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We’ve already covered JK Simmons getting significantly ripped for the position, however we haven’t seen him in costume as Jim Gordon – till now.

The role, which has beforehand been played by Gary Oldman, Pat Hingle and Bryan Cranston (the animated film Batman: Yr One, in case you have been questioning), just isn’t necessarily a complex one and it’ll be attention-grabbing to see what Zack Snyder does with it.

The picture, shared marvel hawkeye sweatshirt by the director on his Twitter account, definitely has shades of the previous noirish comic look that Batman had within the late ’70s marvel hawkeye sweatshirt and ’80s – and sure, Gordon’s carrying the old-college fedora and trenchcoat as well.

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So, ideas Effectively, look, JK Simmons is a incredible actor and also you only need to look at Whiplash to know he can Lex_Luthor do intensity. What’s extra more likely to occur here is that he’ll have a couple of scenes with Batman and that’ll be that.

Our guess is they’re setting him up for Ben Affleck’s standalone Batman film which, right now anyway, is the only DC Comics film we’re keen on seeing. Ben Affleck’s a phenomenal director when he puts his mind to it and seeing him take on a comic-ebook film character, especially one as iconic as Batman, can be interesting.

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