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Transfer Over Marvel Woman!

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This is MAGNIFICENT!!! I thought I NEEEEVVVVVEEEERRRRR would see a roster of BLACK Superheroes of this magnitude. I just wish that you just guys would be BLESSED & FAVORED by GOD ALMIGHTY to One way or the other get the attention of main Hollywood execs to script and produce full-length, top-stage, mainstream major motion pictures/tv sequence about these brothers and sisters. Move over MARVEL!! Transfer over DC Comics!! Transfer over Captain America!!! Transfer over Incredible Hulk!!! Move over Spiderman!! Move over Thor!!! Mover over kirby shirt nintendo resort Superman!! Transfer Women’s Teen Titans kirby shirt nintendo resort Go Clip Art Desgin Long Sleeve T-Shirt over Batman!!! Move over Wonder Girl!!!! Right here comes the real Saviors of the Universe!!! As a younger black man, this can be a dream come true to see these heroes fleshed out on the large and small screens. Let’s tell their stories and make little white youngsters root for “our” heroes as an alternative of the other approach round for a change. Get my drift Simply ensure that if/while you make live-action movies, that you simply all get the appropriate actors and actresses to portray them masterfully on the screen. One other phrase of recommendation: ASSUME Complete Control OVER YOUR PRODUCT. It’s your CREATION – NOT “THEIRS”!!! But first it’s a must to masterfully build up mainstream public interest with cartoons, comedian books, magazines, video video games, and so forth. GET THEM Known TO THE AMERICAN PUBLIC. MAKE THEM Well-liked TO ASIANS, AFRICANS, MEXICANS, Throughout EUROPE AND ELSEWHERE. You guys have a variety of crucial work ahead of you. Make me pleased!!! Get it on!!!!