumental)

Fort Wars
Characters: Phineas, Ferb, Candace, Isabella, Perry (Bonus)

Boss: Thadues and Thor
Locations: Yard, Weaver Yard, Fort (Secret)

Music: Fast Worky Track
Father-Daughter Competition

Characters: Fireside Girls, Candace, Robotic Lawrence, Isabella, Ferb (Bonus)
Places: Yard, Agent P’s Lair, Father-Daughter Competition, Perry’s Lair (Secret)

Music: Bubble Gum, Bubble Gum (Instrumental)
Badbeard Lake

Characters: Phineas (captain), Ferb (pirate), Candace, Agent Perry (Agent P), Isabella (pirate), Baljeet(pirate), Buford (pirate), Grampa (Bonus)

Boss: Big Lizard for Phineas and Ferb, Dr. Doofenshmirtz for Candace and Agent P
Locations: Campground, Badbeard Lake, Splein Island, Sea (Secret)

Music: Ballod of Badbeard (Instrumental)
Summer time Belongs to YOU!

Characters: Phineas, Ferb, Isabella, Baljeet, Buford, Candace, Vanessa, Dr. Doofenshmirtz, Main Monogram, Agent P, Phineas-2 (Bonus)

Places: Yard, Airport, Tokyo, France, Roman, China, France, Island, Yard, France (final France is a scene solely!), 2nd Diesmion (Secret)

Music: I Consider We will, Follow the Sun, Welcome to Tokyo, Metropolis of Love, Summer Belongs to You, The Ballod of Klimpaloon, Bouncing Around the globe, Rubber Bands Rubber Balls (all Instrumental)

Irving the Nerd
Characters: Phineas, Ferb, Isabella, Baljeet, Buford, Irving, Candace (Bonus)

Boss: Robot Spider
Places: Phineas and Ferb’s Home, Flying Robotic Spider Minigame, Isabella’s Home, Bathroom (Secret)

Music: When You are Small (Instrumental)
Future Adventure

Characters: Candace (Future), Xavier, Amanda, Fred, Joe, Phineas, Ferb, Isabella, Phineas (Future)
Boss: Future Doofenshmirtz

Places: Good Future, Dangerous Future, The Rollercoaster, Phineas and Ferb’s Yard, Caveman Times (Secret)
Music: Charmed Life (Instrumental)

Clone Madness!
Characters: Phineas, Ferb, Nice Phinidroid, Good Ferbot, Candace (Robot Suit) (Bonus)

Boss: 5 Phinidroids, 5 Ferbots
Locations: Flynn-Fletcher Yard, Middle of the Earth (Secret)

Music: Phinidroids and Ferbots (Instrumental)
Temple of Sap Search

Chrarcters: Fireisde Girls, Pinky, Isabella
Boss: Poofenplotz

Locations: Old Abandoned Old Abandoned Amusement Park, Danville Park, Metropolis Streets (When Isabella is driving), Pinky’s Lair (Secret)

Music: Fireside Woman Anthem (Instrumental), 70s Journey Music
Adventures of the Beak

Characters: Phineas (Beak Suit), Isabella (Reporter), Ferb (Beak Facet-Kick Suit), Carl (Baby) (Bonus)

Boss: Khaka Peu Peu
Places: Dowtown Danville, The Nest, P&F Backyard (scene solely), China (Secret)

Music: The Beak Them (Instrumental)
War of the Genres

Characters: Phineas (House Journey), Ferb (Stunkleberry Thinkbat), Ducky Mo Mo(aka Candace), Irving (Bonus)

Boss: Particular Results Monster
Locations: Tri-State Area Sci-Fi Fantasy Convention,

Music: Our Film’s Better then Yours (Instrumental)
The Mysterious Maze

Characters: Candace (Skating), Isabella (Fireside Girl), Melissa, Phineas (Bonus)
Locations: The Labyrinth, Cliff (Secret)

Music: It’s A lot Enjoyable Not Knowin’ Where Your Goin’ (Instrumental)
A Search for 2 Candaces

Characters: Phineas, Ferb, Candace Obsessed with Jeremy, Jeremy (Slushy Canine Swimsuit)
Boss: Candace Obsessed with Busting

Locations: Flynn-Fletcher Yard, Googaplex Mall, Candace Obsessed with Jeremy’s Home (Secret)
Music: Me, Myself, and i (Instrumental)

The Ugly-Inator
Characters: Agent P, Vance Warn,Agent P(ugly),Vance Warn (ugly)

Boss: Doofenshmirtz
Places: D.E.I. Building, D.E.I. Scorching Air Balloon

Music: Perry Theme

Characters: Phineas, Ferb, Isabella, Irving, Baljeet, Buford (all swimsuit),Agent P,Candace (swimsuit)

Boss: Horned Plants
Locations: Ocean, Atlantis,Blimp, Lake Nosey (Secret)

Music: Atlantis (Instrumental)
Simply Going Through!

