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Prime 5 Superhero Romances

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Superhero MoviesSuper Heroes Assemble: Part Two
by Steven Escareno18

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Very true. I truthfully wouldn’t be surprised if the brand new 52 ultimately phases out the Superman/Surprise Woman relationship in favor of bringing again Lois. Each as a callback and an occasion comic “The Return of Lois Lane!”.

AuthorWilliam Avitt 2 years in the past from Dayton, Ohio
Oh, don’t get me unsuitable, Superman would undoubtedly be interested in Wonder Girl for all the explanations you stated. I just don’t suppose he may ever be completely happy with her long term the way in which he was with Lois. Diana can’t nurture his human aspect like Lois can

M. T. Dremer 2 years ago from United States
Great record! I utterly agree with your logic behind all of these pairings. Although I will not deny that I’m a fan of the Superman/Wonder Girl relationship. They’re my two favourite super heroes and the thought of them being collectively has been interesting since I played the Justice League video sport. It was called Justice League Heroes, for the PS2 and there was an area level with Surprise Girl and Superman flying over a spaceship and punching out turrets. It appeared like an epic pairing then, and now.

Once more, I completely agree with your logic for Lois, however I’m just enjoying Nerd Satan’s Advocate. So, while Clark could be drawn to lexcorp t shirt Lois, Kal-El might be attracted to Diana, as a result of they arguably have more in frequent. Surprise Lady is much closer in power to Superman, and being a hero with unimaginable weight on her shoulders, she might establish lexcorp t shirt together with his struggles in superhero life. And, she is a foreigner in the human world. Clark may have grown up with humans, but part of him will at all times be a fish out of water, something else that Diana may empathize with. And, usually times individuals are drawn to others primarily based on what they lack. In other words, Superman lost his Kryptonian household, so he is likely to be drawn to the robust family bonds that Surprise Woman has; he might crave it. Although, admittedly, he had a strong human family growing up, I am simply throwing stuff on the market.

But anyway, great hub!

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