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Blue Beetle

Primarily based on the Steve Ditko’s redesign for the debut of Ted Kord beneath the mantle of Blue Beetle in 1996, Ian Sta Maria’s work here ties into the roots of the Kord character as a genius-degree inventor. With Ted Kord having no superpowers of his own and a thriving technology-bent creative mind, one may easily see Ted Kord taking his costume to the next step with this more armored and purposeful costume.

Whereas not going into the total-armor remedy of Marvel’s Iron Man, this redesign leaves room for Kord’s trademark acrobatics when these new Beetle wings Men’s Print Daredevil Vector Short Sleeve Tee Shirt removed. The wings themselves are the key part of this redesign, and one would assume that they can be purposeful for flight and for added armor safety from attacks.

Much has been made by the recent redesign japanese batman shirt price of the new Blue Beetle by Cully Hamner; you can count me of the various who actually enjoy it. However the important thing to Hamner’s redesign is that it’s to a brand new person underneath the mask, and resultant of the return of the Blue Scarab that has powered Blue Beetles previous to Ted Kord. Hamner’s redesign is so distinct that it would be at odds with the Ted Kord character, however suits perfectly natural with the new individual under the Blue japanese batman shirt price Beetle mantle and DC’s new direction with the character. The redesign proven here by Ian Sta Maria is intended and extra befitting the lengthy operating Ted Kord Blue Beetle.