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The Greek Hero God (Greek Mythology)

He was not a God to begin with. Simply an old style heavy. Being begotten by high god ZEUS with ALCMENA didn’t automatically bestow godly status. After all, ZEUS did put himself round too much. (For all you recognize, you is perhaps a descendent of the King of Olympus too. Register an immortality claim and see what happens.)

Being a god son was not a lot fun. HERA detested most of ZEUS’s extra-marital kids, however she hated this one with a divine vengeance and lex luthor monkey t shirt dress plotted the most evil plots towards him, even before he was born. (See EURYSTHEUS.)

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HERACLES means ‘Hera’s Glory’, but after lex luthor monkey t shirt dress she drove him insane and forced him to kill his personal youngsters it was more like Hera’s Gory.