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Booster Gold was a time travelling superhero who largely tried to help around in the 21st Century. Regardless of this, he did nonetheless manage to backtrack to the nineteenth Century to work with Jonah Hex.

Nineteenth Century Edit
Arriving at the 19th Century, Booster found himself changing into kylo ren shirt the sheriff of a city called Crimson River Junction, after heeding the dying sheriff’s last promise. To take down certain outlaws, Booster enlisted the help of Jonah Hex. However, earlier than Booster and Jonah might take down Clem Hootkins gang, the outlaws slaughtered most of the town. Booster and Hex tracked down Clem, solely to find him already lifeless. When operating for his or her lives from the remaining members of Hootkin’s gang, Booster unintentionally received himself and Hex knocked off a cliff and tumbling via the house kylo ren shirt time continuum. In the confusing moment, Booster and Hex grew to become seperated.

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