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With One Information Story Warner Bros

With one news story Warner Bros. bought all the attention on their superhero movies that they had been seeking for some time. Upon launch of the obvious schedule for their lineup, which included Marvel Girl, Shazam, lana del rey white shirt dress and a Green Lantern/The Flash film, together with Justice League in 2017, all eyes are on what the studio plans to do subsequent. And now based on HitFix we’re getting affirmation on Jason Momoa’s long-rumored involvement in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and beyond.

In accordance with their report, Momoa is definitely on board to play Aquaman in ‘Dawn of Justice”, as had been rumored some months back. Conflicting stories have emerged since then saying he would possibly truly play Martian Manhunter (extra on him in a moment), but that is not the lana del rey white shirt dress case and possibly wouldn’t have been a great fit anyway. Aquaman’s position would be small but pivotal in organising the Justice League movie, because the king of Atlantis will likely be one upset over the devastation to the world’s oceans attributable to the World Engine in Man of Steel. His anger will carry over into Justice League where presumably he and Superman could have a real confrontation.

It’s price noting Aquaman’s presence within the movie runs counter to Nikki Finke’s earlier story that claimed Aquaman would not be in ‘Daybreak of Justice’ at all. So does that imply we should completely low cost every part including Warner Bros.’ Daredevil proposed lineup

Including extra fuel to the fireplace is a tweet from Jeff Sneider on the Wrap which lists Martian Manhunter, former Justice League ally-turned-villain Max Lord, and the much greater villain Darkseid as Justice League characters. No actors are attached to those roles but however Henry Cavill and Gal Gadot are penciled in as Superman and Marvel Girl.

With solely a month to go until Comic-Con we in all probability will not hear any actual confirmations however count on the rumors to maintain swirling until then.
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