Characters: Phineas, Ferb, Isabella, Baljeet, Buford, Love Handel (all)
Places: Road, Flynn-Fletcher House, Carnival, Love Handel Concert (Secret)

Music: Just Passing By means of (Instrumental)
Let’s Save Meap

Characters: Phineas, Isabella, Ferb, Candace, Meap
Boss: Mitch

Locations: Mitch’s Ship, Bango-Ru Convention, Danville
Music: My Ride From Outer House (Instrumental)

Catch that Disc!

Men's Iron Fist Avengers Desgin Long Sleeve T-Shirt

Characters: Phineas, Ferb, Candace, Perry, Main Mongram (Bonus)

Boss: Norm
Places: Danville Bridge, Jefforson County, Candace’s Room (Secret)

Music: 70s Adventure Music (from Isabella and the Temple of Sap and Nerds of a Feather [Doof ‘n Puss theme])

Christmas Mission
Characters: Phineas (Sweater), Ferb (Sweater), Candace (Sweater), Clew’t, Blay’n

Places: Danville Sky
Boss: The Evil Presents of Doom

Music: What Does he Want (Instrumental)
It is Laborious to Do a Cliptastic Countdown When The Television Screens Aren’t Working

Characters: Major Monogram, Dr. Doofenshmirtz, Carl, Agent P
Boss: Dr. Doofenshmirtz

Places: Clip Present Studio
Music: Squirrels In My Pants (Instrumental)

Candase and Jearmy Finally Together
Characters Candermy (Candase),Candermy (Jerermy),Perry the Toolbox,Agent T,Ferbneas(Bonus)

Locations Amusment Park,D.E.I

Music:Theme Tune (Instrumentel)
Spot the Diff

Characters: Phineas (Green Hair), Ferb (Crimson Hair), Candace
Boss: Changinator

Places: Doofenshmirtz Blimp, Danville Suburbs
Music: Theme Tune (Instrumental)

Balling Along
Charactres: Phineas, Ferb, Isabella, Baljeet, Buford (all bowling)
Locations: World’s Most Pointless World Records Award Ceromony, Flynn Fletcher Yard, Danville Suburbs, Googaplex, Danville City

Music: Pin Bowling Alongside (Instrumental)
Train Exercise

Characters: Perry, Doofenshmirtz
Locations: Doofenshmirtz Evil Incorperated

Boss: Doofenshmirtz with leap-rope
Minigame: Match the arrows as Perry and Doofenshmirtz dance to the train present.

Music: Dance, Child! (instrumental)
Perry’s Dream

Characters: Candace, Jeremy, Phineas, Ferb, Baljeet,
Places: Smile Away Summer season Reform College

Boss: Doofenshmirtz in a large spider. (Candace helps Perry beat it.)
Music: Chains on Me (Instrumental)

It is All Terrain
Characters: Phineas

Locations: House, The All-terrain car.
Minigame: Automobile-Race. (Keep away from obstacles within the all-terrain car.)

Music: All Terrain (instrumental)
In A giant Bubble

Places: Danville Park, The bubble
Charatcers: The fireside women, Phineas and Ferb, Buford and Baljeet.

Minigame: Fly the bubble round the town
Boss: Gray electric cloud

Music: None, changed by gentle music.
Tour De Ferb

Locations: Danville
Charatcers:Phineas, ferb,Candace,Buford,Bailjeet, and Isabella

Minigame: Race round Danvile on a Bike
Boss: The Bikers (aka Phineas, Ferb and Gang)

Music: Tour De Ferb (song)
Magic Carpet Experience

Locations: The Sky, Danvile
Characters: Phineas,ferb, Dad, Isabella, Buford and Bailjeet

Minigame: Fly in a Magic Carpet and do not fall down
Boss: Dr.Doofenshritz Bilmp

Music: Relaxing Music
Thats the Spirit

Locations Haunted Home,Underworld
Characters: Phineas (Vampire Coustume),Ferbinsten,isabella(Fairy Princess Costume),Russle,

Boss:Pumkin Ghost
Music:Had been Cow on the Rampage (instrumentel)

Hockey Z-9
Locations: Hockey Game, Hockey Z-9 Game

Characters: Phineas (Hockey), Ferb (Hockey), Isabella (Hocky), Baljeet (Hockey), Buford (Hockey), Candace (Hockey) Bonus

Music: Hockey Z-9
Last Stage (Lego Phineas and Ferb 2 Demo)

This is the final stage which can only be unlocked by getting every gold brick.

People: Phineas and Ferb
Places: The Yard

Music: Every thing’s higher with Perry.
Degree Maker

The extent Maker is unlocked when you get at the very least 10 gold bricks. It is positioned within the company HQ. You may construct your personal levels as well as of having the ability to play them and save them. You’ll be able to choose from 7 different doors to build your level in.

