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Blue Beetle #9

Cowl by Paris Cullins and Bruce Patterson.
2. Written by Len Wein, penciled by Paris manhattan t shirts Cullins, inked Dell Barras, colored by Gene D’Angelo and lettered by John Costanza.

Word: Legends Chapter eleven.
Blue Beetle offers with the anti-superhero sentiment created by the occasions of Legends, and picks up the path of Chronos.

Full Plot
Beetle stops an old lady from being mugged by the gang known because the Cyberpunks. Exhibiting off, he actually beats them with each fingers behind his back. Afterwards, when Beetle helps the woman to her feet, she hits him along with her purse, yelling “Down, with Superheros!! Power to the people!!” Shocked, Beetle turns into even more disturbed when several policemen attempt to arrest him for violating the Presidential order banning superhero activity. Beetle escapes in his Bug and tries to make sense of the scenario.

At the house of Angela Revere, her visiting uncle reveals that he is in truth Chronos the time thief. She tries to cease him but he freezes her in time, leaving her in a suspended animation.

Beetle goes again to the Beetle Nest upset about todays occasions. He changes clothes, expenses up the Bug and wonders if there may be any place for the Blue Beetle in a world that hates heroes.

In the Mojave Desert an newbie geologist named Cassandra Sharp is caught in a sandstorm that buries her nearly utterly. Two anonymous males come later and gather her lifeless body.

Within the workplace of Melody Case at KORD industries Melody listens to the President give a speech about why he has made a Presidential order outlawing superheros. She has this on when Ted Kord, lately modified out of his Blue Beetle uniform, walks in. After the presidential speech Gwyneth Tate interviews G. Gordon Godfrey concerning the so referred to as superhero menace. Ted will get so upset he shuts off the Television. This upsets Melody and they argue about heroes place in society.

At the brand new hideout of Chronos, two henchmen try to blackmail Chronos, in search of cost to maintain their mouths shut. Chronos simply kills them, shutting their mouths permanently.

Within the Metallurgy lab of of KORD industries. Ted Kord, Murray Takamoto, and Curt Calhoun (a.ok.a. Prometheus) work in the lab to complete a challenge before Garrison Slate gets manhattan t shirts to Chicago in two days.

Detective Maxwell Fisher and Detective Frank Holt argue concerning the President’s ban on superheroes at Chicago Police Precinct 21 Headquarters.

Again at KORD Industries Melody asks if Ted has seen Angela Revere; She is worried about her and Ted gives to examine on her. She needs him to get another person to do it however Ted doesn’t pay her any mind.

In the meantime, on Pago Island, Conrad Carapax finds a door at the tip of a tunnel he has been digging. He tries to get the doorways open with no luck. He is aware of that there’s one thing on the island manhattan t shirts that was worth Dan Garrett’s life and he plans on discovering out what’s.

Ted will get to Angela Revere’s house and finds her frozen in time. He manages to free her and considers calling the police but decides Chronos is out of their league and resolves to stop him as the Blue Beetle, regardless of the Presidential order.