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Books Have been Comparatively New

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Rubicon SmartBook – e-book reader – 1997 prototype
The brainchild of David Collins, the Rubicon SmartBook was a groundbreaking idea conceived in Australia just one year after Home windows 95 was launched. One design parameter was that the SmartBook was to look, really feel and smell like a guide.

What: Smartbook was designed to be a self contained electronic ebook (e book) reader and content manager that could connect with the web to supply the consumer entry to eBooks, newspaper and other digital content.

Expertise Challenge: To construct a handheld reader with contact display screen functionality and handwriting know-how offering 4 plus hours battery life weighing below 800 grams for beneath $1000 USD. By comparison, laptops were priced from $2200, battery technology primitive by today’s standard with laptops lucky to run for 100 minutes on battery and weighing 2500 plus grams.

Product Problem: The idea was radical with a value level effectively beneath comparable technologies. eBooks have been comparatively new, so the idea of a portable book reader was was even less understood. To productise SmartBook required an entire rethink of joker shirt hexagon quest production, design, content joker shirt hexagon quest material acquisition, distribution and help.

Outcome: A prototype was produced in 1997. The unique design was based mostly on a two screen mannequin (remember it was to look like a e book) running a StrongARM Atom processor and using monochrome cholesteric displays. The display expertise allowed the rendered page to remain on display even when the power was turned off. An entire content management, publish and subscribe system was developed. Two SmartBook customers might be attending a gathering, one user recording the minutes by handwritten notes and the minutes rendered on the second users SmartBook in actual time. A single screen mannequin was on the drawing board which was in idea a forerunner of the modern iPAD.

Associates: Adobe, Motorola, Carnegie Mellon University