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Christopher Nolan – The Darkish Knight Rises: Batman And Bane First Battle Scene

SELINA KYLE: I had to discover a option to stop them from trying to kill me.
BATMAN: You have made a critical mistake.

BANE: Not as serious as yours, I fear.


BANE: Let’s not stand on ceremony here, Mr. Wayne.
*Batman fees at Bane and they start to struggle*

BANE: Peace has cost you your power, victory has defeated you.
*Bane begins to win the battle, Batman throws explosive batarang*

BANE: Theatricality and deception; powerful agents to the uninitiated… but we are initiated, aren’t we Bruce Members of the League of Shadows! And also you betrayed us!

BATMAN: Sure, you had been excommunicated by a gang of psychopaths.
BANE: I’m the League of Shadows! I’m right here to fulfill Ra’s al Ghul’s future!

*Batman tackles Bane however is overpowered*
BANE: You combat like a youthful man, with nothing held again. Admirable but mistaken.

*Batman makes use of his EMP on his utility belt to cut the lights*
BANE: Ahhh you suppose darkness is your ally You merely adopted the darkish. I was born in it, molded by it. I didn’t see the light until I was already a man, by then it was nothing to me but blinding!

*Bane grabs Batman out of the shadows*
BANE: The shadows betray you as a result of they belong is there a new avengers movie coming out to me!

*Bane punches a defeated Batman on his mask repeatedly*
BANE: I will show where I’ve made my house whilst making ready to convey justice. Then I will break you.

*Bane blows a hole within the ceiling revealing Batmans armory*
BANE: Your valuable armory! Gratefully accepted! We’ll need is there a new avengers movie coming out it.

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