Flynn-Fletcher Household

Phineas (Out there in Spider-Phin, Swimsuit, Seater, Mad Scientest, Captain, Circus, Space Adventure Costume, Bowling, Beak Go well with, Inexperienced Hair, Disco, Gladiator, Tuxedo, Gown, Area Go well with, Hawaii,Vampire Costume, Hocky, With Baseball Launcher. He can control Perry is some missions. His particular abilty is fixing stuff with a wrench)
Ferb (Obtainable in Fletcher Unusual (Classic), Swimsuit, Tiki, Sweater, Frankenstien, Circuis, Captain, Bowling, Stunkleberry Thinkbat, Beak Aspect Kick Suit, Hawaii, Crimson Hair, Disco, Gladiator, Tuxedo, Gown, House Swimsuit, Hocky. He can control Bucky in sure levels. His particular abilaty is using a wrench and fixing stuff)
Candace (Obtainable is Swimsuit, Sweater, Towel, Skating, Fireside Lady, Ballgown, Saturday Clothes, Ducky Momo, Disco, Gladiator, House Swimsuit, Hocky. Her special abilty is cellular phone, where you can name at cellphone towers)
Linda (Available in Lindana Go well with, Ballgown, Sweater. Her special capability is hair spray)
Lawrence (Out there in Max Trendy, Tuxedo, Sweater.)
Perry (Obtainable in Circuis Clothes, Agent P mode, Vanessasary Roughness Disguise, Sweater, Temp, Space Swimsuit, With Baseball Launcher. He can use secret agent vaults.)
Betty Jo (Accessible in Skating Clothes.)
Clyde Flynn
Grandpa Fletcher (Obtainable in Flying Fishmonger, Sweater.)
Grandma Fletcher (Available in a barrle)
Aunt Tiana (Out there in Ballgown)

The O.W.C.A.
– chase mcCain Main Monogram (Out there in Tuxedo, Underwear, Swimsuit, Sweater. Can use secret agent vaults)
Carl (Available in Undercover Carl outfit, Doofenshmirtz outfit, Isabella outfit, Sweater, Mother go well with, Tuxedo, Ice Cream man, Swimsuit. Can use secret agent vaults)
Agent P (Accessible in Circuis Clothes, Regular mode, Vanessasary Roughness Disguise, House Go well with, Temp. He can use secret agent vaults.)
Pinky (Obtainable in Regular Mode. Can use secret agent vaults)
Peter the Panda (Available in Regular Mode. Can use secret agent vaults)
Agent Double zero 0
Agent Fox
Agent Rat
Agent Kangoo
Agent Dog
Agent Cat
– Agent Turtle

Fireside Girls
Isabella Garcia-Shapiro (Accessible in Fireside Woman, Swimsuit, Bowling, Sweater, Ballgown, Sweater, Pirate,Fairy Princess Costume, House Suit. She will be able to enter Fireside Woman clubhouses.)
Unnamed Fireside Girl (blonde)
Unnamed Fireside Lady (brunette)
Candace (Obtainable is Swimsuit, Sweater, Skating, Fireside Girl, Ballgown, Saturday Clothes, Ducky Mo Mo, Disco, Gladiator. Her special abilty is cellular phone, where you can name at cellphone towers)

Baljeet (Available in Tuxedo, Bollywood, Bowling, Heavy Steel, Swimsuit, Sweater, Phineas Disguise, Pirate, Area Journey, Hocky. He can do puzzles with his e book)
Buford (Out there in Tuxedo, Ferb Disguise, Heavy Metallic, Seater, Bowling, Pirate, Swimsuit, Stunkleberry Thinkbat, Hocky. He nerd block deadpool shirt malaysia can pound wood boxes open, which might contain studs. He can also pull open walls.)
Irving (Obtainable in Tuxedo, Swimsuit, Sweater, House Journey. He can use his mind-camera to take footage of the map in order that when you lose it, you possibly can look at it still.)
Jeremy (Accessible in Swimsuit, Slushy Canine, Tuxedo, Sweater, Guitarist. He can use a cellular phone)
Stacy (Accessible in Swimsuit, Ballgown, Sweater. She will be able to use a mobile phone)
Jenny (Can use books.)
Django (Obtainable in Swimsuit, Tuxedo, Space Adventure)
Albert (Obtainable in Swimsuit, Tuxedo, and Dragon outfit.)
– Russle

Doofenshmirtz Family
Heinz Doofenshmirtz (Available in Swimsuit, Karate Outfit, Lady Outfit, House Swimsuit, Dance. He can use evil machines)
Vanessa Doofenshmirtz (Available in Swimsuit, Tuxedo, Candace outfit.)
Norm (Out there in Minotaur, Truck. He can use evil machines)
Charlene Doofenshmirtz
Mrs. Doofenshmirtz
Mr. Doofenshmirtz
Mayor Roger Doofenshmirtz (Available in Golfing outfit)


Dr. Bloodpudding
Dr. Diminutive
Evil Scientest Boy
Evil Scientest Girl

Different Villains

Dr. Gevaarlijk
Dr Lloyd Wexler
Khaka Peu Peu (Accessible in Regular Clothes.)


– Mr. Fluffypants
– Bucky (comes with ghost)
Ducky Momo
Jerry The Platypus

Mother and father

Mrs. Garcia-Shapiro
– Dr.

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